Alright, now's not the time to fear! The Shred Lord of Vale is here to save you, and the day!

Carol Roth Dempsey
Age 17
Status Content
Color Silver
Gender Male
Species Human
Born Feb. 17th
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale White
Hair Golden
Eyes Magenta
Semblance Lightningrod
Height 5' 4
Weight Around 110 Ibs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CSEA
Partner Esmeralda Loup-Garou
Occupation Student
Jobs Roadside Musician?
Personal Status
Relatives Father
Additional Info
Emblem WingedEmblemKarolStS
Likes Spicy Foods, Commercing, Flirting
Dislikes Frustration, Connundrums, Vain activities
Special Skills Musician, Cooking
Weaknesses Chivalry
Battle Theme

Big Bang Beat - Heita Zinnai's Theme

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Carol's hair is a bright golden blonde, rather shaggy and cut to his neck as he keeps a bang over his left eye. His eyes are a vibrant Magenta, with his expression radiating friendly and warm. He himself is rather pale skinned, is relatively short for his age, and wears a rather heavy winter jacket with him with a hood that has white fur on it. The jacket is Carol's trademark piece of clothing, as it lets him carry Mjolnir with a special strap. It even has a few spikes on it that are slightly more use than show, but pretty much for show anyway. The way Carol has his jacket on though is just on his shoulders, so it is not completely on. He says that it frees up his arm movement though. Underneath, he has a white turtleneck vest that remarkably keep Carol at a nice prestine temperature. He wears long, black Cargo pants that have buckles and studs on them, as well as orange belts freely dangling in the air like tassels from some of the straps. Carol also wears short-ankle boots, to try and make himself more intimidating while giving him comfortable footwear.  


Carol has always been someone whos bright, fun, and pleasurable to be around. It is extremely easy to tell when Carol is nerved, as he talks less and doesnt do much with others. Carol goes far to check up on his teammates and friends, and it nerves him when he cant cheer people up. Normally, Carol doesnt mind serenading girls, but hes quite precise on who he sees as alluring and who he would simply want as a friend. For this reason, hes seen as a heart-breaker to some.

The biggest problems with his personality are his lack of seriousness, obliviousness towards something he is not focusing on, and his blunt personality. Carol's lack of seriousness make him somewhat immature in certain situations, as well as a stubborn mule. It's for this reason he's often the elephant in the room- For good or for bad. He himself can be oblivious, but presented with clues and he may get the jump on people with his deduction skills.

Deep down in his conscious, he still has very unsettling thoughts, like thoughts of his AWOL father, or if he'll be teased and ridiculed just as in his past. These thoughts actually suppress what ability he actually has to some extents. He generally suppresses the feelings to continue his journey instead of confronting them, and keeps himself happy to not dwell it out in a peaceful bliss. Eventually, he'll learn to accept his family's name and become stronger from it.


Carol grew up in an average household in Vale, which is his hometown. His father had left for unexplained reasons, so he was brought up by his mother and uncle who owned a mechanic's shop. Because of this, Carol was more effeminate and was softer than most boys of his age. Commonly teased when he was younger, he had a pretty poor self-esteem and didn't make too many friends, and was noted to be short and fairly frail as well. Despite this, he always had a love for listening to his Uncle's stories of being a hunter, and it changed as a class went over the life of Hunters habits and their place in the world.

It's as if the blood in his veins were itching to learn about Hunters more. With avid interest, he soon decided that he wanted to do this and attend Signal when he was 13. His self-esteem was improving, and he was notably coming stronger, but he was still shy and quiet. He even became and unlocked his aura while in training in Signal. Then came one night when Carol was walking around freely in Patch, when he overheard basic thugs harassing a woman. He could be a hero, or at least a savior, he thought. Confronting the thugs, he got fairly beaten up in the process but came to terms with what he truly wanted to be. He actually managed pretty well, but still ended up with a bloody nose and a punched in face before the thugs ran away. Looking at the woman who was now safe, he held a smile, even with him somewhat battered and bloody. It was the day he actually came across his semblance.

After graduating from Signal, he was able to return back home where his Uncle's shop was slowly on the decline. Alas, a mechanic's job was their own downfall and he saw less work. One of his presents to Carol was his new weapon, which seemed to be a guitar. Together, the two worked on upgrading the weapon into what Mjolnir currently is, combining the two pieces into an actual working weapon. With a heart held high and rejuvenated spirit, he continues his schooling in Beacon.

Skills, Weaponry & Combat


Explorer Mjolnir in Battle Mode


Despite Carol's personality, he's actually quite the gear junkie and takes interest within the latest rigs and stories of rigs. He's fairly smart in regards to mechanic work and from days with his Uncle, is fully capable of repairing things to his own extent.

Mjolnir : Explorer - Heavy Impact Rifle Hammer

Mjolnir:Explorer is a HIRH (Heavy Impact Rifle Hammer). In standby, its a fully functional multi-purpose guitar.

Mjolnir is capable of two modes beyond its standby: Compressed Hammer mode and Polearm Rifle mode. Firstly, Compressed Hammer mode is when the Guitar folds its size to be a functioning pressure hammer, capable of releasing air to give an extra oomf to crush enemies as well as terrain. Into its second form, the Polearm Rifle mode straightens out the bulkness of the previous mode, and lines itself up to be a spear-like weapon with an opening at the top of the weapon where the rifle head appears. On the neck, the weapon also folds out its trigger and arm rest. As such, the weapon swaps out for a more mid-ranged approach.

His general fighting style is somewhat improvised, although it does have some base to it. Carol is basically a jack-of all trades type of character. He does good at most areas and has no obvious weakness in any, but by the same logic does not excel at any area in particular. For what he is and can do with the fact that he's not particularly disadvantaged, he is pretty invaluable for such a trait.

Aura Information-

Carol's Aura is more of a crisp orange glow, and was "unlocked" relatively early during his time in Signal. His aura is average in terms of the average hunter, with a balanced amount of shielding and actual vitality. The pool of his aura is also relatively average, meaning Carol is neither tanky or skimpy by any means.

Semblance: Lightningrod

Carol's semblance is the ability to render conduction of electricity by exponentially increasing the voltage used within his own body. With this, Carol can create electric pulses and can guide electricity through conduct-able or semi-conduct-able mediums. While using the electricity in itself has a fairly low toll on him, controlling the general trajectory of energy by angle will tire himself out much faster, though. If he has no worries of his allies or surroundings, he can let his power crackle out freely. Carol makes notable use of his semblance through Mjolnir, making his Guitar gain sparking and electrified new heights and add a new element into Carol's weaponry. 

Trivia & Notes

  • Carol Dempsey's Rating List, a List that rates the women he comes across!
  • Carol wears some rubber clothing, mainly his gloves and boots because he doesn't want to shock himself on the receiving end of electricity.
  • Carol is derived from the words "Song or hymn", while Dempsey comes from the word "Proud". His name would come out to be "A Song of Pride" or "A Proud Song".
    • Carol itself is a touch-and-go name from Carrot (The Orange in his design), and Carot (The Yellow in his Design). Would be weird to name your child Carrot Dempsey, eh?
  • Carol was based off tons of references in mind, but know that the main point was to make a young  character based from Norse Mythology. (Came before Nora ;A;)
    • Carol also represents the growth of a person through Maturity and becoming a man, and what type of men could be.
  • Mjolnir is very well known in Norse Mythology. It literal meaning is "To Smash; Crush; or Hammer, " depending on the translation.
    • The idea for Mjolnir came when I was thinking of musical intruments, combining a Gibson Explorer into an Impact Hammer, and for versatility, a rifle that you would find in a Sci-Fi FPS.
  • Originally, Carol was to be a counter-intuitive character to Edwin, but he was fleshed out as he found a life of his own. They know of each other though, as Carol sometimes thinks of Edwin as his wingman.
  • As a side note, Carol's design was also based from clothes I own and don't wear. Generic, huh? :/

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