Bonnie and Medea are weapons belonging to Regda B. Yenoh, Leader of Team RBIN


Concept of Bonnie, used in the left hand


Bonnie and Medea are two triple barrel steam punk style pistols. They are based loosely off of the 44 magnum. The pistols are 2 feet long, the tri-barrel section being about 8 inches long, the dust-automated auto-cylinder loading system as well as the reoad clips section is 12 inches, and the trigger/handle area is 4 inches. White impact dust powers the auto reloading system that cycles bullets from the reload clip to the reload mechanism that feeds three bullets into their respective areas in the revolver cylinder. Attached to the bottom of the barrels of each weapon is a large tusk from a Boarbatusk. The tusk can be utilized to block melee attacks or attack enemy at very close range.

Bonnie and Medea, individually, fire three .45 ACP calibur bullets with each trigger pull; one from each barrel. Regda can fire each weapon every second, and will usually follow a pattern of using one after the other cover the time between shots on each. the cylinder can hold 6 bullets, but the reload clip allows for 10 full shots (30 bullets in all). The reload clip fits into the top of the gun in the mechanical section. 

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