— Bräune Na'im
Bräune Na'im
Age 17
Title The Artillery
Color Tan
Gender Male
Species Human
Born August 15th
Handedness Right
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6'5"
Weight 213 Ibs
Professional Status
Occupation Hunter in Training
Additional Info
Likes Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Reading, Stargazing, Nature, Sweets, Tranquility
Dislikes Spicy foods, Running, Surprises, Overly loud Music, High and Low Temperatures
Special Skills Accuracy, Strength, Courage, Endurance, Meditation
Weaknesses Slow, Speaks Little, Excessive,


Bräune is a very large man. He towers over most people and the amount of muscles he has can be intimidating. The short hair on his head has a light sandy tan color and his eyes reflect a chesnut brown. He dresses in a worn fatigues and baggy cargo pants, large steel-toed boots, and a ragged brown canvas cloak that would compleatly cover a normal sized person on him at all times. He wears multiple accessories, such as black fingerless gloves, a desert camouflage cap, a pair of tinted shades, and webbing that both contains ammo for his weapon when it is in it's rifle form, and straps with magnets on the back to hold a Greatsword that's almost as tall as him. A scar crosses the back of his head that he keeps covered with his hat.

Bräune wears little armor, nothing more than leather and steel bracers and greaves, and chest padding that's there more to cusion the massive rifle against his shoulder than for protection.

Bräune's emblem is a Crosshair stylized to look like then sun.


Bräune is borderline mute, speaking only when necessary and with as few words as possible. But that doesn't mean he can't be expressive, he's just more subtle showing his emotions. He isn't what'd you call 'friendly', as he rarely holds a conversation with people that lasts longer than several minutes, but he's a suprisingly calm and gentle person. Bräune is an avid reader and doesn't hide the fact that he has a sweet tooth. Bräune prefers a tranquil enviroment, the temperature neither too hot or too cold, and no loud noises. His tastes in music are calm in tone, and usually non-vocal. 

In combat however, Bräune is not a gentle giant. He either acts with either cold percision, or hard brutallity. He's also rather... excessive with the amount of force he uses when he fights. Bräune is not one to back down from a fight either, and will often step to other people's defence. Bräune rarely gets angry, instead getting annoyed or at the most vexed. 

Weapons and Abilities

Bräune's weapon is a Sand-colored Greatsword/Sniper Rifle with 'Wustensturm' etched onto the side of the blade. The weapon in it's sword form is almost 6 feet long, and weighing a staggering 15 pounds. The blade viewed from the top is shaped like a rhombus and viewed from the side it looks like a elongated hexagon that angles slightly inwards from the handle. The foot-long handle of the weapon is fitted inside a metal circle on one end of the massive weapon.

Bräune can do great damage with Wustensturm in it's Greatsword form, but his true calling is a sniper. With a clock-wise twist of the handle, which sets it free to turn in the metal circle, Bräune then twists it clock-wise again, this time within the circle until the handle is perpendicular to the blade. Then with a counter-clockwise twist of the handle on it's new axis and audible click is heard and Wustensturm begins to mecha-shift.

First, the the whole thing splits open. The four sides of the blade past the metal circle jut out and slide backwards (a few sections segmenting, locking down, or disappearing inside as they go) to reveal not one, but two barrels; the muzzle of one larger than the other. 

Second, the sharp end of the 'pommel' slides open up and down and begin locking together. Bräune then presses the newly formed stock against his padded shoulder. 

Third, several things happen at once: On the 'top' of the weapon, segements part as a scope pops out and then gets locked down. On the 'bottom' a bipod swings out and a space to hold the weapon and a slot to slide a magazine in appears. And finally, on the sides an ejection slot appears along with a loading port and a sliding bolt action, along with two switches and a dial. The safety, the reverse mecha-shift switch, and the dial can be turned to switch between firing modes.

When finished, the sharp angles the Sniper Rifle has gives it a deadly appearance. The transformation is a little under 30 seconds.

Wustensturm has two barrels because it can fire two types of ammunition. First, there's the type he keeps in the clips of 5, (7.62x51mm NATO) and the type he has to load individually (12.7x108mm). Bräune also has dust rounds for both ammo types, red dust coating in the clip creates tracer rounds, and the slugs hollowed out and filled with both red and impact dust to create explosive rounds. Switching between the firing modes actually shifts the internal structure of the gun, as it has to compensate for the differances in recoil so it doesn't damage some of the internal companents when fired. 

Bräune allows himself a measure of pride in his weapon as it took time for him to get it exactly right when creating it. He's not the most techincal person, but Bräune made the effort to memorize the internal structure and workings of Wustensturm.


Bräune does not origonate from Vale. In fact, he isn't sure where he comes from either, only the faint memories of his family suggesting that he had a nomadic lifestyle. His story starts when he was found walking out of a desert by a caravan with a few empty waterskins at his waist, a mangled piece of steel that might've been a weapon once over his shoulder, a raggad cloak (the same one he still owns), some money, and a headwound combined with a vacant stare. The caravan took him in, suprised not only by his size for his age, but the fact that he had survived the desert with a head injury. Bräune could only foggily recount escaping a grimm attack on his own caravan and fighting for his life. He could recall his own name, date of birth, names and faces of his parents, even the fact he had combat training, but details on what exactly happened eluded him.


Bräune Na'im's Stats :

Primary Role Sniper
Secondary Role Fighter
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


  • Bräune is German for Tan
  • Na'im translates to 'Tranquility'
  • Wustensturm is German for 'Desert Storm'

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