When a great calamity occurs, they generally refer to me.
— Calamity Jade

Jade Canaria
Age 19
Title The Bearer of Calamities
Nickname JC
Status Active
Color Gray
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Left-handed
Hair Green/Yellow
Eyes Green
Height 175.6 cm
Weight 64 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Team  ????
Occupation Renegade
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Father (Deceased)
  • Mother (???)


  • Younger Brother (Unnamed)
Additional Info
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Jade Canaria, better known as Calamity Jade is a third-year rogue student of Haven Academy. She's wanted for the murder of her teammates.

Current Revision: 1.00


Jade has a very disorganized hair that she keeps under a red bandanna. She wears a pair of shades.

For disguise purposes, she wears two outfits, using one for combat and the other to blend in with civilians as well as act as a fake Huntress.

In battle, she wears a tank top with her symbol engraved on the back. Tattoos that depicts buffaloes and what appears to be a Grimm and a Huntsman can be seen on her arms. Covering her hands are fingerless gloves with a decorative jade on the front. Over that, she has a stolen green jacket resting on her shoulders, held by a dogtag over her neck, making it look like a fashioned cape.

Her pants have a camo design on them, featuring multiple tears as well. She has a multitude of belts tied around her waist, mostly to hold ammo for her weapon. She wears heavy duty boots.

Her disguise is composed of her stolen green jacket over a one-piece dress with a sunflower design. She covers her tattoos with a pair of vambraces, and wears a pair of sandals.


Jade is very relaxed, having a devil-may-care attitude and generally impulsive. She follows her intuition rather than the logical action as it makes her apparently unpredictable.

Though on the run, she tends to appear casual with other people. Always willing to chat, even if it may compromise her.

She's fairly exciteable as well, as she enjoys thrilling situations, such as combat. The only thing that can break the smile in her face is the sight of a faunus, as she has shown a disdain for them.

One of her fairly notable traits is her above average lying capabilities.

Make no mistake though. Jade appears like your average Huntress, but she's also capable of killing with no remorse at all.

Weapons and Abilities

Jade has some basic understanding of disarming foes based on her training, being a prominent aspect of her fighting style. Her skill level is above first year students as well, being a third year student prior to going rogue.

She wields a semi-automatic bayonet with a spear-esque blade called Katasztrófa, a Tornado Dust Bayonet Partisan (TDBP), customized to fire Wind Dust instead of regular rounds.

Her fighting style focuses on her keeping her range at her foe, while at the same time making sure she doesn't get too far, as her accuracy relies on a specific range. Once too far, she can have some trouble. But if the enemy is too close, she uses the partisan form of her bayonet to engage them, using the Dust in the gun to generate shockwaves with the blade with each swing.

In a distance, she pins down her foe with relentless fire from her rifle, with the wind Dust ammo causing small bursts of wind when it hits. She has a maximum of 25 rounds stored on the rifle, which translates to two minutes and five seconds of empowerment for the partisan.

She has an abnormally large amount of aura, allowing her to tank a lot of hits before going down. However, she still haven't discovered her semblance.


Jade, born in Mistral, is the daughter of a Huntress who retired due to her accidentally getting a bunch of students killed.

As such Jade was known as the daughter of the failed Huntress in Sanctum. She has shown some expertise in ranged weaponry, and forged her weapon with emphasis on the range aspect. To make her close-range combat capabilities better, she also focused on the art of disarming foes.

She befriended Azalea Rappaccini in the same class as her who has some suicidal tendencies. Jade attempted to convince her not to go for it, though ultimately failed.

Though Azalea survived, Jade felt like she didn't try hard enough. She planned to distance herself from her, feeling like she failed her, and as such, never visited her in the hospital.

When Azalea was discharged from the hospital, a visible change in her personality caught Jade's eye. She wasn't as depressed as she was beforehand, and was now becoming kind of cheerful.

Though confused, Jade continued her friendship with Azalea. Her rather cynical self-depreciation began going away when together with Azalea, and Jade learned to have fun as well.

Everything was fine and well, until Azalea just stopped coming to school one day, apparently having run away from home.

A bit sad because her friend has gone away, she continued her studies, eventually graduating Sanctum and enrolling to Haven afterwards.

She became part of a team of fairly competent youths. However, she was an outcast to her team, as they were faunus while she wasn't.

She tried joining in with them by her cheerful demeanor, but was fairly disliked by their leader.

One of her the team members, an owl faunus, had befriended her, however, as he has taken a liking for Jade.

Two years pass and then something happened. Jade snapped and supposedly killed her teammates.

Rumors say that the owl faunus in their team became her boyfriend and once she found out that he was dating another girl, shot him to death. Others state the opposite scenario, where Jade was two-timing the owl faunus and killed him when he caught her in the act.

Another rumor said that Jade was a faunus racist and killed her teammates because she had enough of being a part of them.

There's many more, but the truth of the matter was that Jade only killed her teammates when the owl faunus and their leader, a tiger faunus, attempted to rape her.

The third teammate, as well as her partner, a hyena faunus, apparently took photos.

However, that truth will never be known, as there were no witnesses, and only Jade witnessed it. Embracing the lunacy that occurred, she made a run for Vale.

For a while, she had outrun any Huntsman sent to chase her, often causing a lot of trouble to wherever region she's in.

As such, she's become known as "The Bearer of Calamities" by the authorities, or "Calamity Jade" for short.

"Circumstances in this world sometimes force you to commit a cruel act. I'm not saying that to call myself innocent. I just think people needs to be less of a coward and face the fact that they're stained. It's why I don't deny that I killed them, because I did."

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Katasztrófa (Tornado Dust Bayonet Partisan)

  • A heavily modified rifle designed to fire Wind Dust. Though a bayonet in design, it can turn into a partisan for close range combat, using the Dust to generate shockwaves when it swings.

Accessories: Stolen Jacket, Tattoos

  • A jacket that she stole supposedly from her teammate.
  • A tattoo on her arms that depict a pack of buffaloes being chased by a Grimm... which is being chased by a silhouette of a person.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

  • She's not hesitant to kill, but she won't commit any unnecessary murder. She's only on the run from the law because of her circumstances.

Likes: Green Apple, Antique guns, Duels

  • She likes green apples, having a spare with her wherever she goes.
  • She has shown fascination for antique guns, especially revolvers and muskets.
  • One of her pasttimes is watching a duel. She's confident enough that she's willing to watch in the front row, even if the Hunters fighting notice her to chase her down.

Dislikes: Faunus, Men, Chili

  • She has shown a dislike for Faunus in general thanks to the incident with her team.
  • By extension, she's fairly uncomfortable with men as well.
  • She's okay with spicy foods. She just doesn't like chili, which she accidentally ate during her stay in a particular diner in Vale.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Sharpshooter
  • Strength: B-
  • Defense: B
  • Dust Usage: S+
  • Aura Usage: C
  • Semblance Usage: B+
  • Dust Resistance: D
  • Speed: C+
  • Evasion: B-
  • Luck: C


Name Applicable in Remnant?

  • Jades are green stones.
  • Canaria, is the scientific name of Canaries. They're recognizeable by their yellow color.

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