Grimm Register: Azalea Rappaccini

Title Black Emperor
Classification White Tiger
Ranking C (Young) A (Adult)
Abilities Powerful claw swipes
Strength Agile, High Evasion, Aggressive
Weakness Susceptible to fire, defenseless before reaching adulthood

This Grimm is property of the Intellectual Rapist. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
Any clarifications can be posted in the comment section.


Byakko is a large Tiger Grimm with several spikes protruding on it's spine up to it's tail. It's Grimm mask covers it's entire face, resembling a helmet. Red markings are seen on both sides of it's body. Unlike white tigers, it's black with white stripes instead.

Adult Byakkos are larger, with metallic claws and a more menacing mask with horns protruding on the side. Their body is now mostly covered with bone, except for their feet.


Byakkos move quick, shredding unsuspecting Hunters apart with their deadly swipes. They are incredibly agile despite their size. For a Grimm, they are surprisingly persistent;Once they encounter a Hunter, they won't stop chasing it.

As they grow older, their claws begin to fall off, eventually being replaced by metallic versions. This is usually the best time to kill them, since they are mostly defenseless besides their fangs.

They're very weak against fire. It's easier to scare them off with a torch than with a weapon, for example.

Additional Notes

  • There have been rumors of an Elder Byakko that is the same size as Adult Byakkos, but is remarkbly far more stronger and dangerous.
  • They don't rely on their fangs much, instead preferring to tear down their prey with their claws.
  • Female Byakko rely on stealth. Male Byakko attack head on.
  • Byakkos have normally been cited near the outskirts of Mistral, but are now recently seen in Forever Fall.


  • Image credit goes to Mazeran. The image not accurate to how it looks like.
  • It's name is based on Byakko, one of the Four Saint Beasts. Often referred to as White Tiger of the West.
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