I'm afraid I'll lose control of it. It happened once... I cannot let it happen again. The Celestial Reaper is... terrifying. It's power is phenomenal.
— Dunkelblau Noname, describing her fear of her own weapon.

Celestial Reaper and Freyja are Noname's weapon of choice.

Celestial Reaper, Freyja
Celestial Reaper and Freyja

Dunkelblau Noname


Mass-Discharge Gun Blade (MDGB), Two-handed Sword


Melee, Ranged, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Gun, Sword

This weapon is property of the Intellectual Rapist and Dunkelblau Noname. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
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Weapon Description

Celestial Reaper

" It's highly ornamental, being lined by Light Blue Dust. It's also adorned with a large Dust Crystal to act as it's power source."

Celestial Reaper is a weapon of mysterious origins. It was found alongside a young Noname, broken, in the ruins within Emerald Forest.

It's very detailed in design. But it's capabilities in combat are average, nothing to write home about.

However, it has an unnaturally large Dust Crystal as it's power source. It's unstable, and consumes a huge amount of energy in such a short time at full power, amplifying the powers of its swings to the point of being harmful to both friend and foes alike.

A bracelet designed to gauge the amount of Dust gathered within the Celestial Reaper was provided for Noname. It allows her to know when to stop using the weapon once it passes a certain threshold.

Notably, it seems advanced enough that it reacts to voice command. However, it only responds to Noname and only to one phrase so far.

"Celestial Line, exceed limits."

It temporarily overcharges the blade, allowing it to be used at peak power for a short amount of time. After that, the weapon will be disabled for usage for 20 hours. The blade will still work, but every mechanism will be off, even the gun aspect.


"It's power is highly dangerous that she barely uses it, preferring to use another weapon, a two-handed sword called Freyja."

Frejya is the name of the weapon Noname created before she regained Celestial Reaper. Though quite light to be held in one hand, she prefers to carry it like it's a broadsword.

It has no unique properties. Being an ordinary sword in form. The red gemstone was added for decorative purposes.

She doesn't dual wield both Celestial Reaper and Freyja. It's either one or the other.

History and Construction

Celestial Reaper

Celestial Reaper originated from Windstorm as a weapon forged by the Lucifer Clan. It's incredibly ornate and was made with some of the most advanced weapon technology seen. Though it was damaged, Aldric Smithery managed to repair most of it, but can't replicate the weapon completely thanks to the multiple 'black boxes' found in the mechanism of the weapon.

The end result was that the Celestial Reaper's full capabilities are forever lost.

It used a larger-than-normal Dust Crystal, which seems to power the entire weapon.

The weapon's estimated cost was around 250,000 Lien. Additionally, the bracelet Noname wears, which is based on the Dust regulating mechanism of the sword costs 7,000 Lien.


Freyja was forged by Noname, known as Esmeralda at that time, as a trial given to her by her mentor. She was given the materials and was instructed to create a weapon with both power and beauty.

And she came up with Freyja.

Though it didn't cost her anything, it would've cost at least 6,400 Lien to create it thanks to the hilt's expensive materials.


  • Celestial Reaper is the first hybrid weapon I created, being based on a more futuristic Gunblade, predating Heliotropium by five years.
  • Freyja is the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death in Norse Mythology, and was said to be the leader of the Valkyries in certain sources.

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