I threw away the key to that particular lock years ago, and I never looked back.
— (If only things were that simple.)

Cerule Giles
Age 17
Color Cerulean
Gender Male
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Blue
Eyes Red
Height 5'10"
Weight 148 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team ARSC
Partner Ariel Aviyt


Cerule is a lean young man of average height, with bright blue hair styled into a fringe. He has long eyelashes that frame distinct, red eyes and his left ear is pierced. He favors a somewhat dressy, flashy style of clothing. He wears a long white coat with red cuffs embroidered with gold trim, and golden buttons down the front. On top, he drapes a blue cape over his left shoulder, with a white shoulder pad and a golden bead chain fastener.Underneath the coat, he wears an open-collared white shirt, a brown vest with gold trim, red trousers, and high-heeled white and brown boots. He has a variety of cuts and nicks on his hands, and a large scar on his neck that extends from his left collarbone to the posterior cervical region of his neck, which are covered by white gloves and a red muffler respectively.

When his coat is off, he typically rolls his sleeves up to his elbow to reveal black leather straps, which he'll keep his weapons attached to most of the time.


Cerule, to many, is a "too-good-to-be-true" kind of guy. He seems to exude a cool aura of easy confidence and grace, while managing to remain humble and mature. He's a skilled conversationalist, and can be a good leader or subordinate, depending on the situation at hand.

In actuality, Cerule is an immature, petty basket-case. He can be very scathing and brutally honest, and his skills with passive-aggressiveness are second to none. He has anxiety about people liking him, so he will only show this side of him to people he doesn't care about impressing, or people in whom he is confident will remain by his side in spite of his negative aspects.

He has the potential to be very sweet and affectionate, but this is only with specific people or during moments of extreme mental vulnerability. The entire "Prince Charming" facade is a method to keep others at an arms' distance away. It has its merits – he can maintain a charismatic smile even in the most direst situations.

Cerule loves storytelling and having conversations. One of his favorite things in the world is gathering stories, be it from books or people. It's not uncommon to see him striking up a conversation with someone in line at a store, or on a stroll in the park. He adores being trusted and confided in, and treasures his memories above all else, as they're mementos of the people that he's met in the past. It's not a two-way road, though. Cerule hates talking about himself and his feelings, even to those that he trusts greatly. He dislikes being vulnerable and is a horribly sore loser.

Cerule is fiercely protective of the people he holds close to him, though he is often too prideful to admit it when questioned. This borders on possessiveness, and also results in him being very flippant towards his own well-being. He will very willingly burn pieces of himself to keep others warm, even when it defies practicality.

He has a huge sweet tooth and can be bribed with any manner of pastries or candies. He can't stand vegetables, and basically only ever eats meat or sugary things.


I'll write this someday



Ariel Aviyt - Cerule's best friend and partner. She is the ground beneath his feet and the reason he is so stable. He cares for her deeply, and he reminds her of this by regularly being as annoying as humanly possible. Around Ariel, Cerule doesn't feel the need to maintain a charming facade. He calls her out when she is being dumb and can be as petty and terrible as he wants without worrying about rejection. To Cerule, Ariel isn't something like family or a friend or a lover – she's a constant, and he relies on her to a degree that is unhealthy.

Russet Dolce - At first, Cerule viewed Russet as an enemy because of how uncooperative and unpersonable she was. However, as both of them opened up to each other, Russet became something like a sister to him. She's exceptionally skilled at getting under his skin, and violence tends to break out when the two are alone together. The reason they can't get along, he realizes, is because she reminds him so much of himself that it makes him uncomfortable. However, for the same reason, Cerule is often weirdly protective of her, even when all it nets him is bruises and glares.

Sterling Slicewind - The other teammate. Cerule views Sterling with a combination of condescension, pity, and exasperation. Sterling is such an awkward, stupid, dumb teenage boy sometimes, and it's frustrating to watch. On the other hand, Sterling is a great conversationalist and debater when he isn't tripping over his own tongue, and Cerule respects his insight. Later on, they become embarrassingly close, like the "bro" meme times ten. Sterling becomes another person who Cerule can be a giant brat around, to the former's chagrin.


Shiki Fujiwara - The rough-around-the edges thug that Cerule learns knifeplay under. He calls her "shishou". He respects her accomplishments, and humors her wacky temperament. Occasionally, he'll pull out the charming facade and sweep her off her feet for giggles. Sometimes they go on hiking day-trips together and bust unruly criminals. They have fun.

Rhein Giles - Cerule's relationship with Rhein is tense and uncomfortable. Ideally, Cerule would have nothing to do with him. Every vaguely negative thing Rhein does is a big trigger for Cerule, and while Cerule objectively knows that Rhein a victim of his birth as much as Cerule himself is, there's deep-seated trauma in him that prevents the two from having anything close to a functional relationship.

Etoile Giles - Cerule's relationship with Etoile is also tense and uncomfortable, but it's because Cerule is an awkward egg. He tries to be a decent big brother to her, but Cerule becomes a bit strange when it comes to family. Her outgoing, brave nature clashes with his protective instincts. Over time, the two work things out and become something resembling healthy siblings.

Ramiel - For Cerule, Ramiel is exasperation in human form, despite the idiot's neverending claims that she is a Grimm. However, in a very skewed way, he can empathize with how she's hidden herself in fantasies to cope with her pain, and eventually, he grows to trust her enough to watch his back. Sometimes, he sees her as his mentee or an underclassman, despite her seniority.


Cerule is a skilled orator, quick-witted and eloquent. His voice also just sounds good. His senses are sharp and he has a good eye for detail. He has a good palate and can immediately tell when food is spoiled or has been tampered with.

He's pretty good with children – rather than patronize them, he speaks with them as equals. He can play the piano, do calligraphy, and sew.

He has decent knowledge of battlefield medicine and can treat most minor wounds with either his aura or a first aid kit.



Rossa Claire. They were built by Ariel.

Cerule is decent in short and mid-range combat, and falls off when it comes to the long-range. He is both swift and steady in his stance, able to maneuver effectively through a battlefield. He is ideal as a defender, as he can take many hits without being too phased.

His premier mode of combat is a set of “High Recoil Bladed Tonfa” (HRBT) called Rossa Claire, which he keeps hidden in his coatsleeves. It is light and durable, with a retractable serrated blade. The shaft and pommel can collapse in on itself, allowing Cerule to comfortably and subtly carry it.

Rossa Claire is capable of firing rounds through the back end when .22 caliber bullets are placed inside the shaft. At the top of the pommel, there is a button that acts as a trigger. On the front end, there is a metal spike, and there is a magazine that can be pulled out and loaded on the shaft. When Cerule fires a bullet, he can use the recoil to force the spike forwards and increase the slashing power of the serrated blade. To complement his weapon, he is adept at martial arts. Cerule's fighting isn't very flashy or unique, but he has undeniable technique, and a certain elegance to his confident fighting.

Since Rossa Claire is usually folded up, Cerule cannot use the gun component unless he loads it in the middle of battle.

He also keeps two throwing knives in each of his boots, which are handy in a pinch.


Cerule symbol

Cerule's symbol.

  • "Cerule" is a short, very unimaginative variation of the color cerulean.
  • The surname “Giles” refers to Gilles de Montmorency-Laval, a reference to the fairytale "Bluebeard."
  • ”Claire” is French for “clear.”
  • His Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFJ.

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