"My life is racing. Police, hunters, merchants... That's all fine and dandy, but I won't be happy unless I ride Gringolet to my grave, like my father. But that isn't happening yet. Not for a while even... I've way too many races to win first." -- Breaker when interviewed and asked about his plans for the future after winning a high prize race.


Name: James-Perrin (JP) "Breaker" Douglas

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 215

Hair: Black and spiked

Breaker theme
 (Yellowline theme)


Breaker is a slender man of average height, his thin, sharp and somewhat daring looking features are accentuated by his bright blue eyes. His extremely muscular build and pale complexion show much of his training has taken place indoors. His hair is black, and peers out in juts, though is sometimes slicked back on racedays to keep it out of his vision.

On racedays, he will wear a gold and red jumpsuit, one that's actually fairly decorative, tribal designs swirling about his body. His helmet is equally ornate, designed to appear like the helmet of a knight, but the clear visor allows vision to his eyes.

When not racing, however, Breaker will go out in a black jacket and white T-shirt with jeans. A pretty basic outfit, really, but he tends not to go out too much anyway.


A rather nice guy, Breaker will never really hold grudges, knowing life is too short to waste on hate. He's casual in almost every circumstance, never seeming to even get angry or sad, often just a slight graze into happiness. He cares little for the opinions of others, unless the opinion is from someone he trusts greatly. When focussed upon his work, it's very likely one wouldn't be able to distract him from it, especially if it involves his bike.

In terms of the issue of Faunus, he is above all else, impartial, which is a plus to most faunus. He cares little for who or what you are, instead caring more about your actions. That said, Breaker tends to employ the same Forgive and Forget style with relationships of the romantic variety. He tends to be somewhat of a ladykiller, prefering to avoid a commitment in favor of variety. While certainly not his nicest attribute, he makes it clear before things go very far.

On the race-track though, Breaker becomes one for the theatrics. He'll trashtalk the other racers, and will often hold back and try harder based on what would make the race the closest it could be. It has lost him many races, but both he and his opponents both agree it adds an immeasurable feeling onto the win.



Gringolet is Breaker's motorcycle, gold in colour with radiant red trim, this motorcycle looks downright regal. With its souped up enhancements, Gringolet is purely based on speed and stability over weaponry, actually having no weapons to speak of, strange for a vehicle in illegal racing tourneys, where the possibilities are almost endless for weapons on the bikes.

When traveling, Breaker turns Gringolet into a suit of ornate, grandeous looking armor. It shares the colour scheme, and the main components, like the engine, are in a backpack-like case on his back. Were it not for his semblance, Breaker would not be able to carry the suit.

Semblance: Minor Gravity Manipulation

Upon focussing on a location within twenty meters of Breaker, the gravity to that spot can be willed between 1%-200% of its full gravity, within a four foot diameter. There will be no visual cue, besides Breaker's eyes glowing green a bit. Even though Breaker designated an area for the effect, the location of the gravity alteration will be based on Breaker's location. If he takes a step to the left, the area will also move that distance to the left.


Breaker was born to a gifted vehicle mechanic and racer as James-Perrin. As he grew up, however, showing plenty of promise in his father's work, he became known as Breaker; a nickname from his father when the boy would always claim he'd make a motorcycle that can break the speed of light. A silly desire, but he wanted to. 

Most of the story is a typical father son team of mechanics, Breaker not bothering to go to school. He knew who he was, and didn't need any teacher besides his father to tell him who that was. Breaker designed his ultimate vehicle at eleven, his father helping him make Gringolet, and the motorcycle rode flawlessly, working very well in tandem with Breaker's semblance. He also had a friend, a Raccoon faunus named Tanooki, fellow mechanic and a worker under his father.

And the next year, the race came around. The Abyssylon 500. It was a massive, 500 Kilometer race through Vale, from the industrial district to Forever falls, the final stretch through the Emerald forest, a deadly area with no roads and plenty of Grimm to interfere.

Not only that, but given tearing through Vale, very clearly speeding and very clearly racing, the race is extremely illegal, plenty of Police officers also attempting to stop the race when it's announced. Needless to say, winning is the ultimate glory for any racer in Vale, but the minimum age is 15, and only fifteen racers are selected. Luckily, his father was one of the racers selected.

His father was in the lead for most of the race, but just before getting to Forever falls, he was sniped by a Special Forces response unit. Oddly though, Breaker was more... disappointed than anything. His father had made it that far, which was impressive on its own, but... He didn't even get to see the finish line. Breaker set in his mind that day he had to attend his father's funeral. In five years, at the next Abyssylon 500... Not only would he surpass his father, he'd win.

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