Canto del Diavolo (Song of the Devil) and Carezza del Diavolo (Caress of the Devil) are Sven Searfeld's weapon of  choice.

The two are tonfa which Sven mainly keeps in two holsters on either side of his jeans. Canto del Diavolo goes in his right hand, while Carezza del Diavolo goes in his left.

Both have 4 standard forms, along with attachments and a safety. These forms are uesd by Sven in multiple situations, although it is noted that the pole form has only been used twice. 


Each tonfa have four forms, as well as a safety latch which will be explained in more detail later.


Sven also uses dust with his tonfa, generally red and white dust to increase damage. And can attach magnetic spikes on his tonfa from a pouch he wears on his belt.

Sven's Tonfa

Sven's Tonfa

The Safety: Sven has added a safety setting on his tonfa. When safety is activated, the chains are normal chains and don't weigh much. However, when Sven snaps the safety off, the chains become razor sharp, but also add a considerable weight which tires him out faster.

  1. Tonfa: Regular tonfa, have no add on's or such at this point except for the safety latch at the bottom of the handle. The tonfa are divided into segments, and the handles can be screwed off.  Sven also wears a pouch at his waist filled with magnetic spikes which he can sprinkle on his tonfa to make them more dangerous.
  2. Pole: The two tonfa attach together to become a pole. Again, he can sprinkle spkes over this form, however, he mainly uses this form when he wishes to engage in staff combat with another person. This form has only been used around 5 times. 
  3. Nunchucks: The tonfa can break apart at the centre to become nunchucks, and like the forms above, can be sprinkled with magnetic spikes to become more dangerous. This form is generally used in coordination with either a reglar tonfa or a ranged tonfa, never both nunchucks at the same time except for rare occasions. 
  4. Ranged Form: The tonfa can break at the elbow regions with a chain attached onto the tip to become ranged tonfa. This form has a maximum range of around 15 metres and is the only form in which spikes cannot be sprinkled onto the tonfa. Sven also can snap a safety off or on to cause spikes to form all over the chains. 

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