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Caroll Vortigern
Misaka Cute







FemaleIcon Female






Vanilla Pale


1.05 metres


20 kg

Hair Color

Chestnut Brown

Eye Color


Personal Status

Claire (Deceased Mother)
Smith (Father)
Zephyr (Brother)
Vulturn (Brother)

Caroll Vortigern is a member of the Mimsy Family, being the daughter of Smith Vortigern and Claire Vortigern while the sister of Vulturn and Zephyr. She is currently the only one left in the Vortigern Clan with her father, as Vulturn had recently ran away from the abuse of being trained as an assassin and Zephyr disappearing five years prior to her birth.


Caroll has inherited the chestnut brown hair of her mother and is even at her age already considered to be growing to be a splitting image of her. The only part she has inherited from her father is his pale vanilla skin and black eyes. Her hair is kept at neck length and is often wearing a hairclip that has the white version of the Vortigern symbol, insidiously depicting the ownership that the Clan has over her. At five-years old, Caroll has the expected stature and is very slim, having shed off all her baby fat due to her hyperactivity. Her usual dress code are a blue spotted dress, sometimes with a white coat at cold times, and with sandals that bear her symbol, a white dandelion.

Young Misaka

Inspired from young Misaka Mikoto


Caroll's personality matchs her age, being very childish, playful and curious, having fun in the most mundane activities and is always able to inject a little joy in the saddest situation, though whether such joy is welcomed depends on the person receiving it. She can be rather stubborn in getting what she wants. Even worse, what she wants usually involve pranks, tricks and other mischievious endeavours and hence she can be a real pain to deal with if you cannot find the patience in yourself to appreciate her energy. She likes to give people nicknames without permission, such as calling Vulturn "Voltron" or "Big Bro Volt". She also hardly listens to anyone's instructions and even if she does, she tends to get distracted easily when her hyperactivity prompts her to be engrossed in something else entirely. She has an inclination towards cute things, such as plushies, while having a fear of lightning, which is ironically the Aura attribute of the brother she never knew she had, Zephyr.

It is Estelle, her grandmother, who has the brutality to utterly repress this childish personality, turning Caroll into a scared little girl who silently listens to every single order of her grandmother and exhaustedly takes part in the 'light' training that she has go through in the Clan's preparation of her to become a full-fledged assassin. For a few hours after such sessions, Estelle would be noticably more withdrawn, hiding away in her room so that no one can see her treating the wounds that she incurs from her training, while writing away in her diary about her secret feelings and wishes. On especially bad occasions, muffled crying may be heard behind her door but she always finds the courage in herself to pick herself up, especially if her father is home from his work. As her mother had died right after her birth, Caroll has no idea about what motherhood is, which is a gaping void that Vulturn had tried to fill up when he was older, but to little effect due to Estelle's interference and hatred of their mother.

Weapon and Abilities

Caroll, being 5-years old and hence still not yet ready for the intensity of full assassin training, has no weapon nor great combat capabilities of any sort. However, under Estelle's 'tutelage', she has some 'mild' training in close-quarter combat, using throws and trips that deliberately take advantage  of her opponent's strength and weight. Her hyperactivity, light weight and training has also granted her a good amount of speed and this coupled with her small size results in people frequently losing sight of her, making her a great nuisance to any unprepared babysitter.


Her Semblance, "Full Name: Illusion - Trespassing on God's Gift" is a powerful fusion between the emotional and memory basis of her mother's and the long-distance capability of her father's. It is capable of influencing peoples' emotions in an extensive area around Caroll within her view, while at the same time allowing her to read their minds, using their own memories against them to further reinforce the influence, to the point that the emotion can become genuine and no longer needs Caroll's direction.

Near-impossible to break from, it is terrifying for its ability to attack people on the deepest psychological level, allowing for mass chaos to ensue if placed in a populated area, and while most mind-readers look at conscious thoughts, Caroll is focused on subconscious, uncontrollable emotions, meaning that she can easily find what you are trying to hide, or in Estelle's words, "she follows your trail of desperation". She could even, with effort, lock a person's emotion in stasis, making them unable to associate any other things to said emotion, such that if it was 'Love' that was locked, they would never be able to love beyond what they already do.


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