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"Dreams...realities...there's no big difference between each other if you squint and look at the horizon. The truth is, that reality is unreal."

I fear that you're completely ignorant about the matter, Miss Griselda.
— Bruno everytime that Grizel doesn't believe him
For the millonth time, my name ISN'T Griselda, it's Grizel and you need therapy!
— Grizel replying back

Bruno Erraunt
Age 18
Status Active
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Saffron
Semblance Can generate a trail of blurry after-images of himself
Height 176 cm
Weight 70 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BRGD
Partner Della Azure
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives - Unnamed parents
- Mara Erraunt (Sister)
Additional Info
Emblem Brunoicon50
Likes Fantastic literature
Dislikes Being ignored
Special Skills - Strategist
- Fast
- Skilled in close combat
Weaknesses - Physically weak
- Questionable sanity
- Can be too risky when attacking


Bruno is a guy with brown, short messy hair and a goatee. He has yellow eyes and pale, pink-ish skin. He has a slim and athletic build, and is somewhat hairy too.

His outfit consists of a white/rust long-sleeved shirt, brown tights, copper/brown striped trunk hose and dark brown leather shoes. He wears light brown armor over his clothes (consisting of breastplate, shoulder pads, padded fingerless gloves, knee pads, and shin guards). He also wears a brown leather hat, and carries his weapon and his shield in a dark brown sheath with light brown embroidery over his back.

Time skip

Bruno's time skip outfit consists of the same white/rust long-sleeved shirt, though now with puffy sleeves and orange decorations. He also wears a more elaborate breastplate. His trunk hose now are larger (more like puffy pants) that reach the knee. He also wears now armored dark brown boots with light brown and gold details, and his gloves have a similar design as well. Also, Bruno wears a rust-colored cravat instead of the black ribbon he wore before, and his hair is slightly longer too.


Bruno is an introspective but quirky, strong-willed, and very idealistic guy, to the point there are times he can't see the difference between fantasy and reality, and while he isn't diagnosed with any kind of mental disorder so far his sanity has been questioned several times because of this. Even if he doesn't look like a genius, he's an avid reader (specially of literature about Hunters) and has a vast knowledge about fighting and weapons because of this.
Due to this and his excessive idealism, he's very confident about his capabilities and isn't afraid of taking responsabilities or risks in battle, and because of that some people can consider him egocentric (he actually isn't; he actually cares about his teammates and their opinion). While he has a good sense of humor, he tends to take Hunting very seriously, sometimes too much.
He's old-fashioned and a hopeless romantic (he's actually very corny romance-wise) but he isn't attracted to anybody in particular since he's way too centered in learning how to become a Huntsman; he's rather asexual, but isn't sex-repulsed either.
He's chivalric and a gentleman most of times, but since he has an impulsive personality and tends to lose his temper when people ignore him he ends up looking like some goofy character to people. He also can be blunt when expressing himself, and speaks with formal vocabulary, without saying swear words. He's also an insomniac, but actually needs few hours of sleep to feel rested anyway.
It could be said that his overly idealistic personality it's like an "emotional shield" to him, which doesn't let him feel depressed. He prefers to be this way than feeling mediocre or incapable of doing anything, or feeling ignored; it could be also said that he has a fear of loneliness and uselessness.


While his history isn't a weird or special one, it had great influence over Bruno and his personality.
Bruno comes from a common middle-class family, being the eldest and only male child, living with his middle-aged parents and her little sister.
Since he was a kid, he always was a somewhat quirky, head-in-the-clouds person that always cared more about books than about people; people in general never really cared about this until he became a teen, and noticed that his personality didn't really change besides becoming obsessed with reading, specially about Hunting and Hunters. Some people thought it was due to his stubborn, childish, persistent nature, but Bruno's obsession is greatly influenced from his condition: literally living submerged in a context of mediocrity and boredom, with a family that didn't really appreciate him (and himself getting depressed because of this), and he noticing he had the power to make a change but not knowing how to use, or make it work. However, he also was an unsure person and never felt he was done to give the first step, so this obsession ended up taking him over and making him pretty much a recluse, leaving his room only for going to the bathroom and to taking food from the kitchen; not even the last one in his worse days; it could be said that this was the price of his happiness.
His parents, being ignorant and impatient and not knowing how to handle this situation, didn't find a better solution that kicking out their son of their home when he became 17, but they had to find some kind of justification for this. They thought of suggesting to Bruno to become a Huntsman; it wouldn't be that hard for him to join a good academy since he knew a lot about Hunting and weapons, and always had good grades in school. Bruno eventually (and naively) accepted the idea since he dreamt to become a Huntsman like those in his books; he got accepted into Beacon, and then he got kicked out of his home.
Bruno ended up all alone, and the feeling of loneliness took him over and made him feel even worse than before. For the first time, he felt empty not because of his situation but because of his own state.
It eventually led to Bruno creating his own system of living and thinking; idealism turned into his armor, and his knowledge into his weapon, and he realized nobody would be able to take these two away, and while he feared of feeling alone or ignored, he never cared what people thought about him. For Bruno, it was worse to have no answer than having a negative one.
At his first day in Beacon he eventually met his soon-to-be partner, Della Azure, who turned into his sidekick, best friend and part of his (new) family, and after the initation he was designed leader of team BRGD; the perfect chance to show what he's capable of.

Time skip

After the Battle of Beacon Bruno ends up going to Della's place since he can't come back to his home; his parents still refuse to have contact with him. Della gives him new clothes and they go together in an adventure to find Ryan and Grizel, and also trying to understand what happened to their academy, their headmaster, and where did all those Grimm come from.



Siena Picaresca

The Siena Picaresca, a Convertible Polearm Rifle Sword (CPRS) is Bruno's weapon. Its name comes from "siena" (sienna in Spanish), a shade of brown and "picaresca" (picaresque in Spanish), that makes reference to the literary genre of "Don Quixote". It's an ordinary-looking sword that turns into a rifle, and into a polearm (similar to a swordstaff). Its caliber is 5.56 x 45 mm; it can make lethal wounds but it doesn't always hit the mark. In polearm mode it's able to shoot and spin from the blade as well, and in this form Bruno can also use it for jumping over foes, like pole vaulting.

Also, Bruno has a shield called Caballeresco (chivalric one in Spanish). He carries Siena Picaresca in its sword form in his scabbard, which wears in his back, and Caballeresco over it (the scabbard has magnets that keep it pinned on its place, and the shield itself is collapsible to some excent so it's easier to carry. He can also can carry it collapsed on his arm).



Bruno's stats (chart by Jo)

In fight he's a good strategist and is specially skilled in direct attacks, and isn't afraid of being too close to his enemies when attacking.
He's one of the lightest and fastest members of the team, but he's one of the physically weakest (lacks stamina), relies a lot on his weapon and can easily get injured; he's basically a glass cannon-type.
His aura color is saffron and is of medium strength, which is mainly used for compensating his weakness.
Bruno's Semblance is called Tilting at Windmills, and consists of Bruno himself being able to generate a trail of blurry after-images of himself while he moves, like those of a long-exposure photography. This ability, together with his movement and attack speed, makes himself harder to target and dodge in fight.
In the case Bruno loads Dust in his weapon, his Semblance might take effects according to the kind of Dust used (i.e.: Fire Dust will make him leave a fire trail), like Blake did in Volume 2.


  • His parents: Bruno doesn't hold any grudges to them or hate them, but can't help feeling hurt because of their decision and their lack of communication and empathy. He hasn't talked to them since he got into Beacon (because they don't want to talk to him till he becomes completely independent).
  • Ryan Chartreuse: Has an OK relationship with him. Bruno thinks he's a good guy but that he's too shy and should "loosen up". He always calls Ryan "his Highness" and "his Majesty" due to Ryan's social status, even if he tells Bruno to just call him by his name.
  • Grizel Svane: Bruno has a complicated relationship with Grizel since she's bossy, serious, and likes to work alone or just with Ryan, so she disobeys his orders sometimes. Also, Grizel can't stand when Bruno starts speaking nonsense, which happens quite frequently. However, Bruno doesn't hate her and likes to tease her, changing her name or acting crazier when she's present (he's conscious that Grizel hates his behavior).
  • Della Azure: She's Bruno's partner and good friend. They met the first day they got in Beacon, and Della thinks he's an interesting person so she's always listening and talking to him, which pleases Bruno a lot. They both make a funny couple, and perform well together in fights. She's pretty much like a sister to Bruno.


  • He alludes to Don Quixote.
    • His obsession with fantasy books and becoming a Huntsman alludes to Don Quixote's obsession with chivalric novels and him wanting to become a knight-errant.
    • His emblem (a windmill) alludes to Don Quixote wanting to attack windmills (when he thought they were giants).
    • His chivalric but overly-idealistic personality is similar to Don Quixote's.
    • Don Quixote was insomniac, and Bruno doesn't sleep that much either.
  • "Bruno" comes from the Germanic particle Brun, meaning "brown". "Erraunt" is an old spelling of "errant", making reference of Don Quixote being a knight-errant.
  • He's an INFJ.

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