The most dangerous of all DISC members.
— Daemon's reply upon being asked to comment on Cassian.

Cassian Gray
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Faunus (Originally Human)
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Red
Professional Status
Affiliation White Fang
Team Former member of DISC
Occupation Terrorist


Cassian is quite tall and lanky. His most noticeable trait from his Faunus "heritage" are his slightly sharpened incisors. Cassian's pale skin and red eyes are due to a medical condition. His white hair however, stems from trauma due to a incident in Cassian's past.  

Cassian wears a white plague doctor's costume and a Tengu mask to conceal his face. His weapon is strapped to his left shoulder, and is hidden underneath his cloak. 

Cassian had, due to his condition, lost his left leg during his childhood. Thus, he wears a high-tech prosthetic that he winds up with Gray Key. This loss is Cassian's largest secret, and is only known to a select few.  


Cruel and unmoving, Cassian has no remorse for humans. Having been subjected to abuse due to his half-Faunus nature, Cassian lives solely to kill humans. Despite his supposed amorality, Cassian does not like to harm children, often saying that such deaths were "tragedies".  

Before the disbanding of DISC, Cassian attempted to appear aloof and uncaring, something that was always pointed out by his teammates. Cassian's true personality was both hot-headed and emotional, often requesting that the team stop to help out those in need.  

Ash Key

Weapon: Unknown Type

Type: Melee

Weapon Derivation: Key

Cassian's weapon is an enigma. Taking the form of a large ash-colored key, the weapon functions as a blade with no apparent special abilities. According to Team DISC however, Ash Key does have a special ability, one that "does not fall into the realm of normality." Cassian has never been observed using this ability. The key can be extended in order to give Cassian more range.

One of the Key's uses is to  to wind-up Cassian's leg.


Enhanced Speed: Thanks to his Faunus heritage, Cassian's speed is far above the human average, so much that even his fellow members of DISC cannot keep up with him.

Enhanced Strength: Born from his Faunus Heritage, Cassian's physical strength is a cut above average, making him a formidable opponent even empty handed.

Night Vision: A trait common to all Faunus, Cassian's vision is perfect in both daylight and pitch-black conditions.


Cassian, during his childhood, often played with a Faunus girl known as Mai. The two of them grew up together, eventually becoming lovers.

Due to his aptitude for combat, Cassian enrolled in the Hunter Military Academy of Atlas at the age of 20, where he met his fellow DISC teammates. Even then, Cassian continued to date Mai. 

At the age of 23, Cassian graduated from the Academy, and was moved to the frontlines. It was when he was 26 that the "Incident" occured. 

During this Incident, both Cassian and Mai were horribly injured in a fire. The doctors, realizing that they could save one of the two by using the body parts of the other, decided to save Cassian due to Mai being a Faunus, despite Cassian's attempts to tell them otherwise. Cassian, being concious during the procedure, heard the doctors insulting Mai due to her Faunus heritage, saying that she should be "Happy that her worthless existence managed to save a human." 

Cassian was ultimately saved thanks to Mai's death, but harbored a deep hatred of humans due to this incident. Cassian no longer identifies himself as being human, instead seeing himself as a Faunus. 

It was due to this that Cassian left the Military, killing a large number of soldiers in the process. Cassian also managed to bisect Ian Harbringer in half, giving him his iconic full-body scar.

A year later, Cassian was captured by both Ian and Daemon and placed in a maximum security prison, where he currently resides.


  • Cassian is based upon The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson.
  • The name Cassian means Empty or Hollow. This refers to him being empty and dead after the "Incident".
  • Cassian's last name Gray was given to him due to ash being "gray-colored". This refers to the fire that mentally and physically scarred Cassian.
  • The Ash Key is named as so due to it being made after the Incident. Exactly what the Ash Key is made of is unknown, but Daemon is known to be disgusted by the very weapon. 
  • Cassian and Daemon have crossed paths a number of times after the disbanding of DISC. These encounters have often been violent, but neither of them have been seriously injured. 
  • Cassian, due to the "Incident", is terrified of fire.  
  • Cassian is currently in jail, having been captured by Daemon and Ian during a raid on a White Fang base. 

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