They say that kindness is worth nothing; that every great conquest, every astounding achievement, every success, has been brought on by anger or fear or greed. I will prove them wrong.
— Brianne Silas

Brianne Alamaria Silas
Age 19
Title Nymph of Sleep
Alias Brianna Nemyn
Nickname Bree
Status Active
Color Turquoise
Gender Female
Race Chinese-European
Species Human
Born May 19, 1995
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Pale Midtone-Caucasian
Hair Pale blue
Eyes Turquoise
Semblance Dream
Height 5'8 - 6'
Weight 65kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy Student
Team Team FLMB
Partner Annis Lyons
Occupation Runaway
Job Types Support, healing
Jobs Nurse
Personal Status
Relatives One younger sister, one older cousin
Additional Info
Signature Memers
Likes Tranquility, order, music, the company of others
Dislikes Confinement, bigotry, rudeness, chaos
Special Skills Nursing, sewing, singing, stealth, cunning
Weaknesses Inability to fully trust others, massive value on self-preservation, inexperience with firearms

A kind idealist with expensive tastes and a penchant for priceless gems who dwells in the forest. Claiming to be from a long forgotten seaside town, she takes in injured passerby and treats them until they get better. She is strangely wary of her surroundings, and jumps at the slightest noise. She wants to change the world for the better, but cannot do much from among the shadows. Where is she from and what other things are she hiding? 


Brianne is slightly taller than average, as she sees it. Her skin is rather pale, and she is slender. Her hair is long and wavy, falling around her hips, and is often tied into two small bunches for aesthetic. Her eyes are turquoise, going well with the rest of her appearance. There is a swirling tattoo of a water dragon on her back. She keeps it covered, as if afraid that someone will recognize it. There are also blue diamonds tattooed onto her shoulders, and a thin scar across her stomach, which is supposedly from a hostile injured animal.

She wears a white dress with an airy top and a blue stripe down the middle. A white leather belt with an emerald clasp keeps the top of the dress from revealing too much in windy weather. The skirt can be detached from the top. She wears pale green kneesocks that fade to black and white ballet shoes on her feet, as well as a white bandanna on her head when she is at home. Underneath her dress, she wears a blue corset. A green shawl and gold wristbands complete the ensemble. She carries a pale green chained satchel which she stores her things in. She likes to wear simple clothing that is easy to put on and that she feels comfortable in.


Brianne is somewhat paranoid wherever she goes. She likes to investigate her surroundings as soon as possible, and this sometimes takes weeks. She is kind and motherly, and enjoys taking care of both people and animals. She does not dislike fighting, but will not jump at the chance to spar or train. If she is put in a survival exercise, she would rather just get to the end of the exercise then work harder for extra credit. However, she is confident in her abilities. She can sometimes come off as conceited, as she is extremely proud of her skills, and is doubtful that anyone could ever beat her.

She is good at setting traps, not that she bothers unless it is absolutely necessary, as she sees it as cheating. She refers to just about everyone as 'darling' or 'honey', and it is unknown if she means them as terms of endearment, or wants to infuriate whoever she is talking to. She is quite smug, but she becomes scared and defensive if her family is mentioned. She will 'freeze up' if she is cornered or placed in a situation where only one option is available. It is difficult to make her angry, and she is almost always calm. She treats fighting as a sort of deadly dance, but makes sure not to fatally injure her opponent unless they are a Grim or some sort of robot. When she does get angry, she snaps at everyone and is extremely easy to anger further.

When she has vented her anger by either screaming at everyone or taking it out on opponents, she instantly reverts back to normal and always makes sure to apologise to those whom she may have offended. She does not hate people easily, but when she does find someone that she truly despises, she still treats them kindly, and instead of outright attacking them, prefers to dream up various ways for them to die. She is repulsed by humanity in general, and often states in times of despair that they are going to all kill each other in the end. In true times of despair, she breaks down, spouting nonsense about where she came from and how she doesn't want to go back. She is not taken very seriously, but she does not particularly mind. She is honest, and easy to rely on, and she does not take matters such as vengeance very seriously. Instead of immediately throwing herself into danger to help a friend, she'd rather watch to see if she can do somthing to help, and then try and save them.

She gets tired very easily, and is prone to fainting spells when nervous or sick. She's not a morning person, taking two or three hours to make herself ready for the day in the mornings, and loves to sleep. When she is tired, she purposely moves very slowly and sluggishly to make a point, earning her the nickname 'The Sloth'. She takes pride in her appearance, and enjoys braiding flowers and ribbons into her hair. However, she does this for her own enjoyment and to help her relax. She is not very vain or conceited when it comes to her appearance, and will never forfeit comfort for aesthetic.


Brianne is not particularly strong. She can lift up to around 40kg, but exhausts herself very quickly. She does not have much stamina as she gets tired rather easily in stressful situations. She has average intelligence, and is somewhat good at predicting an opponent's next moves. However, as she does not worry at all during battle, she often ends up being gravely injured. Her expertise lies in stealth, trickery, and speed due to years of running and hiding, and she always looks for multiple escape routes when she visits an area. She is not very good at dodging attacks, but excellent at blocking them. She prefers to fight her opponents at close-range so she can properly see what they're doing. This often puts her at a disadvantage, because, to put it lightly, she is terrible at dodging attacks (as mentioned before).


Her Aura is relatively powerful, as she can use it for long periods of time without tiring herself. She can keep herself in the air, and catch others, as well as summon discs of light and platforms to step her into the air. She cannot heal at all, much to her displeasure, and relies on others for healing in battle. She is able to unlock another's Aura.

Her Aura also allows her to revert to a dream-like state if she is losing a fight. During this state, her mind sees herself in another dimension where she is not fighting, but sitting on a white bench overlooking the sea. It is, quite simply, living a dream. As this is peaceful and calming (not to mention that she does not feel any of the pain that she is sustaining in the 'real world') she slowly heals herself during this process. In the 'real world', her body fights on without her being aware of it.


Her semblance is Dream, and she is capable of using it on herself and others. When she has activated her semblance, she is able to put anything to sleep with a simple touch. The effect fluctuates depending on the force of the touch and the power she puts into it, and varies from a slight drowsiness to an almost comatose state. While something is under the control of her Semblance, it will also be influenced by the wavelength of her Aura, and by this she can give people 'dreams', vivid hallucinations based on how her Aura is reacting to her state of mind. Victims cannot move during this, yet can be vaguely aware of the outside world, likening it to a form of intense sleep paralysis.

Though hardly fatal in usual circumstances, the 'dreams' will intensify if she becomes distressed and can eventually suffocate the victim and their Aura. This can lead to mental and spiritual scars, and an illness known as Aura poisoning, in which the Aura does not project a reflection of the soul, but something entirely different and prone to deformation. Prolonged and potent contact can lead to chronic migraines, nosebleeds, recurring nightmares, seizures, and, in worst cases, internal bleeding. She herself can experience any and all of these symptoms if she is not careful, though normally use of her Semblance on herself allows her to enter the 'dream' state as described before, and nothing else.

Contrary to popular belief, she can easily exhaust herself with her Semblance if she is not careful. Enormous amounts of power in using it will literally stop her victim's heart and put them to eternal rest, but will also 'burn' her up unless she does not have Aura reserves and medicine on hand.


Description: Brianne's weapon is a Detachable Combat Utility Parasol (DCUP) named Dragonfly. It is very large, pale blue in colour, and is styled like a Chinese sun parasol. The handle is made of a cystalline substance, and the umbrella has intricate designs of flowers and jewels painted onto it. The actual umbrella material is made of a delicate-looking but surprisingly tough material, and there are golden spikes circling the middle. There are several small switches on the handle.

The first switch detaches the umbrella from the handle. The handle can be unsheathed as a golden sabre. The underside of the umbrella is made of a leathery dark green material which can be used as a shield. The second switch turns the umbrella into a flamethrower. The largest spike in the centre contains Dust. The third switch makes the spikes rotate at high speeds, making them deadly.


Brianne was born to a wealthy family who wanted to create an exterminator for Grimm that was more effective than the Huntresses. They were sponsored by the government of the land, and so the announcement that the experiments were about to commence was made public. People accurately predicted that this was going to be a bad idea, and so, after several ignored protests, enforced rules among themselves. Tunnels and secret passageways were built into the city, and citizens stole Dust from the government and hoarded it among themselves. The city thrived on its own in secret without its rulers, and the government threatened to cut the sponsoring of their project if there weren't any successes soon.

Desperate, the Silas family turned on themselves. Brianne and her younger sister were taken to a barren wasteland and locked in a tower which would become their new home. They were forced to ingest Dust and other chemicals in the hope that they would gain the power of the Dust. It didn't work. Viola, Brianne's younger sister, had her mind addled by the chemicals. It became difficult for her to control herself. At some point, Viola managed to shut the experiments to the back of her mind by and she became perfectly calm. She used a shard of what Brianne thought was raw Dust to calm herself and focus on a better life. When the shard was taken away from her, she remembered her situation and snapped, tearing apart the tower looking for it. When she found it, she became calm again and managed to escape in the confusion.

Without her sister to confide in, Brianne slowly descended into despair. She tried to do the same thing as Viola and delude herself into believing that she lived a better life, but when she tried to use a shard to calm herself, she did nothing but prick her finger. She was punished brutally for stealing. A number of months later, she managed to damper her mind. She went through the experiments and punishments as if in a daze and in the end, trained herself to put her mind to sleep. After several years, the Silas family gave up. The experiments were not doing anything, and Brianne had become a walking corpse. They put her into an artificially-induced coma, and built security systems around the tower so no one could ever enter and discover the experiments.

Strangely enough, soon after the family left, Brianne was woken up. Someone had apparently snuck into the tower and freed her. She did not care at the time. She disabled the security systems from the outside and escaped.

She lived in the secret city as a normal citizen for a few years. She was taught to fight and forge her own weapons. She found an umbrella, and spent month after month modifying it into a weapon. She trained with it, and helped the citizens in pushing back the government and chasing away the remaining members of the Silas family who still tried to kidnap children to experiment on.

She was eventually recognized by an officer of the law. They burned her home to the ground looking for her, and she fled to a nearby village. She lived there for only a few months before running away again. She was caught once and tossed into a lake with weights tied to her feet, but, strangely enough, she was rescued by a stranger. Several more times in her life she thought she saw this stranger, and decided to devote her life to finding him or her. She worked as a nurse in every place she lived in, preferring to care for people rather than hurt them, all the while training with her weapon. When she could not think of another place to run to, she fled to the forest and built a small house against a tree there. She took care of injured animals, and occasionally, an exhausted explorer.

When she turned nineteen, she rescued a girl from Beacon, and remembering her goal to travel the world to search for the stranger that had saved her countless times, decided to see if she could enrol.


The Birthday Massacre - Kill the Lights03:56

The Birthday Massacre - Kill the Lights

Main Theme

7. Hate You - Homestuck Vol02:54

7. Hate You - Homestuck Vol. 9-0

Viola's Theme

Homestuck - Atomic Bonsai-004:22

Homestuck - Atomic Bonsai-0

Battle Theme

Prospit & Derse - 07 Derse Dreamers-103:37

Prospit & Derse - 07 Derse Dreamers-1

Second Battle Theme

1. Crystalmethequins - Homestuck Vol05:14

1. Crystalmethequins - Homestuck Vol. 9-1

Dream Theme


  • The clasp of her belt contains a small portion of powder that, when ingested, causes powerful hallucinations and fainting spells. This powder is occasionally poured into Dragonfly's largest spike.
  • The fairytale that Brianne is based off of is Sleeping Beauty. This relates to her history.
  • She loves water and swimming.
  • She sees the world as a horrible, evil, toxic, environment.
  • She dreams to someday visit a seaside town like the one she describes as her hometown.
  • She has a blog. PENXNCE

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