Hey, kid. Wanna guess how much I spent to create this? 25,000 Lien. Friggin' worth it. That wasn't even sarcasm.
— Hisei Tokuhana, telling how much he spent on his weapon.

Cerulean Mercury is Hisei's weapon of choice.

Cerulean Mercury
Cerulean Mercury

Hisei Tokuhana


Wide-Cutting Greatsword Cannon (WCGC)


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Great Sword, Artillery Cannon

This weapon is property of the Intellectual Rapist and Hisei Tokuhana. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
Any clarifications can be posted in the comment section.

Weapon Description

"A button on the handle allows the blade to open up, revealing a Dust-empowered cannon underneath."

Cerulean Mercury is a massive sword designed with raw power in mind. It's actually quite light, given that the insides of the blade is hollow to make way for the cannon underneath.

Hisei prefers using it with one hand, since he's strong enough to lift it. He's a terrible shot, which is why he's using an artillery to cover said weakness.

Though powerful, it lacks the sharpness to cut through larger Grimm. It's true use is crowd clearing, given it's massive size is enough to cut a swath through a pack of Beowolves.

However, the sword has a fatal flaw: Due to how the blade is made, it often requires constant cleaning since the inside of the blade can rust from all the Grimm blood that accumulates when it's used.

All in all, an effective weapon in Hisei's hand, but highly impractical when compared to other, more flashier weapons. Though he can lift it easily due to it's lightness, it's still heavy compared to other swords, it's only 'light' when compared to other greatswords.

History and Construction

Hisei forged his weapon by hand, using half of his savings to buy the steel needed just for the blade. He also bought miscellaneous materials that didn't see use.

He actually created two versions. One was a massive one-sided blade with no unique properties. He later melted this down for use in the new design he thought up.

The cannon he added is empowered by the Dust Crystal on the hilt. It's the first of the two Tokuhana family jewels.

He claims the entire weapon costs 25,000 Lien. But it's total cost, counting the materials he didn't use, costs 29,000 Lien.


  • Cerulean Mercury refers to the original version of Hisei's sword, which had shapeshifting capabilities.
  • It's general appearance is inspired by XERD_003SS, the main weapon of Jude Maverick from Wild Arms 4.
  • It's also inspired by the Soul Saber from Megaman X: Command Mission.
  • It's original name is SS_003SW, another reference to Wild Arms 4.
  • The weapon's history of being originally an ordinary greatsword is an excerpt from Hisei's real backstory, though the reason for his first sword becoming Cerulean Mercury is different.

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