"  what does my destiny hold?"


Cel is a responsible, generous and loving girl. She believes in protecting others, Even if  she

goes overboard. Cel  is sympathetic and understanding. She never tell a lie. even if she thinks

too, she finds no means to do so. But, Even good has a little bad. Cel herself is not bad. It is 

Mainly due to her own little flaws. Cel is too depentant from the need of others, worries alot

about saftey, and is exact with what she expects. No, she is no where near spoiled.


skin: peach

Hair: white

eyes: baby blue

Dress & shoes: white

knee high socks & vest: light pink

Cammie & hair tie: light grey


Cel once lived in a rundown cottage with her mother,father and little sister. Her little sister was the one who called her "Cel" because she couldn't say her full name. Her parents were happy together. Though her father had tons of hatred at himself and other things. Cel always noticed and tried to keep her sister away from him so she may ask what's wrong. sometimes he would answer other times not. But either way,  Her father mainly stayed away on working matters. Her mother would sit with them and read them stories, filling cel's head with many possiabilitys. Cel never shown much imagination. But she had that similar spark in her eyes at those stories. Soon, tragety struck.  There father was at work. Cel and her sister were waiting for him to return so, they could celebrate his birthday but, he never returned since. leaving everyone heartbroken

weapon:  a satin ribbon  that sprinkeles  Dust when she twirls it. Thus, with graceful steps and concentrations she can flick at the right time.


Cel's full name is Celeste Safia Rhianwen

based off of the white queen

Emblem is a septure with no attach wings

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