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"We have been embraced by the night, and fight for her as kin.  Under the glow of the moon, we strike and protect her.  And when the sun rises, we wait in silence for dusk.  We are invisible.  We are eternal.  We are everywhere.  We are the Brotherhood of the Night."

Brotherhood of the Night's motto.

Founding and History

"'Despite the Brotherhood's autonomy from the other Huntsman and Huntresses of the world, we would not and cannot exist without them."

History of the Brotherhood of the Night, Volume 11

The Brotherhood was founded shortly after mankind's original war against Grimm, originally for the purpose of creating more specialized Hunters, who were more precise in their craft, and were adept at performing their work in the dark, literally.  For the time between man's war with the Grimm and the Faunus War, the Brotherhood operated more overtly, with many Hunters enlisting in the Brotherhood shortly after finishing their training.  However, over time, the Brotherhood became more and more autonomous from the official organization of Hunters in Remnant, and eventually became its own entity altogether.  However, both organizations still maintain a level of professional respect for each other, and to this day, the majority of members in the Brotherhood have been a Hunter at some point their lives. 

However, when the Faunus War came, while the Brotherhood was officially neutral in the came, members across the world fought, mostly to keep the peace in the cities their chapters were based in, and when the war ended, the Brotherhood had lost nearly 1/3 of its members worldwide.  This brought about a major shift in the policy of the Brotherhood's operation, with the Brotherhood operating covertly to combat a new threat known as the Nightmare Organization, which had emerged in the final days of the war.  The Brotherhood also ceased openly recruiting new members at this point.  Now, you're either born into the Brotherhood, or they find you.  Sometimes they recruit people they help with no other prospects in life, sometimes they notice especially skilled Hunters, and sometimes they recruit repentant Nightmare agents. Whatever the way people join, the Brotherhood now operates secretly, enough to the point that most people believe the Brotherhood no longer exists at all. 

The Brotherhood has since isolated itself from other branches for its own safety, though they do still keep in contact with other branches.  Members of one chapter would not necessarily recognize members of another, though all members are taught how to find members of another Kingdom's branch when necessary.  Each of the Four Kingdoms has at least one chapter, with the central command chapter located in Menagerie, where supposedly the Brotherhood was formed.  Each branch also has its own theme and special methods for their work.

Organizational Traits

"Everyone comes out of this differently.  And thank God for that."

Mina, on the Brotherhood's members

The effect of the Brotherhood's training on its members is, in actually, not quite the effect you'd think a secret society would have on its members.  Despite how it operates in secret, it does instill a sense of community in its members, and an undying loyalty to one's Brothers.  While naturally there are members who are more reserved than others, many of them pass as normal members of society, and are able to maintain full lives outside of their work.  The Brotherhood has also historically instilled a sense of tolerance in its members between humans and Faunus, especially since the Faunus War, and often times, the first time Brotherhood members train outside their chapter's facility, they're astounded and confused at the hate humans and Faunus can have for each other. 

The Brotherhood could also be considered a semi-monastic organization.  While the Brotherhood does have some of Remnant's leading scientists, either as members or affiliates, there is a deep faith instilled in members from a young age.  The Brotherhood believes that since what they do is for the good of Remnant, to keep it safe, they will be forgiven for their methods in the next life.  However, the Brotherhood's spirituality is more of a justification for their actions, rather than a prerogative for them. 

Organization and Command Structure

(Note: Command Structure is from bottom to top.)

"So, why is the leader called the Vampire King?"  "According to legend, it was the least stupid name the first Watcher's Court came up with."

Ciarán and Reilly on the Brotherhood's history

  • Recruit: The first stage all members of the Brotherhood enter, this is merely basic training in what the Brotherhood is and what it's goals are.  The future place of recruits is determined at this stage.
  • Initiate:The first step for members who will become field agents.  This stage contains training in weapons, Dust, and learning to control Aura and Semblence.  It's important to note that for all stages of training for all positions, there is no set amount of time one will stay at a stage.  The instructors for each branch determine when each student is ready to advance.
    • Apprentice: The first step for recruits who will become a chapter's librarian, or several other non-combat positions.  They learn how to acquire new volumes on Grimm and supernatural phenomenon, and how to properly care for a chapter's more rare and delicate books.  This branch is normally reserved for members who cannot, for physical or mental reasons, act as field agents.
      • Street Contact: The first step for recruits who will become spies, or administrative positions.  They are given basic combat training, though not nearly to the extent that Initiates are, and are taught to gather intelligence and act as contacts for members outside their own chapter.
  • Daywalker: The stage following Initiate, this is where future field agents are exposed to the outside world, usually by sending them to schools that train Hunters.  They also make contacts they'll need for future work during this state.  It is also not unheard of to be promoted to a full field agent before a member finishes their education.
    • Bookkeeper/Taskmaster: Bookkeepers continue along the road to becoming a chapter's future librarian (There is only one librarian at a time), becoming more familiar with acquiring knowledge for the chapter.  Taskmasters are partnered with a field agent, and are responsible for giving agents missions and corresponding intelligence.  Both positions take vows as full members at this stage.
      • Spy/Administrator: Spies operate outside a chapter's normal reach, and gather intelligence with minimal supplies.  Some operate in self-established cells, some infiltrate ranks of Nightmare agents.  Spies also report any supernatural occurrences back to Taskmasters to be distributed to field agents.  Administrators also handle a chapters day to day operation.  Again, both positions take vows as full members at this state.  Administrators can also appoint members of their respective branches to act as instructors for Recruits.
  • Field Agent: The final stage for most members, Field Agents are the backbone of the Brotherhood, and take vows at this stage.  Field Agents complete missions set by their Taskmaster, and are given full freedom to complete missions as they see fit.
    • Librarian: Librarians are responsible for maintaining a chapter's collected knowledge, and approve all missions before Taskmasters can distribute them.  A chapter's Librarian is always a member of the Council Of Three.
      • Overseer: The Spy or Administrator who is a member of chapter's Council Of Three.
  • Assassin: The Field Agent who is a member of a chapter's Council Of Three.
  • Council Of Three: The body responsible for maintaining and operating a cell.  Members serve three-year terms, with the exception of the Librarian, who holds the position for life.
  • Watcher's Court: A special council that convenes at Menagerie once every year for one month.  Every chapter sends two members as a representatives, though many more will attend the proceedings.  While typically a chapter sends members of its Council Of Three, they are allowed to send any members they wish.  In fact, records indicate a representative from the Atlas chapter at an early Court was a Recruit.  In addition, every representative receives the title "Watcher".
  • Vampire King/Queen: The head of the Brotherhood.  Kings/Queens are appointed to five-year terms by the Watchers Court.  They release annual reports on the state of the Brotherhood, and can propose laws that are voted on by the Watchers Court.  The King/Queen can also assign special missions to any member of the Brotherhood without question.  However, each member of the Brotherhood has, once in their lives, the right to make a request of the King/Queen, called "The Right of Dusk".  The difference is, while members HAVE to obey personal assignments sent from the King/Queen, The Right of Dusk can be denied, and even if it's accepted, it's usually not without stipulation.  Again, like members of the Watcher's Court, the Vampire King/Queen can be any member of the Brotherhood.

Chapter names

(Note: This list will likely expand as more places are revealed in canon.)

Every member of the Brotherhood, while always a "Brother" or "Sister", identifies themselves by the name of their respective chapter, i.e., a member of the Vacuo chapter would be a "Reaper Guard".

Vale Chapter: The Batcave.  This chapter's emblem is a side profile of a bat in flight, silhouetted against the moon.  The Vale chapter also has a tendency to be the most "trouble-making" chapter, with a significant record of vigilantism among its members.

Atlas Chapter: The Court of Owls.  This chapter's emblem is an owl backwards with its head turned around.  This chapter has the highest rate of recruiting members who were not born into the Brotherhood.

Vacuo Chapter: The Reaper's Guard.  This chapter's emblem is a kite shield with a scythe behind it.  The Vacuo chapter is known for being the most strict chapter, and punishes its members fairly liberally.

Menagerie Chapter: The Royal Shadows.  This chapter's emblem is a crown being engulfed in shadows.  This chapter has the highest rate of working with other chapters.

Known Members

(Note: While I created this organization for one of my OC's other people are more than welcome to add this to their character's backstory.  Just message User: Lurooke Surana to have your character added to the list.)

  • Ciarán Abraham: Field agent of the Vale Chapter.  Currently a student of Beacon Academy.  Was recruited at a young age along with his brother Reilly.  According to the Council Of Three, he is a likely candidate to be a representative for Vale at an upcoming Watcher's Court.
  • Rose Kelly: Spy of the Vale Chapter.  She was raised in the Brotherhood, though is intimately familiar with the machinations and inner-workings of Vale, and claims that nothing happens in the city happens without her knowing about it.  She is one of the most skilled Spies in the Chapter, and from the criminal and Brotherhood connections she maintains, her claims of knowing everything in Vale have some basis.  According to the Council Of Three, she is a likely candidate to be a representative for Vale at an upcoming Watcher's Court.
  • Reilly Abraham: Currently a Bookkeeper for the Vale Chapter.  Has a good chance of becoming the chapter's Librarian in the future. 
  • Mina Westerna: The current Assassin of the Vale Chapter.  She was raised in the Brotherhood, though like many, she spent time outside the Brotherhood at Beacon Academy.  She recruited the Abraham brothers into the Brotherhood, and acts as a mother figure to Ciarán, who remembers very little of his own parents, and to a lesser extent, Reilly.

Affiliation and Enemies

"There is not an organization, crime ring, or think tank in Remnant, that the Brotherhood does not have eyes and ears in, one way or another."

History of the Brotherhood of the Night, Volume 11

  • Huntsman and Huntresses: The Brotherhood is officially autonomous from the Hunters of Remnant, however the Brotherhood seeks out the majority of its members who were not born into it from skilled Hunters.
  • The Nightmare Organization: The Brotherhood's sworn enemy.  The Nightmare Organization is an international conglomerate of humans who have artificially enhanced themselves with Dust tattoos, and explore controlling supernatural phenomenon.  Their ultimate goal is to create an army of such individuals to take over the Four Kingdoms in a war of conquest.  The Brotherhood has been battling the Nightmare since the near-end of the Faunus War.
  • The Children of Grimm: Besides the Nightmare, the Brotherhood considers the Children of Grimm the biggest active threat.  However, since the Children's of Grimm's operations are more puppeteer and covert, the Brotherhood has managed to infiltrate and report on the organization's activities in a similar manner.  Conversely however, Brotherhood intelligence reports that the Children of Grimm considers the Brotherhood a minimal threat, though they do not know the location of the Brotherhood's chapters.


  • If you plan to bring up how many Batman references the Brotherhood has, I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • The Brotherhood's treasury is maintained by several patents through several puppet corporations that don't actually exist.  Some of the more lucrative ones include zippers, laundry detergent, Scrolls, paper, and various textiles.
  • The Brotherhood has no long-term plans for any sort of political control of the Four Kingdoms.  However, they do have enough political leverage to cover up their members' actions if need be.

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