Calco Tildrum
ChibiMaker Calco
Age 18
Title The Master Cat


Color Orange, White and Black
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Born January 16
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair Black with many orange streaks
Eyes Orange
Height 5'11"
Weight 156 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation White Fang
Occupation White Fang Member
Jobs Infiltration, Assassination
Additional Info
Likes Naps, milk, fishing
Dislikes Humans, Greed, Unnecessary killing, devious methods
Special Skills Leadership, Fishing
Weaknesses Water, Defense
Battle Theme

Ideals vs. Reality (Cynical World-Yuki Kajiura)
Battle Theme

The Master Cat (Red Rose-Yuki Kajiura)
This is the property of StarlightAT. Take it and I will sick Cerberus on you!!

Calo Tildrum is a member of the radical political organization, and well known terrorist group, White Fang.


Despite being a member of White Fang he has a rather disheveled look. His black and orange hair is a bit messy with his bangs parted to one side. When doing his duty as a white fang member he wears a black overcoat with red buttons, shoulder guards and accents, but he wears his signature orange pants with black laced shoes, the front of them and the bottom treads being orange. He took on this design because he declared himself too lazy to create his own white fang uniform and just leeched off another person he saw. On the back of the coat is the aforementioned white fang symbol, but stamped in white.

As an everyday citizen, Calco can be seen wearing a white, long sleeved button shirt, slightly opened, under a tan, unbuttoned vest with his symbol stamped on the right side, similar colored leather guards on his arms, and a black mantle on his right shoulder. His black trousers were rather baggy, two brown belts crisscrossed on his waist with one of them holding a loop to connect his weapon with, brown, slip in boots went up to his knee, a belt strap wrapping diagonally around the ankle with two more around the top of the boot.


There are people in the world that can say the rudest of things and yet get away with it because of their Charisma, or they are just likeable. Calco is that person. Pessimistic, cynical and bitterly sarcastic, and yet he won’t abide unnecessary killing and believes in the equal rights of all, despite harboring a heavy hatred to humans. Also, he will be quick to anger if a person is killed in cold blood and the culprit has no remorse or guilt about it, especially if it’s one of his men who are the victim or culprit. However, prolonged exposure to the new, more violent White Fang has left him questioning if his ideals are really correct.

To Calco every life is precious and he will do his best to bring all of his men back that are under his care, even if it means going head first into the line of fire. This trait of his is also a weakness, as the first sign of a man in danger will have him leap to save them. This recklessness is a potential way for both him and a soldier to die and as such he tries to remain distant on the battle field, for if the leader goes down, the unit is scattered. This trait is both admired and hated among White Fang, but all can agree Calco is a rather remarkable leader; seeking for ways to bring all his men back alive and completing the objective as well as being crafty enough to leave barely any evidence behind to incriminate them.

His parents taught him a certain phrase (Weapons should be used against the Grimm, not against fellow living beings.) and, along with a dear friend, has tried to live by these words, but finds himself going back on this promise due to his missions. Because of this Calco is slowly losing faith that the White Fang can go back to their old ways, and has told several trustworthy and moral members to abandon the organization should they feel the desire to.

His goal is to reunite with a long lost friend, doing everything in his power to find the special someone taken form him and his village. That friend was a human, and despite her being so, he denies her humanity, as he has never encountered a human ‘that kind.’ Once he finds her, he will go to lengths to protect her, his actions toward her could be seen as love, but he hasn’t reached the level just yet.

Calco has habits of hiding in odd places to sleep, and as he grew older his skill in hiding increased just so he could perform espionage, not talk to people or just sleep. Calco loves sleeping; to the point the only way to wake him up is to give him some form of caffeinated milk, which normally is a combination of coffee and milk, and even then he will look like he is half-asleep most of the time. It’s not that he is introverted, he’s just wary of others in general, but will talk to certain people who fit his criteria. (“So long as you’re not like the donkeys sittin’ on their high hills I have to obey, we’re good.”). When he isn’t being assigned to missions, he is either fishing by a nearby water hole, napping, training, or trying to revert the White Fang back to their old, peaceful ways.

Born in a small village border lining a forest filled with Grimm, Calco is exceedingly strong in using Aura thanks to his parents. Around his fifth year of life he met a girl that his parents told him to be wary about because this girl was human. Calco took an interest in her since she was a human being raised by Faunus, and struck a friendship with her. The two played with each other constantly, and throughout the years grew closer, despite all the bullying and threats Calco had to endure.

In a way he is a hypocritical individual as he is willing to kill but wouldn't prefer it, and when he does kill he honors the person, but is willing to talk bad about them. He also likes to curse and EXTREMELY hates cold water.


Born in a small village border lining a forest filled with Grimm, Calco is exceedingly strong in using Aura thanks to his parents. Around his fifth year of life he met a girl that his parents told him to be wary about because this girl was human. Calco took an interest in her since she was a human being raised by Faunus, and struck a friendship with her. The two played with each other constantly, and throughout the years grew closer, despite all the bullying and threats Calco had to endure.

One day his friend was taken away by humans, causing his already distrust of them to increase, and has vowed to one day reunite with his friend. To do this he joined White Fang, wanting to change the laws that surrounded the Faunus and create a brighter future. Sadly things did not go as he had hoped, and once the violent White Fang took over, Calco began to doubt his optimistic views on life. Once he was old enough, Calco began doing missions for the organization, ranging from infiltration to assassination, something he prefers not to do.

During the time Calco was friendly with a lot of Faunus, and when some began to question the morality of the organization, he told them to leave without hesitation, but Calco believed if he stayed he could return the violet organization to its more peaceful counterpart.

As a member he was granted many privileges, and kept searching for his missing friend. Once he found her, he learned of the horrible abuse she had suffered. In secret, he helped her escape her prison and directed her to Sanctum. The reasons behind this was because of the promise the girl kept to him and her parents, to return to them, but Calco knew that was a promise that couldn't be kept. The girl's parents were a part of White Fang, and due to their love for peace and equality with humans through protests rather than violence, were excommunicated, and died during an excavation of Dust. Some deemed it an accident, while Calco believes there was more to it, and swore to keep his friend in the dark till her heart was ready to hear the news of her parents deaths.


Zaffre Perrault: Calco's oldest friend and possibly the ONLY human he trusts in the world. He was her only friend during her time with her Faunus family, and during the time Calco developed a crush on the girl as he didn't understand the concept of human and faunus. When she was taken away by selfish humans, Calco followed after the black car but tripped and felt he lost her forever. This event taught Calco the meaning of the different races, but even so he still believed in Zaffre despite her being human. Eventually he found his friend and learned of the abuse she suffered form her foster home, he immediately helped her escape from the shadows. He reunited with her while she was on a mission and as a student of Beacon, and due to circumstances, kidnapped her to take her back from the selfish and dirty humans. He is currently at odds with her, and his feeling for her are still as strong as ever.

Abilities and Weapon

Calco is, in layman's terms, a Fragile Speedster. He can hit fast and hard due to his training, but sadly lacks in the defense department. If someone like Nora or Yang manage to catch him, all they would need is two clean hits and Calco is done.

However, he has his speed to make up for his lack of defense and his attack. He can chip away at an opponent and leave them dazed if they can't keep an eye on him or predict what he will do next. His endurance is also something to speak of, as he can fight against a group of Ursa, Beowolves without fatigue and can take out King Taijutsu within seconds. Sadly his abilities with flying Grimm is rather sub par unless he can get to them. Along with most Faunus he has amazing sight and hearing capabilities.

His weapon is the Rapid Fire Drill Rapier (RFDR) Tricolor Serendipity. The hand of the sword is similar to a motorcycle handle with a small trigger to hold down, as for the blade part itself the design is similar to a pointed screw with two exhaust points and small barrels near the top. When the grip is held down the blade rotates at an impressive speed, making it easier to cut into Grimm, however the momentum of the blade when swung is hard to control as the user can go spinning out of control, so only those who can use the momentum to their advantage and training with this weapon can use it properly, which Calco is able to do.

The two exhaust points and small barrels are used for Dust and Ammo respectively. When the trigger is held down the rapid fire mechanism of the rapier is activated, about 25 bullets can be released every ten seconds. The bullets themselves lay inside the rapier, but only a certain amount can be used and need to be attached to a belt in order to be inside the blade part. And it is possible to fire the bullets when using the rotating mechanism.

RPG Stats

  • Class: Mercenary?
  • Strength: B
  • Defense: D
  • Dust Usage: B
  • Aura Usage: S
  • Dust Resistance: D
  • Speed: A
  • Evasion: A
  • Luck: D
Calco Tildrum's Stats :

Primary Role ASS
Secondary Role FHT
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


  • Calco is based on another of Charles Perrault’s Fairy Tales “Puss in Boots" and the creature Cat Sith.
  • Calco comes form the term Calico, and is the cat type Puss in Boots is mostly associated with.
  • Tildrum comes from the story British folk tale “The King of the Cats”, which was the last name of the Old Tom cat.
  • Birthdate comes from the year and month “Puss in Boots” was published, January 1697.
  • Calco’s name in Latin means "Treaded on", sort of how the Faunus are treaded on by humanity. Also, it sounds close to Calico, a type of cat. Thank LtCptSuicide for the name!~
  • Calco was made to be a contradicting character.
  • His weapon is inspired by the Bolt Drill Rapiers Machina Kunagiri uses in Final Fantasy Type-0, while the handle of the weapon is based off the handle of Red Queen used by Nero in Devil May Cry 4.
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