"Being the big guy means nothing, when the pain that hurts the most comes from the heart."
— Cam, speaking to an unknown person about his life before Beacon
Cam Wells
Age 18
Status Active
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Mule
Born April 2nd
Handedness Unknown
Complexion Farmer's Tan
Hair Orange
Eyes Brown
Semblance Increased Power


Height 210 cm
Weight 120 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Blackthorn Mercenaries (formerly)

Beacon Academy

Team Team AVLC
Partner Vihrea Toukka
Occupation Student
Jobs Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
Likes Meditation


Dislikes White Fang


Special Skills Deep Aura Pool


Weaknesses People

Aura Overuse

Character Theme

Jeff Williams - Can't Trust Anybody Now
Battle Theme

Yoko Shimomura - Unfinished Battle

Cam Wells is an original character created by Electric Spark. He is a member of Team AVLC and is the fourth and final character introduced of the group. His weapon is a Belt-Fed Minigun Greataxe (BFMG). He has yet to make an appearance.


While not a giant by any means, Cam is still head and shoulders above the rest of his team, his 6'11" stature making him stand out above his companions and most of the students at Beacon. He has a bulky, muscular body, formed from a lifetime of training, hard labor, and mercenary work. Almost every inch of his chest, arms, and legs has a scar running across it. His face is an exception, which makes it a bit easier for him to walk around in normal society, but it's also got plenty of freckles. His medium-length orange hair falls to the side of his face, framing his copper irises.

His armor is strange, a testament to the ingenuity of the Blackthorn Mercenaries. He wears a chestplate and vambraces on his upper body, both of which are connected by an intricate system of buckles. By simply touching two points where the armor connects, he can shed them for greater mobility. Underneath, he wears a black, long-sleeved shirt covered by an orange vest. His khaki cargo pants have two large pockets, meant for carrying ammo into battle. His brown boots are plain. He also wears a bandolier of minigun bullets over his chest.

Last, but not least, he wears a black headband, which serves a dual purpose of keeping his hair out of his eyes, and covering his mule ears, which are flattened to his skull and wrapped around the back side of his head. His hair covers the headband on the sides and back, hiding his ears completely. The front of his headband also houses his emblem, which is off-center over his right eye.

During class, he wears the normal Beacon Academy uniform, but retains his headband.


Upon first meeting Cam, it wouldn't be a stretch to label him as the strong, silent type, and move on with life. He doesn't say much, preferring to let his actions speak louder than his words. However, his quiet nature also belies an aversion to forming relationships with others, as Cam prefers solitude. In his spare time, Cam can be found meditating, especially in places abundant in nature. Getting in tune with the environment and himself helps Cam hone his sense of being, and by extension, his Aura. It's a big gap between his fighting personality, where he seems much more aggressive, even if his fighting style may seem passive at first glance.

When he's forced into a group situation, Cam always plays the "straight man", especially to Lanse's "funny man". He takes a back seat in most negotiations, preferring to let his teammates speak for him. However, if he feels the need to speak up, he can say some extremely insightful things, or crack a joke that nobody sees coming. Underneath it all, Cam desires friendship, but he's deathly afraid of getting involved with others. Every home he's ever had has been destroyed, and he doesn't want anyone else to suffer the same fate. His distance from others isn't being antisocial from his perspective, in his eyes, it's keeping the people around him safe from harm. It's only another way of protecting those around him.

Much like his teammate Rea, Cam harbors a deep hatred for the White Fang, due to his recent history of altercations with the group.


No rest for the weary. Cam never knew his real parents, he was found abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage in Menagerie when he was barely a year old. This was probably his most normal life, until the building burned to the ground shortly after he turned four. With nowhere to go, Cam had to turn to a life on the streets. Eventually, he fell in with a small-time group of thieves and pickpockets that terrorized the city in the years after the Faunus War. After a few years, the city of Menagerie deemed the thieves a threat to the public. However, with a thinly-spread and underarmed police force from the previous war, they had to hire a group to do the job. They called in the Blackthorn Mercenaries.

The Blackthorn Mercenaries were a group of some renown at the time, their headquarters in the Vacuo region. When they infiltrated the hideout, they managed to take down or arrest nearly everyone. However, their leader, Yggdrasil Blackthorn, took an interest in the youngest member of the group, Cam. Seeing the boy's potential, he ignored the protests of his subordinates and extended and invitation to the boy. Cam, with his second home destroyed, agreed.

Cam spent the next twelve years of his life doing mercenary work and training. It was grueling labor, often against extremely skilled opponents and Grimm in harsh weather conditions. Taking the advice of his teammates, he hid his Faunus traits. He quickly gained proficiency with the merc life, and impressed Yggdrasil, who decided to impart the secret of the Blackthorn Mercenaries' special resin to Cam.

Eventually, when the White Fang became a belligerent force, they landed a lucrative contract with the Schnee Dust Company to bolster their security forces near the Atlas Dust Mines. During this time, Cam was partnered with a female Faunus. Over the course of the next several years, he began to find himself falling in love with her, as they were together nearly all the time.

One fateful day, the two were sent on a reconnaissance mission to find the location of a few Grimm that had taken up residence in the area. Upon finding their nest, the two found the Grimm engaged in battle with White Fang members, who had also set up camp to prepare for an assault on the mines. Cam wanted to quietly report back, but his partner had other ideas, joining the fray immediately. Cam, worried for her safety, joined in. However, it was a mistake. Halfway through the battle, she revealed revealed that she was actually an agent from the White Fang, sent to infiltrate the Blackthorn Mercenaries and feed back information about their movements. She bugged out with the rest of the Faunus, leaving Cam to fight the Grimm by himself.

It took until well after sunset, but, battered and bruised, he managed to defeat them all. With no strength left, he limped back to the mines to find a horrifying sight. All the mercenaries and security forces were slain, ambushed by the White Fang after nightfall. He passed out from a combination of the sight and his own fatigue. The last thing he saw were a pair of high heels striding towards him.

When he next awoke, Cam was lying in a hospital bed. He was greeted by a white-haired man who informed him of a school for warriors that specialized in slaying Grimm, and was extended an opportunity to join, even though he was slightly above the age of normal first-year students. Cam, his home once again destroyed and with no other options, accepted his offer.

During his first year at Beacon Academy, Cam was inducted as a member of Team AVLC after making eye contact with Vihrea Toukka in the Emerald Forest. His first few months were highly unnerving, as he was forced to sit by as his partner got into heated arguments with another member of the team, Lanse Nanhai, about Faunus. This only reinforced Cam's decision to hide his heritage. However, his relationships with his teammates warmed over time, even to the point where he attended the Beacon Dance with his team leader, Argent Cloche.

Team AVLC was chosen as a representative of Beacon Academy in the Vytal Festival tournament, and won their first round. Cam was selected to represent the team in the doubles round alongside Argent, but they were defeated. During the ensuing Battle and Fall of Beacon, Cam was at Amity Colosseum, and assisted with the evacuation of the civilian audience. Bereft of yet another place he called home, Cam was almost thrown into depression. However, this time, he had clues towards the identity of the person who stole another life from him. Making up his mind to not sit around and do nothing, Cam packed his meager belongings and started the trek to Mistral, seeking out the source of the mysterious voice that had preempted the destruction of Beacon.

Abilities and Powers

Cam isn't the brightest person around, mostly because he was raised without any formal schooling or tutoring. However, what he lacks in academics, he makes up for in street smarts. From his contracts, Cam knows his way around nearly every large settlement in Remnant and many other areas. He's got connections with people all over the world, both shady and otherwise. However, he hasn't called upon those resources much since becoming a Beacon student. Regardless of whether he's using his Semblance or not, Cam is extremely strong, able to lift heavy objects with ease. He can carry almost four hundred pounds of weight on his back and still be able to walk, and can drag or push three times that amount unassisted. With his Semblance active, this amount increases a staggering amount, nearly a  hundredfold.

In battle, Cam serves as the Defender role, using his vast Aura to block attacks, and utilizing his size and weapon to keep enemies occupied with him while his other teammates fulfill their duties. He's always up close and personal with the enemy, dealing back just as much damage as he takes. He doesn't have any long-range play, but that's not his style.

Cam's semblance is called "Unlimited". It temporarily increases his muscle capacity to an alarming degree. Under the influence of his Semblance, Cam can leap chasms, survive long falls, run quickly, and deliver punches with several tons of force. However, using every bit of his strength takes an immense toll on his muscle and bone structure, and his Aura is constantly working overtime whenever his Semblance is active, just trying to keep his body from falling apart. This also means that any hits Cam takes while using his Semblance decreases the duration for which he can use it.

In a sense, one could say that Cam cannibalizes his own Aura to get stronger. He doesn't tire out until either his Aura completely drains or he cancels his Semblance, at which point, all the fatigue hits him at once. Cam can use his Semblance without any Aura, but his muscles would disintegrate from the pure power they output. As such, he's spent his life building up his Aura pool, and can now sustain "Unlimited" for just over ten minutes when not under attack.

Cam Wells's Stats :

Primary Role Defender
Secondary Role Controller
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Cam's weapon of choice is Broken Crown, a Belt-Fed Minigun Greataxe (BFMG) manufactured by Phantom Tactics. It has two main forms.

  • Defender Forme: In this mode, Broken Crown looks like a normal battleaxe, albeit with an interestingly shaped handle that appears to be six rods clumped together. This is the default form of the weapon, and the one that Cam finds himself using most often. It complements his fighting style, able to deal massive amounts of damage.,
  • Suppression Forme: In this mode, the two heads of the axe retreat down the axe's handle and turn downwards, clamping together. They house the firing mechanisms for a minigun, its gatling barrel consisting of the six rods that form the axe's handle, which break apart from each other once the heads are locked into firing position. However, since there's no room for onboard ammo, the dust rounds must be loaded via belt feed.

Cam carries feed belts in each of his pants pockets, and has a reserve bandolier over his body as well. He only carries about 300 rounds of ammo into battle, however, so this mode is only used in extreme circumstances. It also takes quite a bit to transform the weapon and load the ammo, almost five seconds. Because of this, Suppression Forme never sees usage in 1v1 combat.


Argent Cloche

Vihrea Toukka

Lanse Nanhai


Cam's first name is Vietnamese for "Orange".

Cam's inspiration draws from Jack, one of the titular characters of the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill".

  • His weapon's name, Broken Crown, references this name, as well as his last name, Wells, which references the fact that Jack and Jill were fetching a pail of water.
  • The Faunus woman who betrayed the Blackthorn Mercenaries to the White Fang is based on Jill from the same rhyme.

A running gag among Team AVLC is that when photographed in a group setting, his head usually never makes it into the frame, due to his height over other members of the team.

Cam's birthday, April 2nd, is Mule Day.

  • He draws from mules in a variety of ways. Like mules, he's sterile, so he can't have children. He's a vegetarian, and also avoids starches if possible. Finally, Cam only sleeps for about three hours a day, preferring to meditate during the evening and early morning hours.

Originally, Cam was meant to be based on Peter from "Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater," but the author completly forgot about Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes.

  • As such, the character was changed to resemble Jack, but the reference to the orange of a pumpkin still remained. Cam's original last name was Bingo, from bí ngô, Vietnamese for Pumpkin.
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