"Even the most successful of Hunters were once students. -my mind


Name: Teal Topaz.

Race: Human(Cyborg).

Height: roughly 6 feet.

Weight: average weight for a 16 year old.

Age: 16.

Likes: killing Grimms, weapons, cookies, defending the weak, getting paid with weapon modules, people that are nice to him, chocolate, explosions, using logic against people, when his experiments don't blow up in his face.

Dislikes: fools, cowards, caramel, mint, bad guys, Grimm, seeing a friend suffer, using Dust for everyday uses, people who don't like him, things that don't die, people who ask too many questions, people who treat him like a freak/machine, people using logic against him, people who disrespect his dead sister.

Scared of: things with stingers.

Title: The Young Cyborg.

Best quote: If I can't kill it I just need a better weapon. 2nd best quote: killing you is the last thing I want to do.... But it's still on the list. 3rd best quote: if your looking for me and can't find me just sniff for the smell of a failed attempt at trying to kill my boredom AKA the smell of Dust and burning flesh. 4th best quote: talk about my sister like that again and ill do worse than just leave you as a limbless torso.

Affiliation: Beacon.


Eye colour: Blue.

Hair colour: light brown.

Distinguishing feature: monobrow.

Has a normal build for a 16 year old.

Changes clothes regularly. Has been seen to wear the following: a plain teal coloured t shirt, teal pants, a black hoodie and a full face mask. On rare occasions has been seen wearing a teal coloured cloak. Once has been seen walking into a hideout of a street gang with white clothes and came out with "red" clothes.


Teal lost his sister,Turquoise, to a pack of Ursa at age 10. This no doubt had a major physcologicl impact on him. He has since committed his time to hunting down Grimms whereever they may be found. He has a very strong hatred for the Grimm, Ursa in particular going so far as to obliterate their body's into nonexistence. Also shortly before dying Turquosie told Teal that he has a cousin. Teal never knew he even had a cousin. Naturally Teal wanted to find his cousin and ask them why they hid from him. Shortly after her death Teal took Turquoises body and snuck into Beacon at night to bury her. He dug a grave for her in the Beacon Cemetery and made a tombstone saying "here lies Turquoise Topaz who died saving her little brother. I will miss you for the rest of my life and I love you with all my being. you are my only hero. Love Teal Topaz, forever your little brother" and cast some sort of ritual on Turquoises grave so that only pure hearted people would be able to see it and quickly left. The reason Teal buried Turquoise at Beacon was because "she always wanted to goto Beacon but we could never afford to apply without starving with the pay we got". When asked why he became a Cyborg Teal says "meh I wanted to be unique" and with a somewhat pained look on his face "and for......... Other reasons" and then changes the topic. When asked how he got into Beacon he says how. It's to be noted that every story is noticeably different from the last one. The true story of how Teal got into Beacon is anything but what he says: one chance night while Teal was doing his normal camping challenge(camping in a forest filled with Grimm) Teal heard a shriek. Naturally Teal, being curious, checked it out. What he found was a group of Hunters lying dead or bleeding to death and whatever attacked them it was big. As Teal didn't have anything to stop bleeding or death Teal had to make do with what little was left of the Hunters shredded packs. After Teals camping challenge(plus having to take care of multiple dying people with what little medicinal supplies he had with him) had ended only one Hunter remained, the rest dead from a lack of treatment or dragged away by Beowolves that in Teals own words "got lucky". Before thanking Teal and leaving the surviving Hunter asked if Teal wanted to join Beacon. At first Teal hesitated as he wanted to get over Turquoises death and being near her grave wouldnt help,thought it out carefully, and said ok. Teal knows the forest he has his challenge in like a fish knows how to swim and he's never seen hide nor tail of anything that looked like it could destroy a full group of Hunters. Now whenever Teal goes to that forest he's always very careful about what could be nearby and also goes there less now. When asked about his parents he simply says with a cold look on his face "my father had a gambling problem and my mother was a junkie. What else do you need to about my PRIVATE life?"


To say the least Teal is a very ruthless individual. He has been known to hunt down those who wronged him or a friend in the past. He also hunts Grimms for sport and the challenge. This proves he has a reckless behaviour however he has been known to make a few jokes from time to time. He also dislikes those who use Dust for everyday purposes. Teal sees that since Dust was what allowed humanity to survive the Grimm it should at least be used where it was meant to be used: the battlefield. Teal also has a habit of replying to sarcasm WITH sarcasm. Teal doesn't like being ordered around and expects people to follow him without question. Whenever someone bad mouths Turquoise Teal is quick to snap and usually puts a blade in-between that persons eyes before he realises what just happened. Teal sees himself running away from something out of pure fear as the equivalent of a bodybuilder saying something is too heavy AKA if I'm running so should you.

Abilities and fighting skills:

Teal is very skilled at using blades and guns being a Cyborg where he has different weapon modules. He has the following but by NO means only modules: blades and guns that look somewhat like an AK-130s, shotgun circles with a blade in the middle for stabbing and blasting things off, a gun that shoots guns that explode into MORE guns and explode into grenades because in his own words "why the heck not?" However when he lost it one night and found it when he woke up and broke it by standing on it he just threw it out saying "I made it when I was MEGA bored no way I can make something like THAT again". And his favourite weapon module to date: a flamethrower for no other reason other then for burning stuff.He is not to be underestimated at ANY time. He is also a good riddle solver usually taking between a few seconds to at least 5 minutes to solve a riddle. As of now Teal has bought and modified a pair of HCPS,s (High Caliber Pistol Scythes) as back ups when he for whatever reason can't use his modules or when he doesn't want people to know he's a Cyborg. The Backups have been modified to be joinable with each other when Teal gets surrounded however by joining the Backups together Teal loses the gun function. They are somewhat strong able to bring down a Beowolf with 10 Hollow Point bullets. Teal also seems to have a massive amount of endurance. Sometimes when Teals attempts at killing his boredom succeed the result tends to make no logical sense such as a ice cream/flamethrower hybrid that even Teal himself has no idea how he made it.

Combat style:

Teal is quick and deadly with blades and won't hesitate to use them first chance in a fight. If the foe is too large he shoots it first until it reaches him to strike. Teal can be very stealthy when he decides he can't handle something which is almost never. Teal sees no point in using blunt weapons seeing them as inferior to a blade. Teal can use Dust to augment his weapons with different effects depending on the Dust used.

Red Dust: engulfs blades with fire and guns shoot fire bullets.

(OOC(Out Of Characters) note: will update list as the specific types of Dust are revealed).

Weaknesses: naturally being a Cyborg Teal is vulnerable to sonic disrupters luckily those are in Teals own words "rarer than a Nevermore scared of heights". Teal is stubborn and doesn't like being ordered around he tends to just do things his way, 68% of the time the outcome being worse than what would of happened of he followed orders. As Teal is curious he tends to investigate things that are out of place which once led him straight into a den of Deathstalkers somehow. Teal made it out, barely, with major cuts and stings or in his own words "just a flesh wound nothing that won't heal" and then collapsed for an hour. Also due to cyborgs in Remnant being rarer than "me paying attention to things that are boring a- ohh what's that?" Teal usually feels like he's alone and sometimes may be prone to trying to do things that may result in his death. So far however he has always stopped himself at the last moment. Teal also doesn't like swimming because quote "not because I'm a cyborg I just don't like water being in my ears and up my nose like, as far as I know, everyone else". Teal doesn't like to admit when he's wrong or made a miscalculation in a plan. After a fight where his Aura is "unleashed" his body quickly heals all the damage but leaves Teal exhausted and unable to even run away thus making Teals Aura his greatest weapon and his deadliest weakness should there be something else nearby with the intention to kill.

Aura: Teal has an Aura but it is very faint and barely noticeable or useful. Sometimes even Teal doubts its existance. The rare times that it does manifest Teals Aura resembles a blood red dragon. So far this has only happened once when Teal was facing a horde of Beowolves and starting to get overwhelmed and they clawed his face. After the Beowolves lay dead Teals body was healing the scars left by the Beowolves starting with the body before finishing with the face thus causing Teals Aura to be sealed for lack of a better word and then Teal collapsed exhausted which rarely happens.


"Too personal NEXT" -Teal

He does not want to talk about it.

The story so far....

Current location: Beacon Academy

Out of character notes

My first OC hope you like it.

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