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Challiet Lor
Age 90
Title Death From Above
Race Faunus (Ape)
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Silver
Eyes Black
Height 1.72 metres
Weight 90 kg
Professional Status
Occupation Dust Shop Keeper


Challiet Lor is a retired Hunter who runs a Dust shop in the city of Vale and is an age-old friend of Janitor 02, Istafuron, and the landlord of Janitor 01, Zephyr. He is a veteran from the time of wars and conflict, being almost as old as Istafuron. His weapon of choice is the Very Immobile Bombardment Estoc (VIBE) called Delahaut. He is also an Ape Faunus, which allowed him to blend in with humans.


As an Ape Faunus, Challiet's distinctive Faunus feature are his huge side-burns that cover his cheeks and even go down his neck. His arm length is also a little longer than humans but are not visibly so unless there is a side-by-side comparison. At his old age, his hair has turned silver, his face has numerous wrinkles and his eyes are even more slit-like than Istafuron, to the point that his pupils are virtually gone. He is rather portly, having no longer kept himself in shape, and the tattoos on his upper arms have become stretched and faded. He is never seen without his purple scarf around his neck that hide his sideburns going down his neck and is typically in his shopkeeper apparel, with a beige shirt and jeans under a silver apron, and in his casual times, he has a gray tanktop, with a monkey-head design on the back, under an unbuttoned bright-yellow aloha shirt and beach pants.


As a Faunus, Challiet has been subjected to the typical abuse and prejudice of the Faunus from humans and hence he feels a great shame in his heritage. He, however, refuses to remove his Faunus-indicating sideburns due to his promise to his parents to be proud of being a Faunus and instead resolves the conflict by trying to blend in with the humans by hiding the fact that his sideburns go down his neck through a scarf, while reasoning that he is still being a proud Faunus, just that the humans never bother to check whether he is a Faunus or a human.

This also reveals Challiet's cowardly side, being a guy who never dares to take a problem head-on and would rather run and hide than to make a real choice. As a result, according to Istafuron, Challiet has great survival skills but was never really cut-out to be a real hunter in the first place. This is further protrayed in his weapon, which he had specifically chosen because it kept him relatively secure due to its ability to bomb things from a safe distance. He is thus classified as a Defender-type Hunter, who is more suited to protecting things like the city of Vale, rather than actually hunting the creatures of Grimm. Despite this, Istafuron regards Challiet as one of his foremost friends, as he is 'such a coward that you can trust him to see the worst in the situation' and 'you can expect him to stop you before you make a mistake'.

Challiet also feels that he had lived a good life. When not in fear, he is very relaxed and takes things slowly, especially in his shop where he seems very patient and easygoing, giving him a warmth that has made his Dust Shop very popular. He, however, dislikes this attention, as he has a justified fear that if his Faunus status was known, his popularity would only make it all the more worse. This will eventually come to his downfall, where he will be blackmailed into betraying his tenant Zephyr.


Challiet uses the VIBE Delahaut, which was an experimental hybrid weapon that is now considered outdated. Made in the days when hybrid weapons were rare and wars were all the rage, VIBE differs from current hybrid weapons in that it is not the combination of a gun and melee weapon, but is that of an artillery piece and an estoc.

Its inactive form is that of a silver wheeled luggage bag that is a metre high, with an intricate telescopic handle. When the handle is pulled up to its full length and then pulled forcefully again, the two bars connecting it and the bag disconnect from the bag and come together, flattening to form the estoc blade. The handle becomes the estoc's cruciform hilt while revealing the grip from within it for Challiet to hold. The estoc blade is edgeless, meaning its swings are not meant to cut but to smash. However, just like the rapier, its point is very sharp, giving it very good penetrative properties against chinks in armor, which was heavily deployed during the wars. At his old age, Challiet no longer has the dexterity and keeness of movement to use this mode properly and hence relies on Delahaut's artillery form.

The artillery form is created by Challiet thrusting the estoc into the centre of the bag and twisting it like a key. When done, the luggage bag has its four sides each reveal a massive tile-like leg that then slam into the ground, anchoring the bag and Challiet down, making them completely immobile. The rest of the bag then unfolds itself, revealing a total of three pairs of howitzers, with each pair consisting of one on top of the other. Ballistic shielding between the three pairs also form to protect Challiet, who now stands behind the platform in the centre controlling it. The entire process takes 5 minutes, which was, along with its immobile nature, what made the weapon to be considered an old piece of trash due to the increased pace of current battles. However, when ready, the howitzers at the side can cover any area within 4 kilometres in a shower of shells, causing incredible devastation, especially against the bigger creatures of Grimm.


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