You've crossed the line... prepare to die.

Cassean Cross Blue

Cassean Cross

Cassean Cross is a fair looking young man. He has Blonde hair, Cream colored eyes, and light brown Skin, He is of average height, and has a somewhat slim body, He is a bit lighter than what he seems to be. He usually wears a Dark Silver (sometimes Cream) Jacket Coat. He wears Dark Blue (Sometimes Light Brown) Jeans and Dark Silver (Sometimes Brown) Heavy Duty Boots. He wears white gloves. He also has a Light Blue (sometimes red) scarf that he often uses to hang his weapon on his back.


Cassean Cross has a plain personality and is very silent. He is usually expressionless, with somewhat surprised eyes, and is very rarely seen smiling. He doesn't really care about his surroundings (or himself), he just wants to keep his little sister safe. He is protective and caring as seen by his actions, but his face won't give you a clue to what he is thinking. He is often depicted as rude since he doesn't talk much, but once you get to know him he actually speaks with his eyes and actions that only Cassidy can decipher. Later on Autumn, their team leader, also discovers how the two communicates. He likes keeping his thoughts to himself which Cassidy usually discovers and shouts at the team, one of the very few things that get's him ticked, though he doesn't show any form of retaliation.


The Kraussslinger is a giant transforming Silver Cross with black linings that hangs on his back. The handle is on one side of the Intersection of the Cross and on the other side is a dust infused crest. His Weapon the Kraussslinger is a hand-me-down like Jaune's.The Kraussslinger used to be a sword that has been passed down to the firstborn male from generations to generations ever since it's creation by Ling R. Cross. Every generation with which it is passed down, the user adds a new weapon to it's transformations. Cassean Cross is the 14th generation to hold the Kraussslinger. His addition is the boomerang, though his favorite is the shield which was added by his grandfather, Centurion Cross. He is yet to discover all of it's transformations but as of now, he can wield the Gun, Sword, Battle Axe, Shield and the Boomerang.


Cassean Cross is a well known hack and slash fighter. He is fairly agile and his lack of presence allows him to sneak up too close to his opponents and slash them before they can react. He loves the expression his opponents get when he catches them off guard.. He is usually seen shooting from behind and then guarding from up front in the next second. His stability is what everyone admires with him. He is very hard to knock off guard even if he isn't very good at dodging. He is strong and steady and is fluid in motion. He is a very talented Aura user, which explains how he manages to receive heavy blows like they we're pillows. He can use his aura to reduce all forms of Shock that comes in contact with his body. His naturally light body allows him to utilize the Kraussslinger's Recoils to perform quick movements since he can't really rely on his natural speed. He is higly observant (as he is always seen looking after his sister) and usually reacts after his opponents make their actions.

His Semblance... Nevermind that.


-His appearance and clothing is a combination of Peter Pevensie, Allen Walker and Aztin Kizuna.

-His fighting style is a combination of Dante's Hack and slash, Kuroko's Misderection and Toph's Jing.

-His name is an altered version of Cashern from Cashern's Sins.

-He doesn't like using his semblance since it usually stops his heart from beating everytime it is used..

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