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Blood of crimson red shrouds the night sky in a swarm
Amber preserves the tricks and secrets of our past
Heliotrope turns it's face to greet the morning sun
From dartmouth green, springs the light of growth
CRLN 2016

CrimsonColor.jpg Crimson
AmberColor.jpg Amber
HeliotropeColor.jpg Heliotrope
DartmouthgreenColor.jpg Dartmouth green

Professional Status



Caelan Roth


Beacon Academy

CRLN (pronounced "Cerulean") is a team that consists of Caelan Roth, Aiden Radcliffe, Hyacintha Litwinovii and Delilah North. The team is first year students at Beacon Academy where they train to become Huntsmen and Huntresses. They have an ongoing friendship and loose rivalry with senior students, JADE.


Caelan Roth, aka "Crimson". Born and raised in Vale, Caelan lived in the shadow of his older, more talented older sister, Carmen, a Huntress. All his life, his parents always pressured and encouraged him to be more like her, causing him to develop a resentment for Carmen and his parents. As a child, he wandered into the Litwinovii yard to retrieve a toy, where he met and fell in love with the lonely Hyacintha. From that day, a strong friendship was forged between them that lasted through their years at Signal Academy. When "Cynthia" (his nickname for her from when he incorrectly pronounced her name the first time) expressed her desire to continue to Beacon and become a Huntress, Caelan was conflicted. Long ago, he had sworn that he would never become a Huntsman like his sister, not wanting to be stuck in her shadow. However, his love for Cynthia proved stronger as he chose to attend Beacon with her, becoming her partner and the leader of their team, CRLN. His weapons are the Dual Shifting Gun Sabers (DSGS) called Lyra and Spectre and his Semblance is Sanguinarian, allowing him to control his own blood.

Aiden Radcliffe, aka "Amber". Aiden Radcliffe is the only son of a well-known Huntsman/archaeologist and lived outside the kingdoms with his father, often joining him on expeditions. However, his father disappeared during an expedition and was presumed dead. With only his father's lighter as a momento, Aiden chose to enter Beacon Academy to follow in his father's footsteps and discover the secrets and past of Remnant's history. Despite the constant prejudice Aiden faces because of his Faunus heritage, he retains a rather upbeat personality and positive attitude. He is a crocodile Faunus and possesses keen eyesight and incredible natural strength. His weapons are Dual Launch Meteor Gauntlets (DLMG) called Summer Stream. One gauntlet has a hook and the other a spearhead, allowing him to strike or reach distant objects and his semblance is Combustion, which allows him to generate heat and emit fire from his body.

Hyacintha "Cynthia" Litwinovii, aka "Heliotrope". Born to a wealthy family, Cynthia had a lonely child and was often isolated from other children. This was in fact done by her father in an attempt to prevent people from learning of her Faunus heritage on her mother's side since she lacked any visible traits. One day, a young boy wandered into her yard named Caelan and the two became friends, though Cynthia remained unaware of the romantic feelings he would develop for her. Cynthia eventually learned of her falcon Faunus heritage, but chose not to publicize it. Despite this, she often stood up for other Faunus' being discriminated against. After graduating Signal Academy, Cynthia chose to move on to Beacon in order to become a Huntress, believing that becoming a Huntress would be the best way for her to help people. She has a good and kind heart and always defends the weak and helpless. Her weapon is Long Distance Bladed Bow (LDBB) called Turnsole and her Semblance is Tempest, which allows her to control the weather.

Delilah North, aka "Dartmouth green". Born and raised outside the kingdom, Delilah was the only daughter of her village's healer. Because they lived outside the protection of the four kingdoms, her village often had to keep their emotions in check. In her youth, Delilah misinterpreted this lesson/warning to mean that she should not feel any emotion at all, making her the emotionally aloof girl she is now. After her mother's unfortunate passing, Delilah chose to leave her village in search of her father, a Huntsman known only as Blackthorn. She eventually found him as a professor at Beacon Academy, whereupon he took her in and enrolled her in the school. Because of her emotionlessness, Delilah rarely expresses interest or disdain in anything, is very blunt with her words and has very poor social skills. Having been taught by her mother, Delilah is a well-trained medic with a vast knowledge of herbs and plants. Her weapon is High Speed Whip Sword (HSWS) called Tendril and her Semblance is Overgrow, allowing her to control plant life.



  • Following the naming of teams in the RWBY world in which each team and its members have their own theme, the theme of Team CRLN is that of family. Each member of the team has either lost or has a strained relationship with a member or members of their family.
    • Caelan has a strained relationship with and resents his parents and sister, Cynthia's parents neglected her for most of her life, Aiden lost his father and Delilah's mother passed away.

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