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Leonard "Bones" Wight is the eponymous leader of Team BONE.

Leonard "Bones" Wight
Bones headshot1
Age 17
Nickname Bones
Status Active
Color Bone (off White)
Gender Male
Race Human
Born October 31
Handedness Right
Complexion Very Pale
Hair White
Eyes Black
Height 5'9"
Weight 165 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BONE
Partner Onix
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Music, Dancing, Sparing, Ice Cream, Climbing on Things, Dares and Challenges
Dislikes Homework, Schoolwork, Cleaning, Bullies, Boredom


Leonard is a young man of average height with a very pale complexion.  He has black eyes and off-white hair. He wears a white/ pale grey top, and long gray shorts.  He's rarely seen without the oversized white, grey, black and yellow motorcycle jacket which once belonged to his older brother. Leonard is missing both this legs below the knee. He wears two prosthetic limbs which allow him to walk. He later receives cybernetic replacements that greatly increase his mobility.


Leonard "Bones" Wight is often described by his team as being a carefree goofball.  He has a very nonchalant attitude to most things, which means he tends not to take things too seriously.  This facet of his personality has also given him a sense of fearless to the point of naiveté.  In battle though, he becomes much more focused.  Leonard is a brilliant tactician, and is able to focus on tasks regardless of distraction.  Leonard has a lot to learn during his education at Beacon, and this is part of the reason why he was chosen to be team leader.


Leonard grew up in Vale. His home life was relatively normal and for the most part, unremarkable.  Growing up, he was an unusually thin child, his mother always tutting that he was nothing but skin and bones.  Leonard's older sister would giggle at this and call him "bones".  It soon caught on, eventually becoming his nickname. Bones was an inquisitive and adventurous kid, always wondering off alone to investigate whatever curiosities he come across.  Bones looked up to his older brother, a Hunter, and idolized him a great deal.  His Brother would frequently take him riding on the back of his motorcycle. One day while out riding, they were involved in a car accident which end with Bones losing his legs, and his brother losing his life.

To honor the memory of his brother, Bones decided that he too would to become a Hunter.  Bones would not let his disability keep him down. He would make use of prosthetic legs to get around and keep his independence. He eventually enrolled at Signal Academy.  However, he was seemingly unaware that he attended the combat school with Onix, who would later become his future teammate, partner, and best friend. Onix later designs and builds Bones a set of cybernetic legs. While a bright student, Bones struggled at school, mostly because of his inability to sit still for anything more than a short period of time. He did end up graduating Signal and was accepted into Beacon Academy.


Bones wears two cybernetic artificial limbs that are capable of releasing blasts of dust energy.  He can use the momentum from them to propel himself into jumps and dashes. His leg prosthetics are instrumental to his fighting abilities. He fights in a style he likes to call Centripetal Metronome.  Centripetal Metronome is almost dance like, being both very loose and very rythmic, focusing on the feet with lots of sweeps and spin kicks.  Its a style that could be likened to breakdance fighting. He can use the dust energy blasts to increase the strength of his kicks, or even focus the blast to fire on enemies at range.


Leonard's Aura is an off white colour.


Both Leonard's nickname and surname are allusions to the colour white.

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