Don't set them off. Seriously, just don't.
If you feel that the person you're talking to is scheming something, then you're talking to a Seelehardt. But if that person gives off that strict sense of loyalty and knightly aura, that person is certainly a Blutwright.
— Cyzarine Bluthardt, observing her family

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Bluthardt Family

The Nine Dragons of Vale

Daybreak Syndicate







Mona Bluthardt

Gustave Bluthardt


Mona Bluthardt (Supreme head of the family)

Veton Seelehardt

Zoroaster Blutwright

Raishin Yotsuba

Yuzuki Engelnacht

Lavi Blacklight

Luzonia Legazpi

Mariella (Leader of the Shadow Keepers)

The Bluthardt is an old family of aristocrats whose core strength and influence arises from the members themselves, sufficiently reinforcing their ascribed status and ingrained sense of loyalty to the family. Despite their differences and contrasting objectives in life, they would move as one when it comes down to their survivability.

Cyzarine Bluthardt's Emblem

Bluthardt Family's Emblem

Basic Information

The Bluthardt was formed by two, former archrival families: Blutwright and the Seelehardt. Though a new aristocratic family by name, their existence dates back to many centuries that could be traced back to the forgotten tribes of Mistral.

They primarily own nonprofit institutions, mostly orphanages and small hospitals, and medium-sized enterprises in different industries. Under the wraps of modest image, their family operations are dominated by intelligence gathering using their businesses and personal connections to expand and maintain sources of information. They also possess their own army of combatants who also serves as their guardians.



Seniority, strength, achievements, and personality. These are the pre-requisites that the family assesses in their leaders and candidates. Though gender is disregarded in the selection process, women dominate the family's upper echelon. Even amongst the young and the adolescents heiresses seem to hold more influence than their male counterparts. Upbringing plays a vital role in this near-matriarchal system wherein gentlemen are thought to be magnanimous and loyal while ladies are thought to be graceful and capable of intimidation.


Hidden from the public and known by few outsiders, the members of the are taught how to kill from a young age. Adults bring home corpses, which will be used as practice tools for the children's training and desensitization. The children, who are deemed ready to kill, will join the Headless Players for the initiation and make their first kill under the supervision of their respective mentors. They will be evaluated after every headhunting missions and will be subjected to a blood compact ritual after their fiftieth kill. Only then they are fully acknowledged as part of the .

Headless Players

They're referred to as a vigilante/mercenary group known for leaving trails of heads separated from mutilated bodies whenever they strike. They primarily target “disrespectful” criminals disturbing the peace of the areas under their control and operate mainly in the middle of the night. Far from truth as to what the group is widely known for, its main function is to serve as advanced combat training grounds and initiation for the young generation of the .

The group composed of majority of the young generation, with 8 years old being the youngest, of the including their subordinates'. They're selected by their respective family head if deemed to possess the potential to become formidable combatants after undergoing intensive training. The initiates are then put under experienced combatants (mentors) of the family depending on their specialities. They stay with their mentors for a certain amount of time as they train to become capable of killing by themselves. After their fiftieth kill, the initiates will undergo blood compact by signing their name with their own blood in the Book of Oath, a book containing all the names of the full-fledged Bluthardts.


There are at least 83 active family members in total.

Core - they're the foundation of the .

  • Mona Bluthardt - the head of the family and is one of the most eminent combatant of the whole family.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gustave Bluthardt - General of Black Order Battalion-Atlas, a lieutenant colonel in Atlesian military, and Mona's husband.
  • Casper Bluthardt - the eldest child of the family, the only male among his siblings, and Aricia's fraternal twin older brother.
  • Aricia Bluthardt - the second child of the main family and Casper's fraternal twin little sister.
  • Cyzarine Bluthardt - the supposed third child of the main family. An illegitimate child of Gustave.
  • Basilia Bluthardt - the fourth child and the youngest member of the main family.

Seelehardt family

“Is just me or every Seelehardt I met beheads people for breakfast?”

“Ah, I assure you, Mr. Lancaster, that we don't like doing such thing. It's just out of habit. You don't want dead people coming back for revenge, do you? The Blutwrights also does that
— Seelehardt Family

One of the two main branch families of the and the former archrival of the Blutwright family. Their ancestors descended from a tribe of headhunters in Mistral who were forced into slavery by a powerful criminal family. The tribe was predominantly faunus; thus, their cruel treatment had extended even to the humans in their tribe. Being headhunters, they were used in countless assassinations and murders. Many had died, but the tribe's thirst for revenged grew as many other slaves joined their circle.

In order to survive, the tribe had decided to massacre the criminal family. Not by their hands but by other troublesome factions wanting to dominate the underworld. As they provided anonymous intel to the rival factions, the tribe acted as spies for the government, using their abused humans as the "pitiful slaves" to establish rapport. Soon, the criminal family holding the tribe with iron grip fell at the hands of other factions, who were then incarcerated by the government after being weakened. A faction of triple agents, it was the first great victory of the Seelehardt tribe in their clan history.

Following those events, they had started anew in Benilde City in Atlas and established themselves as the Seelhardt family. Even the former slaves unrelated to them became part of the family. They had strove for the honor of the family, boring many talented and famous individuals that resulted to their rise to aristocracy. Having known what it was like to live underground, the family began developing intel agents and guardians by integrating orphans into their ranks, eventually creating Shadow Keepers dedicated to protect of the family. They also preserved their headhunting custom. The Seelehardt's guardians expanded rapidly when they adopted more orphans after the Great War.

Due to historical conflicts in the past back in Mistral, the family had clashed head on with the Blutwright family prior the merging.

The family's emblem is a white owl with a purple triangle on its chest. The white owl symbolizes their ability to see past deceit, illusion, and to see that which may be hidden to others, including other peoples' true motives while the triangle symbolizes delta which means change.

Other than being intelligent, they have an ancestral attribute of somehow recognizing people's intentions and feelings by means of body language and verbal communications. It has been developing for generations due to deception, jealousy, betrayal, false scandals, and life-and-death threats that they managed to survived from (it's also their fault since some of them are quite manipulative).
Be careful, watchful, and wary of us. Your secrets can be your despair and our triumph over you. Our memories can never lie.

For generations, the most of the family members secretly possesses a passive Semblance called Soul's Memory, an ability to share unfiltered memory from the user's subconscious mind, which is a huge memory bank with virtually unlimited capacity, to another person through physical contact, preferably using hands for better concentration. The Semblance doesn't transfer memories to the target, only letting him/her figuratively perceive specific things/events with all five senses inside the user's subconsciousness. No forced memorization or whatsoever. Because it's raw, alterations and lies are impossible. This Semblance can be considered one of the best tools in intelligence gathering and sharing.

This power also let's the user delve into his/her own subconscious mind only when in use to allow him/her to find the desired memory the other person wants to see. The user can also share whatever he/she wants too.

Unwanted interruption of the sharing process, however, can cause unbearable headache to the user. No side effects to the person perceiving the information. When in use, the user's eye color(s) glow gently.

Only few, trusted outsiders know of this power.


  • Grandmother
  • Veton Seelehardt - first born of the previous head and is now current head of the Seelehardt family. She was married to a Hunstman with three children and one adopted child while retaining her last name.
  • Maya Perlas (Maya Seelehardt) - twin older sister of Mona Bluthardt. Exiled and diswoned.
  • Vasilios Seelehardt - the third descendant of the previous head. He was widowed and left with a pair of beautiful twins and one son.
    • Mahiru Seelehardt
    • Angelica Seelehardt
    • Sirius Seelehardt
  • Fifth descendant
  • Sixth descendant
  • Seventh descendant

Branch families under the Scharfsinnhardt:

  • Yotsuba Family - a family that works under intelligence agency and police department in Atlas.
    • Raishin Yotsuba - current head of the family, a high ranking police officer, and Yuzuki's only younger sibling. He's one of the cousins of the seven descendants of the main house.
  • Engelnacht Family - a former mafia family that once hordes intel for blackmailing, personal gain, and intensifying trade in the black market by selling information for a low price to criminal groups. A risky but profitable business. They're now known for running a real estate family business after being crushed by BOB. The soon absorbed them all for the sake of expanding their intelligence network and establish their footing in Vale. They also serve as the 2nd secret intelligence network branch, counter-intelligence, and assassins of the family.
    • Yuzuki Engelnacht - head of the family, formely known as Yuzuki Yotsuba, and cousin of the seven descendants of the main house.
    • Phlegethon Engelnacht - late head of the now destroyed Black Hounds and Intel Department at BOB - Vale. He was brainwashed by his wife to be loyal to her and the before they married.
    • Brunhilde Engelnacht - the only child of Yuzuki.
  • Arkwright Family
    • Incendio Arkwright - an illegitimate son.
    • Wynston Arkwright - a former oboist. He's now working as a relationship manager.

Blutwright family

Never provoke nor lay a finger on us for if you do, beware of our wrath and our power to annihilate you.
— Blutwright Family
Blutwright Emblem

Blutwright Emblem

Their bloodline comes a long, long way from Mistral where they had transitioned from being a tribe to proper members of society as an aristocratic military family. Prior to such change, they had been engaged in bloody intertribal conflict with another tribe, the Seelehardt tribe, over resources and territory. Even after the transition, their profession was pervaded by their antagonism with the Seelehardt tribe that had became slaves of a powerful criminal family.

The Blutwrights had carried over their customs to their new life, following an honor code and dedicating themselves to sticking to the law. Helping and protecting people is in their blood as well as delivering humanitarian assistance to their fellow citizens. Because serving time in military was limited, they had opted to become businesspeople too in order to create more job opportunities for their brothers-in-arms. They also became members of Black Order Battalion to fulfill what seemed to be their lifelong duty. As time passed by, they struggled to come in terms with government's corruption as well as with their duty to protect the very people who goes against the law. Ultimately, the family left for Benilde City after they had caught wind of the city's need for order amongst the factions. Although they were after the "renowed" Seelehardt family whom they'd thought to be the culprit of the city's pandemonium.

They are publicly known for owning large lands in Atlas and MIstral for greenhouse farming, their largest business so far. Even though they're smaller in number than the Seelehardt, they have enormous wealth to support more costly operations of the family. They're the life blood of the Bluthardt.
There's a difference between acting like a knight and looking like a knight. We were once both.


  • Major Zoroaster Blutwright - a marine, the current head of the Blutwright family, and the second child of the previous head. He's the CEO of ArmorTech.

Branch families under the Blutwright:

  • Blacklight Family - mostly populated by militaristic family members and are in-charge of greenhouse farms in Atlas. They also serve as instructors and private tutors in combat.
    • Lavi Blacklight - head of the Blacklight family who retired from being a Huntsman at the age of 35. He is an animal-loving business man who personally owns a chain of pet shops and hotels across Atlas and Mistral. He is also an army reserve soldier.
  • Legazpi Family - they are in-charge of Legazpi Defense Group; and have small number of members that joined the military.
    • Luzonia Legazpi - head of the Legazpi family.
  • Bark Family - they run a business for making, customizing, and renting food trucks and own four large malls both based in Mistral and Atlas.

Shadow Keepers

From childhood, they bore the duty to serve and defend their masters and mistresses in anyways the moment they are brought in by the family. They are well-educated, treated as family members, and trained to be excellent servants as well as bodyguards, assassins, and intel agents. These guardians are also the army of the family.

As opposed to ordinary bodyguards and hired mercenaries, they are not paid. If they need money, the family will provide it. If they need vacation, the family will pay for it. For as long as they're under the care of the family, they will be provided with their needs and practical wants. Because of their close relationship with the family, calling them "servants", "guards", or "housekeepers" is something that their masters/mistresses refused to use. Instead, they refer to them as "subordinates", "guardians", or "assistants".

However, they do not have the liberty to resign due to their extensive knowledge of the family's inner workings until they die. Also, they do not have the liberty to marry anyone unless allowed by their respective master.


  • Celestina - Cyzarine's late parental figure and mentor.
  • Ardon Springfield - the Bluthardt siblings' butler at Amethyst Belt.
  • Shobek - butler of the Engelnacht family and had worked directly under the Yotsuba family.
  • Tale - the Bluthardt siblings' head maid.
  • Anani - one of the Bluthardt siblings' maid.
  • Chloe S. De La Realeza - Ardon's daughter and one of the Bluthardt siblings' maid.
  • Lana - one of the Bluthardt siblings' maid.
  • Crisanto De La Realeza - Chloe's son and combat butler-in-training.
  • 778 subordinates (401 in the same level as Huntsmen/Huntresses, 193 in the same level of Huntsmen/Huntresses-in-training, and 184 grunts that could take on petty criminals)


Black Hounds

The now destroyed group composed of loyal agents of the Engelnacht Family. There were at least 467 employed loyal secret agents allocated in Remnant's civilizations, governments, and criminal organizations.

Most of the the Black Hounds were criminals whom the family were instructed to deal with as they see fit by the factions. They were brainwashed, underwent Mind Carve, conditioned to fear that betraying the family would cost their lives and to “love” their master.

They were replaced by androids after their usefulness had expired.



  • The Nine Dragons of Vale - a group of powerful mafia bosses whom the family originally don't want to have any relationship with until joining the ANGELs. They originally formed a non-aggression pact with the Dragons before becoming allies as Mona became the 7th Dragon. The Bluthardts acknowledged them as the most stable coalition of criminal organizations so far, and have . It also stemmed from the fact that the family needed a faction that can be relied on in Vale, the place they considered their weakest followed by Vacuo.
  • Daybreak Syndicate - the organization that the Bluthardts work closer with than any other Dragon-affiliated groups. Both exchange intelligence.
  • ANGELs - necessary evil. The Bluthardts joined the faction primarily out of the need to work peacefully, instead of outright confronting other the territorial ANGELs.


  • The Bluthardt means "hard blood".
  • Seele is a German word meaning "soul" while hardt means "hard, brave, and strong". Seelehardt means “Strong soul”.
  • Blut means "blood" while wright means "maker".
  • Engelnacht (originally Engeldernacht) is a German word meaning “angel of the night”.
  • The family is considered Chaotic Good.
  • Inspired from my motherland's family culture.

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