Charles Daorenzhidun
Charles Revealed
Age 14
Nickname "Boy who cried wolf"
Status Alive
Color Mist Gray
Gender Male
Race Half Human, Half Faunus
Species Wolf
Handedness Can't write
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 4' 11"
Weight 95 lbs.
Professional Status
Social Rank the "feared" one.
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Selena and Qiang (Parents), Quintus, Nadir and Hadufuns (Brothers)
Additional Info
Likes The Moon, hunting for game
Dislikes discrimination
Special Skills Night Vision, agility
Weaknesses Sometimes Belligerent, feeble against teams.


Charles always keeps most of his head hidden, so it's hard for others to tell. People says that his clothing and the wolf hood makes him look like a small, armored Beowulf.

He does show his full face only to the people he knows and trusts, however, those who try to sneak a peak would be pursued and taken down at an instant since he knows about being discriminated because of his heritage.


He looks like he can intimidate anyone due to how he acts and what he does, but on the inside, he's fragile of being alone, wanting to be brave in front of others.


He's friends with Schimugia Hasegawa. His partner is "Undine" Pulcherrimam.


His dad, Qiang, a deceased Faunus, was part of the previous White Fang order, as his mother, Selena, a human, was killed by who he calls, "the man with strange white clothing, the sun colored hair, and a stick that shot the stars, which were stolen from the sky." As a memory for him to keep, he has a picture of his mom, a special knife from his uncle, and the shield from his dad.

He never thought it would be possible, until he saw what the man did. As a child, he was devastated, but spared since he's the son of the father. Left to be scared, he acted as though he has some personalities to a wolf.

His three human brothers, Quintus, Nadir and Hadufuns each represented Strength, Knowledge and Creativity, becoming big shot people, as he was to be left behind. He refuses to tell or even admit that he's an orphan, because he want's to prove that he's capable of taking care of himself.

As he was hunting, hiding his wolf ears, he found Signal to be like a second home, but he doesn't want to learn about some "cheap and flawed tactics that has some easy holes to go through" and those were his actual words he said to his teacher. And yet, the requirements is to go through Signal in order to go into Beacon, this annoyed him and he diligently went into Signal. At the place, he was very belligerent, unable to make friends and more likely make them scared an stay away from him.



This weapon was revised.

His shield has a sharp rim in a style of circular shield, passed down by his father. It has the ability to form into a chakram, the mechanics designed by Schimugia. the hilt is attached to the gauntlet and a knife's sheath is a key-hole. After using the bladed rim for close combat purpose, he only has it transform in a desperate time.


His other weapon acts like a key to Vidar's transformation. A small, gold plated knife was passed down by his uncle on his mom's side, a hunter. This knife is special to him since he always hides it from everyone's sight, and can make him fast, but not strong. It goes into a gauntlet that enables Vidar to transform.


His acts of belligerence made him a bit stronger and have a better hunting sense, as him remaining calm for most of his life gave him a slight sense of judgment.

Since his Semblance deals with emotions, he rather try and avoid being in a situation where he might get too emotional. Only in pure anger (or pure rage,) can this activate. This will increase his strength and durability, but it all goes down when he calms down and/or he gets tired. As an added downside, whatever he took while this is active, the damage does heavy ordeal to him, up to the point where he cannot fight for a week or a whole month.


His main thing to eat is all meat since he does allot of hunting for game (and it's mostly Grimm Meat!)

He sometimes practices Kendo on his free time by himself with a sword he borrows.

He gotten the nickname "Boy who cried wolf" as a joke, to show that when near his room, you can hear slight whimpering, as he was telling people to stay alert, his warnings were not taken seriously, and his wolf hood made people thought he IS a wolf.


His three brothers are based off of Fable's three heroes. (Him being the fourth without realizing it.)

His last name means Bladed Shield in both simplified and traditional versions of Chinese.

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