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I won't date you, you're not my type. Meaning, bog off!
— Bridgette talking towards Jorey

If you can't protect your friends, are you sure you're a hunter?
— Bridgette's code of fighting.

Beowolf, looks like it's chopping time!
— Bridgette wanting to killl a Beowolf.

Season 1

Beacon is where different paths are taken.
— Bridgette explaining to Jorey on what they're doing.

Think you can do this?
— Bridgette showing of to Emma Austri

Are you trying to destroy the cliff!??(a ramp is formed) Oh.
— Bridgette angry at Eli Leictreach.

Season 2

I have to kill you for that.
— Bridgette angry at Jorey's confession.

Your bishop goes diagonal, how could you hit mine if it was one space in front?
— Bridgette arguing with Trond at chess.

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