So, your my new partner? The last one got eaten by Sparkie . . . lets just leave it at that. . . Sparkie was ugly by the by.
— Bryan Bane
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Bryan Bane
Age 20
Title Frozen Fire
Alias Azure Bane
Nickname B-Rai
Status Active
Color Navy Blue
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born July 28th
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Chinese Porcelin Blue
Eyes Icy Blue
Semblance Resistance
Height 6'1"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Judge Falk
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Not having his team be eaten.
Dislikes Sparkie eating his team.
Character Theme

Bryan's Theme



Bryan often sports a royal-blue t-shirt with black trimming. He often will appear in navy camo cargo pants supported by a black leather belt with a cyan color belt buckle. He often appears in black steel-toe boots with a midnight blue trimming. His symbol of a skull with a belt around it's mouth with a buckle in the center that is primarily colored navy blue.

Physical Detail

Bryan is a lanky slim male who has little to no body fat and complimented by his muscles. Bryan's shoulders are fair, but his hands and feet are larger then most. His hair is longer, then most as he can be often seen with no care for the style, yet it shines and sparkles for some unknown reason. His left eye is strangely covered most of the time, when he isn't fighting, but both eyes are fairly smaller then most. To note, he has no scars anywhere on his body, though he does have a birthmark on the side of his hand that is five round dots below his right hand's index finger towards the left.


Bryan is a notorious flirt and gentleman among Beacon's students. Often called 'Byron' due to the amount of female students he has romanced, Bryan has class as he has also been known to save many relationships. Among his class year, he is also called a playboy for his flirting with women. 
Bryan is also known to be courageous and often protective of his teammates despite being cursed with weak teammates who often get eaten alive. Bryan is often seen with his friend and leader of another team when relaxing. Despite first glances, Bryan is very caring of others and supportive despite his distaste for his team's overall craziness. He will often act cold and caution people about death, despite his caring nature. It seems to to be linked to how over-protective his sister can be and he tries to avoid it.
Bryan in battle is consider the close-range combat expert despite Judge's skills. More experienced, then Falk in terms of combat, Bryan often holds the position of the brains of the group. Acting as Team JBBS advisor, many plans are based upon Bryan's plans. Despite Falk and Blauw being on the crazy side of the spectrum, Bryan's plans use those factors to aid him. With the lack of range, Bryan has to advise the use of stealth to get in close often using Sate despite not giving him a compliment for his actions or ignoring him for it. 

Weapon & Abilities

Azure Chopper

His choice weapon is 'Azure Chopper' a axe-like weapon that is colored navy blue and jet black. Similar to other weapons, the center of the dual-headed axe is a canister often found on flame-throwers. Inside this container is a mixture of Dusts that have to settings 'Flamethrower' and 'Thermal Reduction'. It basically transforms into a flame thrower by dropping the head down and revolving the two blades together before a trigger is dropped. The axe blades becomes a handle as the canister is pushed above the muzzle. Bryan will grip it and aim it. Though the weapon can use the flame-thrower like mode in it's regular form, but it will only be good for either engulfing the head in flames or freezing it making it a mace. Through modifications, Azure Chopper also can spin the blades and if using the flamethrower, it can create spiral flames.


Bryan's aura is a dark blue hue. Trained from the age of nine to use aura in combat, Bryan is very self-aware of it's uses and implementing it into combat. Often using it as a barrier, he blocks close-range strikes and heal any minor injures he may have sustained. With his extensive training, his aura consumes little of his stamina. He also uses it to enhance his perception of his area to allow for quicker reflexes.


Bryan's semblance is named 'Resistance'. Resistance enhances Bryan's durability and resistance to dust affects such as fire and ice. Due to his weapon releasing these two constantly, his passive semblance allows him to adapt to dust affects and decrease their effect. Resistance does consume a bit of his stamina if used for prolong periods, but the resistance only grows stronger over time meaning damage must be done and does not affect any inflicted damage thus far.


Bryan's strength lies in his experience. From a young age, he has been taught to fight and even if hurt, he will get back up. Combined with his ability to resist damage from dust over a period time and using it against foes, Bryan isn't afraid to get in close. With an established survival tactics and experience, he can often draw out his opponent via combat. Combined with his knowledge and use of aura, he can use his opponent's attacks against them.


Bryan's biggest weakness lies in range. Being a close-range fighter, he has no long range capabilities and must rely on his skills to get in close. His love for beautiful women can also harm in combat as a woman could easily use this against him and if distracted it wouldn't be that hard to create holes. Lacking long-term experience in his aura's use also hinders him as he must build up it's use via combat and inflicted damage must be healed by his aura which in turn relies on his stamina.


Bryan’s life was fairly normal, though it should be noted that he was born into his father’s second marriage and the first son of his mother that was given birth, though he knows she aborted a previous child. His elder sister Blair was from his mother’s previous marriage. Ever since Bryan could remember, his sister would baby him despite the fact that Bryan was the one who had to defend his sister.
This trend continued until his sister went to Signal. Blair being only four years older then Bryan still hoped for his sister. His father decided to enroll Bryan into a training camp where he’d learn about the basics, unlike his sister who was starting around the same time. During his time, he was saved by a Hunter named Duke. Duke not seeing much decided to tell Bryan to give up. If he couldn’t handle an Ursa, then he was hopeless.
Bryan who was put down contemplated giving up, until he got a call from his sister who was having just as much trouble. Remembering he had to get back up, Bryan returned to training and at the end, he managed to slay an Ursa using a basic weapon.
Bryan was applied and accepted into Signal, where he forged his weapon Azure Chopper. Having prior training and experience, Bryan was pushed ahead into advance programs where he did fine. He was far from a leader, but he did prove to be strong and even more, the teachers knew of him via Blair as she often talked about her baby brother. It was mentioned that he was a ‘whiner’ by most teachers, though Bryan had to play it off.
Bryan succeeded and moved on to Beacon, where he’d met an enemy he’d never forget: Sparkie. For two years straight, Bryan’s chosen teams had died in the first ceremony to form teams and it was by the sole grimm Sparkie. Two years of aiding other teams and working by himself, Bryan created the thought of being the first Beacon student to be recorded with twelve deaths on his hands via one Grimm, however his third year in Beacon and something’s different about the new students.



  • Bryan Bane can translate to 'Noble Sickness'
    • Blue and Violet colors can be related to this
      • Blue works in the case of motion sickness on a boat or suffocation
  • His nickname Byron translates to 'Place where cow sheds'
    • This can jokingly refer to Bryan being a flirt
      • The 'cow sheds' can refer to a certain act with women
  • Bryan's favorite song is Stan Bush's 'You Got the Touch'.
  • Bryan's older sister Blair is an infamous Huntress known as 'Blair the Witch'
    • Who was strangely partnered with a genius named Ryan
    • Both Blair and Bryan have the same initials
      • despite Blair's color being a shade of violet.
  • It is not mention, but Bryan has been with a guy
    • He hints that it guys just aren't his type from this experience


  • Bryan's personality shares traits with many perverted men in anime such as Sanji of One Piece.
  • Bryan's nickname Byron is a play on Lord Byron a romantic
    • a poet and a lover of all women including his step-sister.

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