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I once heard that you don't learn anything from winning...Losing Rachel was hard for me. But now...I would either let that loss haunt and define me. Or I could learn from it.
— Bryan
How come I never meet any nice girls?
— Bryan
Age 20
Nickname Lone Wolf (Mercenary name), Baby Bry (by Violeta)
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Red (Right eye), Green (Left eye)
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Weight 100 kg (220.462 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team BRIN (formerly)

BRAZ (current)

Partner Rachel Red (deceased)

Amarillo Halibel (current)

Occupation Senior Student
Personal Status
Relatives Bane Hyacintho

Tina Hyacintho
Matilda Purppura
Violeta Hyacintho
Karma Blanco (somehow)
Sky Hyacintho

Additional Info
Emblem 20131130124750!Fenrir-Symbol
Likes Being alone, Apples
Dislikes Noisy people, Bullies, Losing his comrades, a certain murderer...
Special Skills - Super Strength
- Fast
- Resistant
- Intelligent
- Enhanced Durability
Weaknesses - Lacks social skills
Character Theme

The Reclaimer
Battle Theme

Devils Never Cry

Bryan Hyacintho is an original character created by Tier. Bryan is a self-centered anti-hero and student who doesn't care about anyone else around him and is just waiting for his own death. But after receiving his own team, BRAZ, he began to understand the meaning of his life.


Bryan's complexion is pale. He also has two different eye colors; one red and one green. He wears a blue hoodie with golden details on it. He also wears a black shirt inside. He also possesses white hair, which has grown after the past few months due to age and not having it trimmed. Without his clothing, he was seen as a muscular young man and his emblem is tattooed on his back. He also wears a dog tag with his name on the front and at the back, there are carvings, in the form of letters, which form "B+R". He does not take off this dog tag.


Bryan belongs to a family of Hunters. He signed up in Beacon to follow his families' tradition. In Beacon he met Rachel Red, a beautiful girl with long brown hair and silver eyes. She became Bryan's leader and also his girlfriend. They loved each other very much. Until something horrible happened.

When Beacon heard of a group of 5 Death Stalkers were on their way to the school, Bryan, Rachel and other Hunters were sent to eradicate them. When the two lovers met their opponent, everything went smoothly. But that's when a Death Bringer arrived. They were outnumbered, but managed to kill the Death Stalker. The Death Bringer, however, was too much for them. When the grimm was about to stab Bryan with its stinger, Rachel pushed him away and was the one who took the hit. Angered, Bryan killed the Death Bringer, in the most brutal way anyone could think of.

After removing the stinger that stabbed Rachel, Bryan tried to bring Rachel back to Beacon. But Rachel said that it was too late and told Bryan to leave her to die and help their classmates defeat the other monsters. Crying, Bryan did not leave her side and waited for die. Rachel died, smiling at Bryan as her last "words" to him.

When Rachel no longer has any breath left, it rained. Because of this, Bryan's teammates thought of him as a failure for letting their leader die. However, after a few days, Bryan's teammates were reported to have died after a road accident. Now, left alone, Bryan was ordered by Ozpin to go through the initiation once more in order to find a new team. He agreed and is now waiting for next year for the next batch of new students.

During the next initiation, he met a familiar face, a very quiet and formal noob and a very annoying Faunus. Together, they were formed as team BRAZ.


When Rachel was still alive, Bryan was a fun-loving person that always cared for his teammates, espescially Rachel. He was caring, loving and very brave. After Rachel and his two other teammates died, however, he started to think of himself as a failure. He rejects other people or sometimes keeps his distance away from them, because he does not want to see them die. Deep inside, he is still caring, but on the outside, he rejects people and became antisocial. He also lacks respect, sometimes addressing his teachers by their first name. If he talks to someone, he wants to keep the conversation short. He would always call a person by using their last name instead of their first.

He prefers apples over any kind of food.

He gets sentimental when it rains, reminding him of Rachel's death.

He is very dangerous when angered, for he would literally lose control of his temper will hurt those who made him angry. Or even kill. He can also underestimate the people around him, saying that he has more experience than them, being very arrogant.

However, after meeting his new team, he has somehow became softer and began showing a bit of positive attitudes. He even managed to actually move on. Yet he still retained some of his coldness.


  • Rachel Red - Bryan's leader and lover. They have a very good relationship, to the point that they already wanted to get married. Bryan still loves her, even after death.
  • Ivory Aquino - Bryan's dead teammate. Although there were times that they would argue on almost every single thing, there comes a time when they actually treat each other like brothers.
  • Navajo White -Bryan's dead teammate. Despite the thing that NV did to him, he has forgiven her already and became good friends.
  • Rochelle Red - Bryan's new teammate. Bryan has been overprotective towards her since he does not want her to be harmed like her sister, but somehow, Rochelle dislikes this side of Bryan.
  • Amarillo Halibel - Bryan's new teammate. Annoyed at her being stoic, he has gotten used to it by the second semester.


His weapon of choice is a Rocket Propelled Charge Spear (RPCS) called The Rejector. It is a gigantic, metal spear whose blade has Dust powered rockets on the side. The use of the rockets are to improve the speed of both the user and the spear's speed when thrown. There is a button on the spear's handle that activates the rockets. 

The rockets have a 10 second interval, stopping the rockets' activation after 10 seconds. The rockets can also be reversed by using a switch near the activating button. It is also durable, able to withstand a Death Stalker's stinger and claws. Bryan uses Sojutsu, a fighting style in ancient Japan that uses spears, on The Rejector.

God-eater-2 spear

The Rejector

When not in use, the handle shortens, the rockets enclose and leather straps appear from its back, turning into a giant backpack. 


As stated on his weapon, he uses Sojutsu as his main fighting style. He also possess incredible strength, as he is able to carry his weapon which is heavier than him. He also excels in hand-to-hand combat. Being a senior student in Beacon, he probably has more experience than most students in the campus. In battle, he is most likely to be the front-line attacker or also the tactitian, because of his inteligence.


Though not very good at ranged weaponry, there's one weapon that he totally sucks the most: the rocket launcher. He's a terrible shot and even with a homing mechanism, for some very odd coincidence in fate, he'll hit anything except his real target. This is why he prefers close combat.


Bryan has the ability to increase his strength up to 50%. Combined with his enhanced stamina, he can use this for a extended amount of time.

He calls it "Paragon".


Bryan's stats. Credits to User:Jollyjo



  • His first name, Bryan, is a variation of the Celtic name "Brian", which means "high" or noble. His last name, Hyacintho, is Latin for "blue".
    • The color blue is asociated with sadness.
  • He is based on The Boy who cried Wolf.
    • In the story, the boy shouted that there were wolves attacking his flock of sheep but no one believed him, even though it was true. This is similar to how Bryan was judged on how he couldn't protect his leader, when in fact he was almost able to save her.
    • His emblem and nickname symbolizes wolves.
  • There is a small possibility that Bryan is a bit insane. This is proven through several occasions:
    • He lost his friends, his brother and is separated from his mother, which could cause some kind of trauma in him.
    • He's a bit antisocial.
    • He becomes violent when angered.
    • He hates Ozpin for no reason.
    • Even Vi once mentioned that Bryan's sanity is questionable.
  • In his new team, BRAZ, he is the first member introduced, the new leader, and the only male member.
  • Bryan used to live in Póli Tou Thanátou.
  • Unknown to most people in Beacon, Bryan is a good singer.
    • Not only that, he is also a good guitarist and song writer.

Author's note

Credits to the owners of some photos.

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