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We are the protectors on the hilltop, we are the defenders that push the dark, we are the keepers that surround our enemies, we brighten the day and enlighten the night for we are the Chamber of Requiem
— Chamber of Requiem

Chamber of Requiem

Operational Specialist Group




Baozhang Gang
White Fang






Perun Kapten


Eli Leictreach

Notable Members

Eli Leictreach
Oliver and Otter Geklebt
Audra Leitz
Golnar Dutar
Lila Stein
Rosso Ardente
Ijsbrand Jansen
Arvid Jansen

Former Members

Perun Kapten
Miyako Horn
Forrest Horn
Vermeil Belrose
Johannes Leictreach
Shauna Topaz

Chamber of Requiem is an organisation that specialises in combat and gathering intelligence. However, unlike normal combat schools, this is a very nontraditional one. People want to join do not volunteer but instead are taken from their homes if orphaned. Eli Leictreach and Johannes Leictreach are both members from here.


As aforementioned, the Chamber of Requiem is a an organisation that specialises in combat and gathering intelligence. They are highly known for taking out mercenaries, white fang and criminals. Candidates who are deemed worthy are kidnapped from their homes and are put in a wide facility somewhere stranded. These students are then shown how the school looks like.

These candidates are then given very vigorous training and very tough work in terms of fighting, cooking, woodwork and even sports.

To get into special schools like Beacon Academy, the members under 17 are given missions set by Perun Kapten and are forced to do them. If the task is not completed, the students will punished severely and may even be killed.

The organisation is very secretive and doesn't give it's information out to others. It is likely that whoever gives out information about the Chamber of Reqiuem are killed and the people that they give information are killed too.

Chamber of Requiem mainly specify in reconnaissance, assisting people and assassination.


After an assassination of the Kapten family, Perun hired special hunters to find out who did it. He found out that it was one of his friends Raleigh Panner and killed him. Perun decided that if anyone wants to try and break peace, they'll be stopped at all costs.

Perun then used the remaining money to create his own organisation which was being backed by Vermeil Belrose who was a trusted friend at Beacon as he was the First Knight. The two came together to create a small group where they would carry out missions to help other people in villages at risk in being destroyed by Grimm or take out criminals too. This resulted in the assassin, espionage and detective units being created by Perun and the escort unit being created by Vermeil. The two then found themselves a base on an island that was privately owned by the Kapten family at the east of Vale.

The two then became acquainted with Miyako Ryuichi and Forrest Horn from trying to recruit people from Atlas. Vermeil protested but Perun recruited them anyways. These two became the Black Knight and Green Knight respectively and the Chamber of Requiem started becoming darker. Miyako had the concept of kidnapping orphans to become members whilst Forrest ran the interrogation unit. Perun was not against the idea as it didn't bother him whilst Vermeil protested but he was unable to gain change and had to willingly accept this. Perun then managed to find Rosso through the dark web, as the technology and engineering unit leader because of his skills. Rosso accepted as he felt that he could help other people this way through hacking and tracking. He was also able to set up a communication signal in the base and connect it to Vale's CCT network and encrypted it so they could not be found. Thus, Rosso became the Red Knight.

At this point, the first notable batch of candidates were Ijsbrand Jansen and Redmond Tate who ended up becoming Lieutenants in the Chamber of Requiem and few of the oldest members in the Chamber of Requiem.

The revenue of the Chamber of Requiem increased when Vermeil Belrose became quite a famed huntsman, with his allegiance being a secret. This was further increased with Redmond Tate who too became a famed huntsman.

The Chamber of Requiem was heavily interested in schemes that Gary Panner was planning with the Romeo artifact around Vale and so they began tracking him. A notable member they found was Ethan Poem, a member of the Baozhang Gang.

As time passed, Miyako was interested in small village of Quinton Gorge. There was a lot of great candidates at the village. and decided to send men to kidnap them. A very interesting batch of people they kidnapped was Pontius Panner, Johannes Leictreach and Eli Leictreach.

CoR was quite heavily involved with the commercial district as they could tell some robberies where happening. They scouted the district and noticed that there was a corrupt business done by the Topaz family which were also part of a criminal group. CoR sent Eli to go assassinate the parents. With the killings of the parents, they had a little girl who was 6 years old. Eli brought her to the Chamber of Requiem because he thought leaving her there would be horrible.

The Chamber of Requiem became heavily involved in the business of the Reclaim as they were stealing weapons. They became sole targets when the Reclaim went after Redmond Tate's weapon, the Octagon Element. This resulted in Rufus Sabbia, who was a hostage to the group being targeted by Eli his own team mate at Beacon. This was because Perun held a grudge against the Sabbia family due to his relationship with Scomodo Sabbia. Eli failed to assassinate Rufus and as a result was due to being punished but he avoided punishment by going off the grid. Eli later returned to the base and was put on temporary leave. It is then learned that his punishment was given to Johannes who was put in the interrogation cells to be tortured for a while.

Miyako then sent Lila Stein to go assassinate Eli and a few others to assassinate Bridgette West, Jorey Diamond and Rufus Sabbia. However these attempts were thwarted because they managed to deal with the assassins whilst Lila was unable to find Eli who again was hiding.

The Chamber of Requiem's base then became under attack by Team JORE and Team WEST as Beacon third years. Rosso was the first to be defeated which alarmed them to the attack. Then, prisoners were let out to fight which caused more panic. Forrest and Miyako were both sent out to deal with the threat whilst Vermeil was tasked with protecting Perun. Miyako and Forrest eventually ended up being defeated and Vermeil was killed by Perun for purposely losing against Team JORE. Perun was then killed by Eli and by the rules, Eli became The Master.

The Chamber of Requiem were later exposed for their misdeeds and currently orphaned children were given to orphanages.


Chamber of Requiem are more known for their good reputation due to the fact that their members are strong and capable of assisting, usually the upper class, with escort missions. Their investigation cases have also had much sucess and gives them a good name.

However, it has a bad reputation among the criminals due to the fact that some of their highest members tend to go missing. Especially the fact that they have resulted in reducing some crime. Most of the kidnappings of orphans are never found out due to the fact that they are nearly impossible to trace.


Students of Chamber of Requiem are made to sleep underground and are forced there. They are not allowed to leave the vicinity of the facility, if so they will be killed. These members can only explore when in missions and will be accompanied by a member of staff.

Dress Code

Chamber of Requiem doesn't really have a dress code but dress casually. They are to wear clothes that are normally worn by others to fit in when in missions of spying. Moreover, the students are allowed to change their clothes any time they want. However, they are forced either a haircut or a change in hair to disguise themselves from enemies.


The Chamber of Requiem base is located on an island at the east of Vale. The island itself was privately owned by Perun's family. The base itself is built underneath the small island with 7 floors.


There are a range of tasks given to each member of the Chamber of Requiem depending on their rank. These jobs can be dirty work or even relaxed work for the person doing the job. However, these missions are to be taken seriously.

Escort: A simple mission to escort a person to safety towards their destination. 

Assassination: A special task to kill someone. Stealth is optional but not required.

Investigation: A mission to investigate a situation. If on these missions you aren't allowed to tamper with it unless someone is interfering with your task.

Espionage: A mission that requires disguise or hiding in a restricted or unauthorised area to gain intel.

Event: A job to watch over a certain special event and make sure it goes perfect.

Interrogation: A job to torture a specified person or group to gain information out of them or brainwash the person.

Capture: A job to capture a specified target

Execution: A job to either watch or partake in an execution. Anyone can partake in it.

Court: A job to participate as a member of a court in the organisation.


The Chamber of Requiem hierarchy is very different in terms of jobs but normally some people can do any job.

Rank Description Promotion Skills Tasks
Potential Candidate Not an actual rank but someone who hasn't properly joined the organisation fully and they are given a long amount of training. Every potential candidate must be orphaned and are kidnapped by members of the organisation. To become a proper candidate, they must complete an actual mission to be come a candidate. Any Ability None
Candidate Has joined the organisation but have not been given intense missions. They are given classes and training on how to fight and how to be very secretive and get They are also given basic life skills too. To become a specialist, you must at least 17 and at Hunter training school which requires a special mission. Life Skills, Teamwork, Combat Training, Maths, English, Geography, History, Fitness, Sports, Socialising Test Missions from all fields


A specialist is a person that participates in a certain range of jobs. Specialist contains it's own set of mini ranks which are used to allocate people to their type of job depending on their growth at the skills required for that job. To reach Officer, you must have reached rank 15 or 60(for Rounders) in your specialist. You'll be put on a test mission to see if you can lead a team Below

Known for killing and capturing enemies

Assassination, Stealth(optional), fast, agile Assassination, Capture, Grimm and Event Missions
Espionage (or Scout) Known for finding information and being able to disguise and track people. Stealth, Disguise, Persuasive, Agile Capture, Investigation and Event Missions
Detective Capable of finding clues to solve a certain case Intelligence, Persuasive, Communication, Patience Capture, Investigation, Interrogation  and Event Missions
Escort Capable of taking a certain person/item to their destination. They are also able to handle people. Persuasive, Communcation, strong, improved basic life skills Escort, Capture, Execution, Interrogation Missions
Engineer Specialise in technology and are capable of creating things. Intelligent, Quick, Creative, Inventive  No specific missions
Tech Specialise in finding information through scrolls and conducting research through technology Intelligent, computing skills, hacking. All missions except Interogation
Interrogator Specialise in finding information and torture. Strong, intelligent, persuasive, communication, creative Interrogation Missions
Rounder Specialises in two or more fields Encompasses all of their respective specialist skills Respective specialist misions
Officer Main rank in the organisation. They are the top of the specialist they lead in. They are aloud to lead missions in their specialist field. To reach Lieutenant, you must best a Lieutenant at your previous specialist. Previous Specialist Skills

Previous Specialist Field Tasks, Assist Specialists

Lieutenant Highest attainable rank in the ogranisation. Top of their field and are the ones who give out missions and take care of their sector. To reach Knight, the Master must trust you and so must other Knights. Improved Specialist Skills Previous Specialist field tasks
Knight A Knight is a select few of four people who work with the master to give him ideas and help him run the organisations. Any Rank could reach The Master. They are appointed by himself or are killed by him in battle. No set skills
The Master The Head of the Organisation N/A No set skills



Art of the Chamber of Requiem. Drawn by KuraiJack

Chamber of Reqieum only uses small airships as a mode of transport to bring members to their mission destination and take them back where ever after it is done. Normally, they are small and fast airships and are always flown by Level 13 Escort Specialists or Officers who have missions themselves near the area. The pilots are given a good amount of training to be able to allow it's higher ranked members to fly them so it benefits them  during missions.

Specialists - during missions - are granted possession of the owners vehicle if they are dead by their hands such as Eli's bike.


Chamber of Requiem used to have a set of strict rules that members must follow or else they will be punished. If the offence is severe it can be punishable by death.

  • No member is allowed to tell anyone that they are part of the Chamber of Reqiuem.
  • Members must complete their mission fully.
  • Civilian causalities are allowed if they are used to benefit your task unless instructed on what you're meant to be doing.
  • The Master's direct order is a must to follow.
  • Murder between members is not allowed unless told to do so.
  • Any vehicles are allowed to possessed by the first person who sees it first if the owner is dead.
  • Any children of criminals must be taken back to the Chamber of Requiem and must be trained and taken care of by you.
  • If The Master is killed by a member of the organisation in battle within they become the new leader.
  • Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to be labelled as assassination targets.
  • Mission's must be completed within a set time span.
  • Sex is permitted between members who are over 16 but it is probhibited at base.
  • Any attempted offenses at other members is disallowed.
  • Members who are immediately kicked out of the organisation are to be assassinated.
  • Prevent destruction to local communities.
  • Any children whose parents are Chamber of Requiem member is automatically entered.

Italics are old rules.

Notable Members


  • Chamber of Reqiuem is based on Root from the series Naruto.
    • Another possible reference could be the planet Requiem from the Halo Universe.
  • The overall school induction and training is similar of that to the SPARTAN program in the Halo series.