My last name has so much more meaning to me since my parents died. A zenith is the point in the sky directly above an object or person. Straight up above me is my zenith and that's where my parents are, watching over my from Heaven.
— Cael Zenith
Caelum Zenith
Age 18
Nickname Cael
Status Active
Color Sky Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Slightly Tanned
Hair Black
Eyes Deep Blue
Height 6'2
Weight 167 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CAEL
Occupation Sutdent

Caelum "Cael" Zenith is property of Cyrus Arc. 


Cael wears a hoodie-like shirt that starts as indigo at the top and gradients down to electric blue at the bottom. The sleeves of this shirt only come down to his elbows so they don't bother the braces on his wrists. His pants are slim fitting to his legs and are royal blue. He also wears black boots and has a brown pouch attached to his waste on the right side slightly behind him that carries his Dust crystals. In memoriam of his parents, he wears a small scarlet scarf around his right arm between his shoulder muscle and his bicep. 

Weapon and Abilities

Cael uses a Gravitatinal Garanad Espada Ropera (GGER) named Scintillam Alae (Or SciAl for short). This rapier-like blade has been broaded slightly for extreme battle purposes, and his highly durable. The blade is about .89 meters in legnth. Cael's sword was designed for fast strokes and flexible Dust casting. The color of the blade is silver, and the hilt has a crystal-shaped hole cut out where the vial of mixed Dust vials are placed. Cael's father ethced hidden markings in the sword so he can utitilze his specialty in Dust. The sword uses a Dust that utilizes telekinesis to give him an advatage in battle. His sword can also transform into an M1 Garanad Rifle. He carries the magazines to it separately and loads them it when the rifle transforms. Most of the gun mechanics are hidden in sword so they do not show, and thus at first glance it is not obvious that it even can transform. Cael tries to use this to his complete advantage, hiding his ability with the gun until he really needs it. Since he's found out about the rifle form, he has gained quite a solid aptitude for it. His markmanship is slightly above average and can remain calm in the fight so his skills are not impaired. Cael uses the gravity nulling ability in his weapon when he uses the rifle so his target can't move, and thus can be easily taken out. He also is decent in sword-fighting, as his father taught him a great deal before Cael was excepted to Beacon.

Cael has some abilities with his Aura, but does not rely on it much. He uses them for a shield and sometimes to sense where enemies are, but not nearly enough as he should. His Semblance is gravity manipulation. He is able to null gravity in a small radius and uses this disorientation to attack his foes as they are taken off their guard. He will either surround his area in nulled gravity to make quick work of his enemies in the air, or he will null gravity in front of him and shoot the adversaries as they are suspended.


Cael is a kind and compassionate young boy that finds he is far more optimistic than those around him. Though he is joyful, Cael also has a cheekiness to him personality that resonates through his social interaction. He likes to make those around him smile and genuinely cares about people, even strangers. He is still learning much about fighting and polishing his style, mostly because he trained himself. He is far more concentrated in fights, almost like he's someone else. he gets into a "zone" when in battle and concentrates only on self-preservation. Since he has not really fought alongside anyone else, he doesn't know how. While some might think he might be cocky, he is quite the opposite, and hardly talks.

He loved his parents very much, but their death did not affect his kindness. Though it did put him through a stage of grief, Cael knew that his parents would not want him mourning forever. His grief transformed into a drive to learn how to fight and battle monsters. This gave him an aspiration to be a Hunter and make a difference in the world and rid it of darkness. His drive makes him push himself to be farther up in his studies then he is actually ready for. He may find himself to close to the sun, so to speak. Because while he has the knowledge to compete with the higher up Hunters, his skill might make him crash and burn. He never tells anyone his weaknesses and thinks he can do things that he really can't. He does not want to admit he is weak, so he pushes himself too hard and takes on situations he can't handle.


Cael grew up with his mother and father since he was little. His parents ran a weapons shop where they would make their own weapons. His mother was a blacksmitha and his father a gunsmith, both of whom were known for ethcing Dust into their design to add hidden abilities for the weapons. His parents name got around as prominent weapons smiths and because of that many organizations tried to hire them as their own weaponsmiths, to whom the Zeniths always refused. The couple never wanted to be weighed down by being hired for one specific side, and enjoyed making what they liked and selling it. 

At one point in time, when Cael was 12, a raid on their shop cost Cael's mother her life. Cael and his father fled with a few weapons and hid in the city of Vale and made new lives for themselves. Cael's grief over his mother manifested as in an unhealthy drive to become a Hunter. he felt like the only way to become happy is to become someone that protected other people's happiness. His father gifted him with one of the few weapons that was saved from the raid on the shop they owned. It was a powerful weapon and Cael was deterimed to master it and practiced every day. At 18 he applied to Beacon through a demonstrational test and was excepted. 

Symbol set 1

Cael's symbol is blue


  • The legend Cael alludes to is the story of Icarus.

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