Painting of a buhoshee


A Grimm seen rarely throughout Remnant.  Image is a photoshop of this photo.

Grimm Registry

Grimm Classification:  Barn Owl

Grimm Title: Buhoshee

Threat Ranking: F alone.  SS in regions densely populated with Grimm


It is the size of a normal Barn Owl, the white mask-looking face now actually a white mask with red eyes and markings.  It still possesses the white coloring, but other coloration has become black like all Grimm.  Though the beak seems normal at first, the mouth is actually all the way across the mask, opening wide in an ear-splitting scream.



It flies quickly and silently and is normally only seen deep in the wilds at night.  It is also gifted with incredible eyesight and hearing, better even than faunus.


The Buhoshee is not very dangerous by itself, having little armor or resistance to physical attack.

Additional Notes

Tyto alba USA three hissing and clicking 8-000:38

Tyto alba USA three hissing and clicking 8-0

The sounds sometimes heard before attacks and sightings.

A Barn Owl Grimm who calls out the death of its foes.  Its scream has been described like the dying scream of a woman in agony that disrupts aura and calls nearby Grimm.  Huntsmen and Huntresses have named the scream the Call of Death.  When paired with the Grimm who respond to its call, it becomes dangerous.  It is not susceptible to energy based attacks, almost seeming to absorb them.  Physical attacks are necessary to remove it.  Because of its speed and stealth, it can be difficult to land a hit before it delivers the call.  It is a solitary Grimm, not known to actually interact with the others of any kind.  Some myths say that it merely uses other Grimm to protect itself while it flees to the soulless world of darkness, choosing unlucky travelers and huntsmen and huntresses to follow it by way of death.  Common folklore has it as a sort of Grimm bogeyman.Children were told not to venture far from home or the buhoshee would take them.  It is incredibly rare, or at least seems so due to the lack of survivors to report sightings.  It has been reported worldwide, accross all four kingdoms. Hissing noises and clicks are occasionally reported before sightings or hearing the scream, similar to those from a defensive Barn Owl.


The name comes from Spanish búho, or owl, combined with banshee.  The folklore aspect is inspired by the Pied Piper,the TatariMokke, and of course the barn owl's and banshee's association with death.

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