Carmine Ravenholme
Age 19
Status Active
Color Carmine
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Partly Dark
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Height 6'2
Weight 154 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Occupation Student, Hunter-In Training
Additional Info
Likes Freedom, Hunting Grimm (for his arm), a good fight
Dislikes Pet Peeves: Hurting and or verbally harassing his friends
Special Skills CQC, Cybernetic arm
Weaknesses Long range combat, slower

Carmine Ravenholme is a student of Beacon Academy, hailing from the Kingdom of Mistral, and the leader of Team CADM. He is also a member of the Ravenholme Crime Family.


Carmine appears to be a tall young man with a dark complexion, light brown eyes and muscular build. He wears a black, double pocket dress shirt, jeans and gloves, underneath a red jacket. He lost his biological left arm, but thankfully wears a weaponized cybernetic prosthetic replacement that looks similar to his original arm.


Carmine appears to be a reckless and carefree individual, with little concern for others and of his own safety. However, to assume he is always like this is to underestimate his capacity for kindness, and his sense of caution. He is also a capable leader of his team.

Deep within, he holds a personal vengeance against the Grimm. This is the extent of his reasons for becoming a Huntsman and nothing else, not a sense of responsibility, duty, or even salary has convinced him to be a Huntsman.


Carmine was a man that for some reason, received plenty of love and care from his father, Bertram. However, he wasn't appreciated by everyone in the family. He had a younger sister, Rebecca, who envied him for the attention, love, and the success he received in the family. As he was older, on Rebecca's suggestion, he snuck with her to a secret execution that the RCF had for a late-paying client. They would execute him outside the kingdom of Mistral, in a nearby forest. This execution along with the stowaway would be ill-advised on hindsight on so many levels.

One reason was that this forest was obviously lurking with the Grimm. As Carmine and Rebecca wandered off, Carmine had the misfortune of encountering (and subsequently losing his left arm to) a Beowolf and its jaw. He eventually survived thanks to the help of his father and his men. But Carmine's life was changed forever.

To save his son, Bertram had decided to pay for a cybernetic arm from Lafleur Cybernetics, in place of his missing flesh and blood arm. Carmine himself decided to become a Hunter for exacting vengeance against the Grimm for his arm. It also solidified his gratitude and loyalty to his father.

He applied for Sanctum Academy, only switching to Signal in his second year, graduating and heading to Beacon Academy. Since he was determined to exact vengeance upon the Grimm, he decided to show it to everyone by passing the physical exam.

After the initiation, he was assigned to Team CADM, and continues his quest ever since. During the Fall of Beacon, Carmine assisted in defending Beacon, later engaging in a skirmish against the White Fang's Team NCKL, before leaving Vale for Mistral with his team once the event was over, regrouping and improving his skills at his home ever since.


Carmine has a muscular build, and is therefore very strong. He is even stronger with his cybernetic arm, which is more durable than flesh and blood limbs (normally human bones withstand 5 times the stress of the steel equivalent, the cybernetic arm surpasses this), and can lift heavier weights as a result. He specializes in close-to medium combat and has an offensive loadout to complement this, as described below.

Weapon: Howling Wind

Carmine's cybernetic arm. A flesh toned cybernetic arm covering the area containing the humerus bone and the triceps muscles, the arm transforms by extending panels, which doubles as the skin, from the inside out. In this transformed state, a bladed cannon powered by a Dust reactor emerges. This reactor has enough capacity for 20 individual shots and 4 charged shots. This Dust reactor must be replaced once depleted. Also, manual aim and hand-eye coordination is required.

After it was damaged in a tournament-style sparring match, it was rebuilt with additional secondary gunports and expanded the capacity of the weapon to mount additional reactors and Dust vials. To take full advantage of this, a secondary ranged function was built in, where Carmine can opt to select the secondary gunports to spray the spare vials/capacitators' contents in the air, either as a smokescreen, a last resort/trump card or to aid with his Semblance, as described below.

Weapon: Gust Breaker

Carmine's gunblade. It takes the form of a single edged sword, firing 12 7.62 x 51 mm bullets. On the other side of the sword, there is an edge filled with barbed swordbreaker spikes. Manual aim is also required for this weapon, and can handle medium ranges at most.

However, Carmine is slower in exchange for his strength, and has few options in ranged defense aside from blocking with his weapons (not too effective due to somewhat low surface area) and dodging. He also is terrible at long range combat.

Semblance: Ravens' Nest

This semblance starts off with Carmine generating a rune. By firing Dust into this rune, he can change the Dust passing through it into several raven-shaped projectiles flying in a linear direction.

A single attack consumes Aura and stamina at a 3 percent per use, and is similar to a fire-and forget projectile; it can be dodged. Alternatively, one "raven" does only 7 percent damage, requiring the entire flock to seriously harm the opponent. If too many ravens fail to make contact, then the attack is simply a waste of Aura. While it can be used with Dust for elemental effects, it also takes longer to set up the attack.


When I was a child, I was a fan of The Return of the Condor Heroes TV show. This character serves as a love letter of sorts, to the show and the story. He also serves to convey the theme of devotion of doing good through personal self-interest, such as vengeance, and tells a survivor story.


  • Carmine is a dark shade of Red.
  • His surname, Ravenholme, comes from the raven bird (a black bird), and holme, (a possible definition from Middle English being 'one who lives near a holly tree').
  • His character motif, and part of his backstory comes from Yang Guo, protagonist of the Louis Cha (pen name Jin Yong) novel The Return of the Condor Heroes . To differentiate from Yang from the canon series, I gave him a different name.
  • His physical appearance references Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, who played Yang Guo in a TV adaptation.

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