Charisma Amaranth
Age 18 (This is what she claims her age to be.)
Alias Patricia Aldora
Status Active
Color Amaranth
Gender Female
Species Human (?)
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Tan
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown


Charisma has tan skin, and she stands about 5' 4" in height. She wears a white choker, and a necklace with a swirled stone pendant. She wears a sleeveless sweater with a high collar, that has a swirled line down the middle with a light aqua on one side, and blue on the other. She has platinum purple hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and she wears fingerless black floves. She wears light blue denim jeans and brown combat boots. She has blue eyes. She appears to be somewhat muscular and she appears to be very slim, and she wears a grey beanie.


Charisma is somewhat outspoken. She tends to speak her mind, and she can be rather sharp-tongued. She tends to not be very trusting over others, but she also tends to be very caring and loving. She tends to try to help out whenever she cans, but she can be rather rude about it and seem selfish for it. Charisma tends to only want to be loved. She somewhat has personal distrust of Faunus, especially of White Fang memebers. However, her figurative walls can be broken down, but it is unknown how she would act since no one has ever attempted this before. She tends to be extremely talkative when talking to others, since she rarely talks to anyone at all, but she seems bitter in her actions. When killing a Grimm, she enters an almost bloodlust state, grinning as she kills the Grimm. But, this bloodlust state has not been shown when she kills anything else. Charisma also suffers from insomnia. When she does sleep, she has awful nightmares. Her body language is almost always defensive and rude in manner. She almost always rolls a coin in between her knuckles.


Charisma was born to her two parents. Her father died a little while after she was born, being killed by an Ursa. Out of pure fear, her mother married a Faunus that ultimately promised her death if she didn't, Charisma grew to know the man as her father, depsite him not being her father at all. Her "father" turned out to be a part of the White Fang. He killed her mother, after finding out about her employment to the Schnee Dust Company, and her refusal to steal Dust for him. After killing her mother, he wounded Charisma badly, and left her for dead.. Charisma took her mother's stone pendant from her neck, and placed it around her own, before running away, horrified. Charisma started to starve to death, and her wound wouldn't stop bleeding. She was later found by a villager, who saw that she was near death.

She grew up around the kind villager for a couple years, before being taken in by an old Faunus woman. The Faunus woman was cruel to her, making her do rigourous chores until Charisma ran away. Charisma made her way to Vale, and slept on the streets and constantly stole food from shops, and quite a bit of Dust in order to fight off Grimm. She then found the school Beacon, and realized her desire to become a huntress.



Charisma has a interchangable flamethrower hammer that she calls Siren Song. Siren Song has a few compartments of powdered red dust to power the flamethrower option on her weapon. As a hammer, it has engraved swirls similar to the pendant around her neck. The flamethrower appears as a gun, with dust compartments around the handle of it.


Charisma is a bit inexperienced when it comes to combat. She can be quite brutal and use brute force instead of instincts, which could get her seriously hurt. Her aura color is known, as is her semblance. Charisma is very agile and strong in battle, but she makes extremely risky moves, almost too risky.


Charisma is a very talented singer, who normally doesn't sing for others. Her singing voice is extremely beautiful, but she, however, cannot play any instruments whatsoever.

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