Catherine Thompson is the second member of Team SCRL(t), led by Samael Thanatos .


Catherine is a short girl, standing approximately 5 feet 6 inches off the ground. Her skin is naturally tan, although she wishes it was just a shade lighter. Although she's not "fat," she's not a small girl either. She has short, ear length dusty brown hair that she always keeps neat and in place. She has a round silver stud in her left earlobe, while her right ear isn't even pierced. She wears an oversized, faded brown leather jacket that she keeps unbuttoned above a plain grey v-neck t-shirt, and a pair of tattered jeans that ends a couple inches above her dirty brown work boots. 


Catherine is a very rough, aggressive girl, and she wants everybody to know it. She's a tomboy who grew up with her step dad and her three older brothers. Her home was situated on the upper level of a farmhouse that her family ran, where she was expected to pull her weight. As such, she grew up appreciating the value of labor, and has no problems getting her hands dirty.

Despite her willingness to work, Catherine can't stand book work. The is a very hands-on thinker and has trouble sitting still throughout lectures and tests. She's the kind of girl who likes to tackle problems head-on. At the same time, she is also reckless, hotheaded, and short-tempered.

Catherine is also very self-centered. She believes that she deserves to be the center of attention, and that she is the best at what she does. 


Catherine grew up on a farm with her step-dad and brothers, just outside of a small rural village. With few other people around, and with nobody her own age, she became very boyish in mimic of her brothers. She developed a love for the outdoors due to constant outdoor work and play, being inside primarily for sleeping and eating.

During their spare time, her brothers would often go out hunting. Usually aiming to bring home a deer or a boar, they would occasionally round up some of the men from the village and go looking for Grimm. After following them one night, she was attacked and almost killed by an Ursa that her brothers were tracking. They showed up on time and managed to save her, but she became the object of torment and taunting for thinking that she could fight with the men. Her oldest brother told her that she should just grow up normal and become a housewife.

Catherine set out from there determined to become a great fighter. She left the farm to attend Signal Academy to learn how to fight, and found thrill in fighting the creatures of Grimm, so she took the next step and enrolled, and was accepted into, Beacon Academy. Upon graduation, she plans to return to the farm and prove to her brothers that she could match them, and surpass them, and show them what she's made of. Afterwards, she will jump into the field of hunting in order to establish a name for herself.


Catherine carries a moderately sized double-sided axe, named "Big Bang". Her weapon does not transform, but combines the axe part with a shotgun at the same time. On either side of each of the axe's 2 blades, fastened to the shaft of the axe, is a single nozzle (4 in total) that shoots cartridges of explosive dust. The shaft of the axe is solid brown, made to look rustic and wooden, while each blade is a deep purple with a lighter purple trim.

Big Bang 1

A 3D Model of Catherine's "Big Bang"

s collapsible, and the blades fold so that they lay on top of each other. The shortened staff and collapsed axe heads sit in a holster that is attached to the back of her jacket.


-Playing and hiding in the woods next to the farm as a child helped Catherine acquire excellent navigational skills and stealth. Despite being able to hide relatively easily, stealth is not her style and she enjoys being out in the spotlight.

-Catherine is very proficient with the "Big Bang." She herself is not strong enough wield the weapon effectively, but she displays excellent control over it by utilizing the recoil from the attached shotguns to suddenly change the direction of the axe and to keep its momentum going strong.


Can't stop me I've worked too hard

Shooting for the record

Try to keep if you think you've got

What it takes


I'm a bonafide demon

Yelling and screamin

Cuttin and slashin

So quit your yappin


And watch as I excel

far above the record

Ascend into the books of legends

With the greats


Just watch as my name is spread

Far around the world in the hearts of men

I succeed and I excel

And I shine brighter than the sun

A living light inside this hell

My name will be known to every one

Just watch


I'm here now and I'm here to stay

So you better get out of my way

Because I'm aiming for the top

Just watch 


Catherine's emblem is a light purple hammer resting atop a cracked anvil. She believes it represents the strength (illustrated by the cracked metal anvil) behind a woman's aspirations (the light purple color of the hammer).


-Catherine's nickname, "Tommy" stems both from her last name being Thompson and from her tomboy-ish attitude. It's worth noting that she hates it.

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