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Sometimes I feel like the Grimm are just angry because some idiot thought it was a good idea to kill Grimm for sport. That's only something you two would do.
— Bridgette to Jorey and Onyx

Bridgette West
Age 17
Title Wisteria
Nickname Bridge
Status Alive
Color Wisteria
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambixedtrous
Complexion Fair White
Hair Light purple
Eyes Blue
Height 5ft8
Weight 67kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team WEST
Partner Emma Austri
Occupation Student

Bridgette West is a major character in The Four Huntsmen and is a student at Beacon Academy and is the leader of Team WEST. Her weapon of choice is a Dual Bladed Axe Staff(DBAS) named Dobbelt Skarpretteren.


Bridgette has messy long light lavender hair, with a really long bangs. She also has blue eyes, a small nose and fair white complexion. She has an average size build.

For apparel, Bridgette wears a purple jumper with a big bot and short line running across. She also wears a typical viking chestplate on her along with black boots. At her back she has a sheath for where she keeps her weapon. Bridgette also has a belt buckle round herself, that she fills with resources.


Bridgette has a very active personality. She is incredibly cheery and normally happy most of the time. She enjoys giving people compliments to boost their self esteem and tries to make them feel happy. Bridgette enjoys the company of people.

Additionally, Bridgette is a very forceful person. She is not afraid to ask for what she wants. Bridgette can be a little to forceful at times and thus she is depicted as being very violent. She is always the most dominant person out of all her friends, constantly taking control of conversations.

However, she lacks tolerance. Bridgette can get easily angered whenever some is pestering her at times, causing her to have a violent fit.

Bridgette also has a strange habit of her feet and doesn't like big feet. She enjoys going going outside and bringing friends with her as a hobby.


Bridgette used to live in Vale and had 3 sisters. All of her sisters were feminists and Bridgette strived to be a role model like them, however, she decided not assimilate image as one of them. Bridgette instead decided to try and do chores that were hard for her to do. She then became friends with her neighbour's child, Jorey Diamond.

Four years later, Bridgette and Jorey went camping and out of nowhere, they were attacked by a Grimm, but it was killed by a huntress. After this confrontation, they both wanted to become hunters to protect the people. Her sister's praised her for this aspiration due to the fact they thought a Huntress was a good profession.

After all her sisters had moved out of the house, her parents followed Jorey's parents and moved to Mistral. They were put in Satalite Academy and Bridggette had excelled. She even allowed to compete in the Mistral Regional Tournament and has faced Onyx and Pyrrha.


Jorey Diamond

Bridgette has had a long term history with Jorey, having met when they were 4. These two would normally converse in their free time. Since Jorey loved to hit on girls, Bridgette would have to come and keep him in order to avoid getting hurt. Normally, if Jorey ever asked Bridgette out, it's likely that she'll punch him. Bridgette also seems to like Jorey all lot as they both live happy lives.

Emma Austri

These two were partners in the Beacon Initiation. Bridgette seems to like Emma, as they are both cautious and friendly with one another. Bridgette once described her as a sister she's never had. These two are very in sync and can both come up with plans with out even communicating. Bridgette enjoys messing around with her at times. However, she does find Emma's multiple personality disorder hard to deal with.

Onyx Rocker

Bridgette and Onyx have met, prior to joining Beacon. They have fought each other in the Mistral Regional Tournament before, however, neither have them have ever won. Both of them have a strong bond of hitting others that deserve it and do not want to listen. Bridgette tends to find Onyx's rage to be funny as it's something she doesn't understand.

Eli Leictreach

Bridgette has a dislike for Eli. She finds him too creepy and she's the only one who she'll avoid hitting due to how scary he is. Bridgette finds Eli too secretive and she feels as if she doesn't understand him. She tries to stay away from talking to him. Bridgette classifies Eli as the most normal person his team. Especially in Team WEST's and Team JORE's joint mission, Bridgette choose to stay in the same dorm as Eli because he was the most normal one.

Sigvard Norði

Bridgette and Sigvard have a neutral friendship. She thinks that Sigvard is too loud  and sometimes it can be very distracting and irritating whenever she decides to study. However, Bridgette gets along with Sigvard due to his compassionate nature.

Trond Suðri

Bridgette and Trond do not get along very well at all. They normally seem to have a lot of arguments over small things such as which bed they sleep in. Due to Bridgette's aggressive nature, she'll normally end up getting her weapon out to try to discipline Trond.

Rufus Sabbia

Bridgette doesn't interact with Rufus but she does sympathise with him considering he is the weakest on his team. She is normally really lenient with him and tries to act in a polite manner towards him.

Powers and Abilities

Athletic Ability

Bridgette has a very high endurance. She is capable of enduring high damaging attacks due to her armour. Bridgette is capable of using her endurance to charge past large hordes of Grimm to attack any larger threat that is there. 

Additionally, Bridgette has very good agility. She capable of changing directions rapidly and using it to trick her opponent. Bridgette's agility allows her to lose people that are chasing her quite easily.

However, Bridgette is slow. She can be easily caught and her attacks are quite obvious and easy to dodge.


Dobbelt Skarpretteren is a doubled Bladed Axe Staff that is detachable and can be wielded as a dual wield. Using her weapon, Bridgette is able to spin Dobbelt Skarpretteren effectively hitting her opponents. Bridgette is very excellent at wielding her weapon, she is even capable of blocking attacks.

Bridgette normally keeps the axe as a staff so she can swing it around to dispose of Grimm effortlessly. She is als able to jump and swing at an opponent with the axe too.

Aura and Semblance

Bridgette's aura is purple. She has average amounts of aura but she is incredibly skilled with it. Bridgette is capable of using her aura to block attacks and punch people away. She is also very conservative with her aura, being able to use little amounts of her aura with techniques that use a lot. Bridgette's semblance allows her to make her whole body flat for as long as she wants. This allows her to dodge attacks that are aimed straight at her arm. She is capable of doing it for long however she begins to faint.

Battles and Events

Season 1

Fight Chapter Outcome
Eli Leictreach, Emma Austri and Bridgette West vs White Fang Members Chapter 6 Loss
Bridgette West, Emma Austri, Sigvard Norðri and Trond Suðri vs Mecenary White Fang Male Chapter 6 Victory
Bridgette West vs Jorey Diamond Chapter 7 Loss


  • Bridgette is based on Norse mythology like her teammates.
  • Also her weapon is Norwegian for Dual Executioner.

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