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Casper Bluthardt
Cool Casper
Age 19

20 (Post-BoB)

Alias Savage Pawn
Nickname Casper

Cassey (young Cyzarine)

Clown (Aricia)

Status Alive
Color Silver
Gender Male
Race Human
Born January 6
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Lightly tanned
Hair Silver
Eyes Gold
Semblance Plasma Shift
Height 5'9
Weight 52 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank Aristocrat
Affiliation Legazpi Defense Group

Bluthardt Family

Headless Players (mentor)

The Nine Dragons of Vale


Occupation Security Contractor


Coffee shop owner (former)


Personal Status
Relatives Gustave Bluthardt (father)

Mona Bluthardt (mother)

Aricia Bluthardt (fraternal twin little sister)

Cyzarine Bluthardt (half little sister, cousin)

Basilia Bluthardt (youngest little sister)

Brunhilde Engelnacht (second cousin)

Wynston Arkwright (second cousin)

Additional Info
Emblem Cyzarine Bluthardt's Emblem
Likes Chilling, his family, coffee, women (no, not those who are past their prime), chaos
Dislikes Bad-mouthing and hurting his family, too much seriousness
Special Skills Whip-wielding, swordsmanship, using firearms, CQC, making coffee, immense strength, battle and pain endurance
Weaknesses Impulsive, speed, planning ahead

Casper is the eldest and only son of the head of Bluthardt family. He's currently an ANGEL and assists at one of his family's orphanages in Vale after his coffee shop was destroyed in Fall of Beacon timeline.


Casper Bluthardt - Color

First version

Casper has a suave aura around him, refined by his sweet smile plastered on his face whenever he meets new people, and some cool points (depends on the person though) if the thin, diagonal scar across his face is taken into consideration. His spiky silver hair reaches a bit past his nape, its uneven bangs nearly covering his sparkling golden eyes. From more than a decade worth of body building and brawling, he achieved a rather alluring toned and lean body with soft-looking 6-pack abs scarred by claws.

His fashion sense is very simple because he just grabs whatever is available in the wardrobe, although he always wear a crocheted silver scarf and a purple gym wrist on his left wrist. Most of the time, Casper wears a plain short-sleeved purple shirt, dark blue jeans, and steel-toe dark brown combat boots. The second runner up of his set (only upper body) were white muscle shirt and a purple, hooded-jacket. 

When working at the coffee shop, he wears a white short-sleeved polo and a black bistro apron with three pockets.

Savage Pawn

Royal Pawn Emblem 2

Emblem of Savage Pawn, formerly owned by Royal Pawn, Cyzarine Bluthardt

His ANGELs outfit is the Hard Blood Exosuit of Legazpi Defense Group. The only difference is the color theme of his choosing: silver all over and a purple visor. Casper's headgear's software was scrapped and connected to his CATSAI Scroll. Other than that, the emblem of Savage Pawn is printed on the back.


Casper is the eldest child of an aristocratic family, and was followed by Aricia, his fraternal twin sister, a few minutes later. With little time to spend with him due to family matters, his mother- the family's matriarch- left him under the care of their subordinates and Gustave, his father and a high ranking member of a paramilitary called Black Order Battalion, which was dedicated to supporting law enforcement. Three years later, his and Aricia's 2 younger sisters were born, not knowing that the third is the illegitimate child of their father.

Because of that terrible event, Gustave took upon himself to nurture his three "real" children, particularly Casper as he was the eldest and apparent heir, to redeem himself. Casper was then subjected to a rough combat training at the age of 6, which didn't bother him at all because he enjoyed the thrill of becoming stronger than Huntsmen. He came to love competing and sparring with his older cousins despite losing all the time, using it as the outlet of his sociable side as well as feelings of confusion at the grim atmosphere permeating his parents.  

At the age of 9, Casper was inducted into the family's in-house group, an advanced combat class-like that mostly takes place on the field. He went on to spar against robots, his older relatives, and before leaving the group, killed a shackled drug dealer.

Casper was 12 when he was brought to the paramilitary by his father. His adventurous side wasn't tempered by military training, instead, it was amplified due to the rigidity of the organization. But when he'd started receiving missions, he began observing some degree of self-restraint. Most of his missions from BOB were elimination of criminals when law enforcements needed assistance. As from his family, Casper began tagging along with his relatives meeting with allied/neutral factions in their hometown through social gatherings.

He was 18 at that time when he, Aricia, and Basilia led a rescue mission when Cyzarine was beaten and kidnapped by a very notorious psychopath, her target. They found her and won against the enemy, but not without getting injured themselves in the process.

After recuperating for weeks, he and two of his sisters were recommended to be reassigned at the main headquarters of the paramilitary in Vale because of the accomplishment of their last mission. Casper simply saw it as an opportunity to breathe new air and had agreed, including Aricia and Basilia. Cyzarine insisted of coming along, however, despite the side effects of the torture slowly affecting her.

Days later after landing in Vale, Casper and Aricia met Brunhilde Engelnacht, their only Vale native second-cousin. With the Engelnacht's help, Casper put up a café to masquerade his work as an intelligence agent.

Months later, along with the other members of the paramilitary, Casper was dispatched to deal with a group of Faunus terrorists. However, things didn't go well when the extremists in the organization exploited this mission to take over the HQ, worsening their situation. After successfully cleansing the HQ, his mother told him that everything went according plan as their family began taking over the fallen organization that became Legazpi Defense Group, the Bluthardt's paramilitary.

Under the order of Mona, he returned to his family's hometown to mentor the new generation of the family. It didn't take long before he was sent back to Vale to "reign in" Cyzarine because she was becoming disobedient and withdrawing from the family. However, he failed when she became more hostile, prompting him to call his youngest sister for help.


Casper became an ANGEL, under the alias of Savage Pawn, after volunteering to replace Cyzarine (Royal Pawn) who was deemed unfit to represent the family.


Casper is both carefree, friendly, and also a thrill-seeker who loves to measure himself against opponents. He shows off his skills with confidence, but can edge towards cockiness when taunting his opponents. However, he's unfailingly slow-witted and scatter-brained with things that involves too much analysis and planning, and prefers to just wing whatever comes to his mind. Despite that, he acknowledges the importance of planning and is very good at following instructions to the letter.

If the situation calls for it, Casper shows his gentlemanly side, though becoming somewhat flirty when with the opposite sex. Even so, he learned to restrain himself from edging to sexual activities in seemingly intimate situations.

Being a big brother to three sisters, Casper is openly affectionate to them, but likes to piss off his fraternal twin sister as another way to show his love. Nonetheless, he shows no restraint spoiling them and finds it hard to scold them even if they did something wrong. He is also loyal to his family but not blind enough not to express his concerns that would sound questioning authority figures.

Beyond the his typical personas, it might be hard to believe that he's hard-bitten, veiled by his aggressiveness and thrill-seeking behavior in battles. But when push comes to shove, his neutral expression is all there is to say he's not in the mood for pleasantries.


Casper has a strong body built to take on brunt attacks, complimented with high endurance that suits his berserk-style of fighting and makes up for his lack of battle strategy. Having faced various, high-caliber opponents, he attained the ability to smash thick concretes and generate shockwave-like attacks with enough concentration, and tank Dust attacks by slamming against them, which brings the risk of severe injuries if it weren't for his strong Aura. Giving him a sturdy melee weapon suits him the best because it maximizes his brute strength at the cost of speedy attacks.

His friendly temperament helps him get along with people, which is at the same time a useful tool to him to develop connections and sniff off gossips. He also has moderate skill in coffee brewing in order to help in his café.

Semblance: Echo Force

A Semblance that creates a silver-colored ball (7-inch in diameter) of auric energy that is “hurled” in respect to the direction of a body movement. For example, Casper throws a punch. As his fist closes in to the the target, the movement generates an auric form/s above or below the arm. Regardless of whether his fist connected to the target or stopped inches away, the auric form/s will continue accelerating at the same direction until it hits something or dissipates.


  • Works only with the head's, arms', and legs' movements.
  • Maximum number of balls per body movement: 3
  • Maximum strength: One ball can smash a 3-inch military steel.
  • Aura consumption: 1% per ball
  • Maximum travel distance of the ball from point of origin: 110 meters 
  • Time interval for every use: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 10 minutes
Casper Bluthardt's Stats :

Primary Role Vanguard, Brawler
Secondary Role Intelligence agent
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Noble Shredder

Blood Teeth's draft

Blood Teeth is a Motor Saw Sword-Whip (MSSW) sheathed and located at Casper's back. The handle is black while the blade is silver with purple outlines.

The sword's blade is double-edged and made of milspec steel covered with carbon nanotubes. Its handle was built to be wielded with two hands while the hilt was a bit larger to accommodate the motors for circular saws.

The blade breaks into nine fragments to use the sword-whip part, and has Gravity Dust-infused cord holding the fragments that extends up to 10 feet long. This makes swinging of Blood Teeth easier and more impactful at the same time. Each fragments have two, sharp circular saws embedded inside except for the widest part of the blade, which possesses a large circular saw embedded. When activating the saws, the sword's sides opens and protrudes them before switching on the motor to execute and shred anything they come in contact with.

For emergencies, Casper has a titanium gold .50 Desert Eagle holstered behind his belt and hidden under his shirt.


  • Mona Bluthardt - his mother. He dearly loves her like how he loves his father. He learned swordsmanship and whip-wielding from her.
  • Aricia Bluthardt - his fraternal twin little sister and his polar opposite in almost every way. 
  • Cyzarine Bluthardt - his second little sister. 
  • Basilia Bluthardt - his youngest sister.
  • Brunhilde Engelnacht - his second cousin. Casper somehow acknowledges the older girl because of her abilities that surpasses his in terms of gathering intelligence. However, he is very cautious of her tendency to switch masks. 


  • Casper is a German name meaning 'Royal'; Blut and Hardt in German means 'blood' and 'hard, brave, and strong'.
  • His Semblance is almost similar to his mother's.
  • CATSAI belongs to Fedorastorm. Originally in possession of by Cyzarine Bluthardt.
  • All awesome drawings of Casper's was done by an equally awesome LastZephyr. All credits goes to her!