Everyone has a price. Unfortunately for you, someone else could afford mine.
— Cadoc, speaking to an assigned target.
Cadoc Mercenarius
Cadoc Mercenarius
Theme:Scene1 -RPG Maker VX Ace
Age 37
Nickname Bullet Storm
Status Active
Color Steel Grey
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Southpaw
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Red
Height 5'7"
Weight 147 lbs.
Professional Status
Occupation Mercenary, self employed
Jobs Mercenary, Private Security, Private Enforcer, Hitman, Terrorist, just about anything you hire him for.
Additional Info
Likes Hunting, Fighting, Explosives, Firearms, Close combat, Stalking, Exploring.
Dislikes Ranged combat, Police, Craft targets, Double crossing, Lemon flavors.
Special Skills Hand-to-hand combat, Survival, Explosives, Firearms, Sword combat.
Weaknesses Range combat, Taking orders (when not paid to), Overt, Stealth.
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Cadoc is a fairly fit individual, physically similar to a fit soldier. Healthy for his age. He has red eyes, and dark brown hair, cut short. He wears a grey T-shirt adorned with a skull on it's front. He wears a black torn up trench coat over his shirt. His cargo pants are a subdued woodland camo. He wears Black combat boots, and red shootin
This character is the work of LtCptSuicide, feel free to comment.
Usage without permission is punishable by C4 Explosives.
g gloves. He also wears a steel cross pendant on a string around his neck, the only reason is that he likes it. He has a red half face mask, though he'll usually pull it down to talk to people. He always wears a grey patrol cap, removing it indoors and replacing it as soon as he's out doors; Situation allowing. Finishing off his attire is a grey and red backpack he wears carrying various equipment from dried foods and MREs, to explosives, spare clothes, first aid, and extra Dust canisters. Despite his dangerous job he's only accumulated two scars. A claw mark down his left eye from a Beowulf that managed to catch him by surprise on his first contract.


Cadoc tends to be a wild card. Sometimes seen as insane or mentally unstable, as he has a very loose concept of morality.. He is loyal to whoever holds his contract. Until it is fulfilled or he is released from it, no price will make him turn on his contractor. However, if he is double crossed, he will cut all ties to his betrayer and make it his mission to make them pay. In this sense he is seen as a contradiction. A loyal Mercenary. However once his contract is fulfilled or released all ties are gone, unless in extraordinary instances (such as owing them his life). As such, though he may have turned down a contract to assassinate someone he works for; When his mission is done for them he may very well take up the contract to kill them then.

He often leaves impressions on people, at least while they're alive. He's known to talk to people often, even if he's about to kill them as part of a contract. Often discussing plans he had and didn't use, past hobbies, even about contracts he had completed in the past. He'll often ask someone a question, then proceed to rant about the subject of the question without an answer. He is believed to be a loose canon. He gives little to no regard for collateral damage. He'll open fire in a crowded street, or blow up an airship's engine just to get one man. Unless stealth is a priority for his contract he won't use it. For this reason he is seen as a murderer, however on a flip side when not on mission he's known to just as quickly save a woman from a mugging, or run into a fire to save a trapped child. So, no one knows whether to call him hero or villain. The truth of it he doesn't care. He does whatever pops into his head. He's impulsive and does whatever he thinks might be fun at the time.


Cadoc's backstory is somewhat a mystery, as he tells a different story almost every time he's asked. So much so that at times he's not even sure which stories are true or not. What he knows for a fact is that when young, he and his younger sister grew up in an alley, and he would do odd jobs, or fight people for food, water and medicine for them both. However when his sister died of a sickness, he worked for some time for local small time crime bosses. Until he was old enough to join the military. He joined on an impulse and after setting off a cache of explosives by "accident" was discharged, narrowly avoiding execution. From there, he started taking jobs in private security not wanting to let what training he did have to go to waste. From there he eventually moved on to do all kinds of mercenary work. From killing people by contract, or protecting others for the same reason. It gave him purpose, but mostly it was fun.

Cadoc keeps most of his contracts organized either through memory or with photographs of the target, with basic instructions written mostly in drawings. Cadoc isn't able to read well, learning only what he needed while in basic training and not praciticing when discharged. Photos are usually marked with hand drawn symbols he recognizes to mean the objective.


Cadoc, from being in combat situations most of his life after military is adept in both firearms, and hand-to-hand combat. Though he isn't the most accurate shooter. He has some experience with Dust, mainly red for explosives and utilizes it to set traps and even as distractions when in combat. He's fairly swift and agile, being able to easily maneuver from cover to cover; even from elevated or lower ground. He is well trained in the usage of firearms, even though his personal firearm is rather inaccurate. He is trained to fight as a swordsman though he relies mostly on his speed and agility rather than brute force. Aside from this he's rather adept in basic first aid, tracking, and stalking his targets.


Cadoc is a close quarters fighter. Though he's trained for shooting at range, it's not a strong suit of his. His Alternating, Sword to Submachinegun, Hailstorm, functions as a shortsword or Submachine gun. It has a curved hilt, with a circular guard that rotates with the blade. When it rotates the blade splits down it's center revealing the barrel of the submachine gun. Though at first glance may would believe it to be a crossbow. Due to the short barrel the gun is fairly inaccurate and is only good for close combat, though Cadoc prefers close, and urban combat so this usually isn't a problem for him.

A holographic sight will pop up from the blade, but it lacks a stock, so controlling recoil can be a problem. This forces the shooter to fire in burst. However even with it's obvious design flaws, Cadoc still favors the firearm. It uses Dust munitions to fire, Cadoc hasn't learned of or to utilize his aura, thus leaving him at a disadvantage to someone who is properly trained.


Shoddy paint picture of Hailstorm

He utilizes quick hit and run tactics along with smoke and flash grenades often. Using them to confuse and disorient otherwise more powerful opponents. He often tries to surprise his enemies with explosive ambushes.

Extra Info

Cadoc marks photos of targets with symbols in lieu of actual contracts. This is how he accomidates his lack of reading skills.

A crossair over a person or item is 'The Target' and is used for kill orders.

A shield represents someone or something he is to protect.

X's over someone or something are targets who are either optional or their fate is of no concern.

Circles over those who are linked to the contract but not to be harmed.

Two triangles (to looke like shifty eyes) represent a 'stealth' contract or 'look like an accident'

A circle over an X represents the target who is to be poisioned. The symbol is assigned though he has yet to get an appropriate contract.

Though Cadoc's reading skills are weak he does keep one book. He found it while executing a target and has made an effort to try reading at least a page when he has free time. The title was worn from the books cover though he has learned the author's name.. He has a self assigned 'contract' to find a Melira Goldstien and obtain her autograph. Though he has yet to get far into the book nor does he fully grasp what it is about.


-Cadoc has been a minor antagonist to Urdin and friends on a few occasions

-He prefers cats to dogs

-Cadoc was originally going to be based off Vass from FarCry 3 but then a tamer more sane character idea emrged. His red mask was added to reference this, as Vass was seen wearing red

-He hates lemon flavoured anything.

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