" one forall and all for all."

Bree"s symbol
Bree"s symbol

Name Unknown
Alias Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Color Unknown

Gender Unknown
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Handedness Unknown
Complexion Unknown
Outfit Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Semblance Unknown

Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Team Unknown
Partner(s) Unknown

Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Music Theme Unknown


Bree is young but, is told to be a bit more mature for her age. Bree first appears running from  the King taijitu in the emerald forest. she was protecting Monique from harm.  Bree is at the time waering a pink jacket with pockets, A grey t- shirt underneath  that bears her symbol. grey jeans and pink fluff boots. With a pink headband  that has her weapon attacheted to it. 


Bree is seen friendly, approachable and generous. At her worst cases, she can be  saracastic. Bree may treat you awith a smile and bunches of encourage ment. Yet, Bre is told to not follow orders very well  and needs help. when it comes to fighting, she seems to be a bit of a mess and shoot mindlessly.  She wishes to be a hero. But to her disappointment, She may have to wait a while.


Bree is very fast on her feet, yet, she slows through time. Bree often dependes on her weapon in battle. 

Bree uses Keyblast. witch is similar to a keyblade except Turns into a double cannon that shoots  dust out of it. In regular key form. It can penitrate up close and  the tips are very sharp therefore, making it the perfect weapon .  Though she may be messy and hates to hurt people. she knows they are there to save the helpless to her making it a fair fight 


She is from the girl of stone 

Bree means full of energy 

Grania means cold

Her keyblast can strink

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