Cappollo was a girl gifted from a very young age. Her parents loved her, she had a budding musical career,

Cappollo Helios
Age 18
Title Student
Alias Sunshine Mae
Nickname Daisy, Sunshine, Imp
Status Alive
Color Sunshine yellow
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Handedness Left
Complexion freckles
Hair Blonde, curly
Eyes Green
Semblance Volume Burst
Height 5'7
Weight 130
Professional Status
Social Rank Student
Affiliation Shade
Partner Heicui Jadian
Occupation Student/Singer/Songwriter
Additional Info
Likes Singing, Pranking, noises, having fun
Dislikes quiet, being alone, getting caught
Weaknesses minimal physical strength, impulsive

and her grades in school were good. Despite this, she felt empty inside. She had so little time to spend with her friends, and she didn't have many, due to her being busy with her career.

As her musical career blossomed, her parents (At Cappollo's request) took her to a hunter to have her aura unlocked for her own protection. The hunter did so, but charged her parents a large fee for the privilege. Her parents accepted the offer, but never looked at her the same way afterwards.

After a concert one night, she was walking home when two thugs tried to pick her up. When she rejected them, they got violent. Desperate to stop them from abducting or beating her, she screamed as loud as she could...and unleashed her semblance for the first time. All the sound she'd made that night came rushing back in a wave of decibels that knocked them through a brick wall. In that moment, she felt more alive than she had in her entire life.

The police were called, and she was pardoned for their injuries, mostly because it wasn't entirely her fault. She'd just been defending herself, after all!

She realized that day that her voice could be used for more than just singing. On her own time, Cappollo began training to join a combat school. Her parents, disapproving, tried to convince her being a huntress wasn't in her blood. Both of her parents had been musicians, and wanted their only daughter to continue the family work.

Cappollo eventually got what she wanted, as she usually did. She applied to Signal, got in, and kept very good grades. She had a boyfriend during that time, but didn't consider it a serious relationship. During her time at Signal "Somebody" went on a pranking spree, gluing teacher's butts to their desks, etc. Although people suspected who'd done it, she wasn't caught in the major ones.

When she graduated signal, third in her class, instead of applying to Beacon, she applied to Shade to get away from her parents...and her ex boyfriend. She took her singing money (which was substantial) and moved to Vacuo. She was happily accepted by Shade's headmaster.

Because people in Shade didn't know her, Cappollo was happy for several reasons. One: she got a new start, and two: She'd be able to pull her little jokes all over again.



Cappollo is a curvaceous woman with curly blonde hair that reaches down to her shoulders. She keeps her hair bound in a clip at the back, giving her a mane-like frizz behind her head. She stands at 5'7 and weighs 130 pounds.


She has large green eyes with very long eyelashes, freckles on her cheeks, and a birthmark shaped like a harp on her right cheekbone.


Padded vest with armor studs over a sheer yellow-white blouse, silk sky blue puffy pants and bright florescent orange pumps.


Silver anklets with sun symbols on them, yellow daisy clip, music note earrings.

Weapon: Laoto AKA "My Lovely"

Guitar named Laoto with several forms.

Form 1: Disc shooter. This form shoots heavy discs, which differ in function depending on which string is pulled. All are linked to her guitar, and her guitar doesn’t seem to ever run out of them. The discs will return to her if a certain amount are out, and some can hit an enemy several times. The guitar has three settings.

Homing: the discuses will chase the person/Grimm targetted, and will arc and tilt automatically.

Orbital: The discus will orbit Cappollo, or another person if she verbally commands it to.

Dumb fire: Simple firing mode that means the disc will just go straight until it nears the edge of the guitar's controlling radius

Flicking a switch on her guitar will change settings on all of the discuses currently out.

Discus types: Razor sharp, explosive, smoke, incendiary, Itching and splitter

Form 2: whip/ax: The strings are on opposite sides of the ax blade, extending from the stock of the guitar. The strings can be stiffened at the push of a button, and hide razor sharp blades within.

Form 3: Amped: The guitar is little more than a guitar and speakers, the best for channeling her semblance. She can deafen an opponent with a single chord, or save them up for a lethal sonic assault. 

Deafening can be temporary (most cases it is) or permanent. Usually a person's aura will prevent permanent damage to the ears or heal them afterwards, meaning that most people are not permanently harmed by her semblance 



Medium-low: Cappollo doesn't have a lot of stamina for close range confrontations, preferring to keep her enemies at a distance.


Cappollo uses her aura defensively. She'll then follow it up with a blast from her Semblance, to knock them back and keep them disoriented while she backs up.

Character Attributes
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: 4/10 Aura: 7/10
Defense: 6/10 Agility: 9/10
Endurance: 4/10 Technique: 9/10
Intelligence: 7/10 Leadership: 8/10
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A
  Singer 10/10
  Guitar Player 8/10
  Improvised device crafting 7/10
  first aid 6.5/10
  cooking 8.5/10


A lack of physical strength makes her slightly vulnerable in melee combat. She knows this, and uses her semblance to keep enemies away.


Cappollo is strangely competitive with certain classes, but doesn't care about others. She doesn't care to memorize much, but has an instinctive knowledge of Grimm and their capabilities.

Most of the time she's bubbly and cheerful, and cares deeply for her friends and family.
Cappollo's Stats :

Primary Role Ranged
Secondary Role support
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Loves to play pranks on people. Seems to be able to get whatever prank-related thing she wants, from mousetraps to itching powder. If she's not doing that, she's playing her guitar and singing.

Sometimes she volunteers as a nurse at Shade's sickbay, much to her patient's horror.


Sound Storage and Usage



Passive effect

Cappollo cannot be deafened, at least not by noise. Her aura is not effected by sounds.

Active Effect

Cappollo can unleash stored sound at any point within sight. She can control how much, what kind of sounds and where it stops. This sound is capable of knocking people back or disorienting them.

Dust Interaction

Cappollo's Semblance can be effected by using various kinds of dust to augment the attack. Using dust this way is relatively dust heavy, but cheaper than some techniques.


Adds a burst of flame at the point she designates. The flame spreads out with the sound, but at a slightly reduced speed.


adds a wave of water to the attack, with a heavy undertow. Can be used to trip or slow enemies


adds a mild earthquake to the effect.


augments the sound, making it much more draining on a person's aura.


halves the radius, but freezes the ground and anyone's feet to it.

Common Uses

Cappollo can deafen and disorient her opponents in combat. Grimm are especially susceptible to this, as they have no aura to protect them.

Uses her semblance to help her pull off pranks, and will act as team TECH's alarm clock.


The active effect of this semblance can't be targeted in an area that the user can't see.

She can't control the direction of the sound, only the radius, where it starts from and how loud it is.

Can only store a certain amount of sound at a time, can only unleash a certain amount of sound at a time.


Cappollo can be annoyed sometimes by Talis's seriousness and inability to laugh. Despite this, she recognizes his intellect, and the two get along reasonably well...until she tries to steal some of Talis's armor.

Cappollo considers Heicui an enigma. He's fun to hang with, but impossible to jump-scare. She finds this frustrating, and hasn't stopped trying to scare him, much to Talis's annoyance.

Enyasi and Cappollo are either best friends or worst enemies



Inspired by the Greek god Apollo. (God of music, archery, medicine, foresight, the Olympics, the Sun...)

Sunshine yellow being her color, Cappollo is a reference to the greek god.

Her disc launcher is an allusion to Apollo being the god of the Olympics (Discus the sport)

Helios brings yellow to mind again, as well as a reference to the Greek God Helios (the sun god)

Comic Relief

She's very good at making her little prank devices, but often gets into trouble with Talis when she uses them. Talis will take away her itching powder as punishment, at which point she gets very sulky. Enyasi takes her side sometimes, much to Talis's aggravation.

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