C4T3R (Cater) consists of the four close friends Platinum Roads, FenHong Se Suzhen , Rosso Fiammata, and Respersio Caetum. Each one thematically corresponds to a season: Platinum - Winter, Fen - Spring, Rosso - Summer, and Resper - Autumn. 


Thes four abovementioned met at age 9 in their band class at school, and quickly got along well with each other. All four of them are from relatively wealthy families.


C4T3R was never an official group of any sort, and was only such named because the "lead" member, Rosso, thought it would sound cool. As such, they had no official activities or duties, and only used the name to promote themselves in school when they felt like it. However, this team was particularly tight-knit, and attended various extracurricular activities together. As they got older, they would go into the city by themselves, which made them seem like a gang, although they only occasionally participated in childish mischief, such as scaling high buildings, and never committed any crimes under this name.

As the members approached their teenage years, they decided that they would all apply for Beacon when they turned 17, so that they could protect people with their exceptional abilities. In fact, they even planned out how to meet and form a Hunter team together in the initiation ceremony, ignoring altogether the fact that the first letters of their first names did not arrange into an anagram of a color.

However, the same four teenagers released a musical album under the name C4T3R, which gained limited success in their home region.

  • Vocals: All four
  • Drums/Bass: Platinum
  • Violin/Flute/Keyboard: Fen
  • Electric Guitar: Respersio
  • Lead Vocals/Guitar: Rosso

Their rise to further fame however, was cut short by a single tragic event: the death of their lead vocalist.


C4T3R was unofficially disbanded when Rosso was killed under mysterious circumstances and the remaining members could not bring themselves to continue under the name any longer. They discarded the title and went their separate ways.

  • Platinum plans to join the detective force of her home region once she completes the maximum level of combat training as a Huntress.
  • Fen is currently attending a business school that will allow her more influence in politics. Part of this requires her to undergo Huntress training for two years, in the case of an attack.
  • Respersio decided to continue with becoming a Huntsman, and is currently a first-year team leader at Beacon Academy.

The members encountered each other again in Beacon Academy.

Things have changed since then.


  • I had originally planned for the members of C4T3R to be a "preppy" wealthy, privileged group of teenagers, but that seems to have been lost at some point in development. I'll try to shift them back towards a more"post-preppy" attitude following the death of their leader.
  • The entire plot of The Zanipher Philosophy takes place after the breakup of C4T3R, but I still really want to explore the dynamic between this close-knit group of friends. As it is now, the three remaining members are close to each other following the hole caused by their leader's death, but I've always planned to revive C4T3R during the events of my AU.

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