"Human or Faunus, it doesn't matter what or who you are, the creatures of Grimm want all of us dead in equal measure, they seem to be the only one's who don't care about race, if only more were similar to them in that way..."


Name: Cheb

Nicknames: Jumper

Age: Approx. 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Onyx

Skin: Pale

I.Q: Atleast 180

Handedness: Ambidextrious

Likes: Hunting, open minded people, reading

Dislikes: Being followed, liars, open racists, large pools of water, snobs, the WhiteFang 

Skills: Abnormal flexibility, augmented senses, appalling balance, quick thinking, smart, fast, very patient

Weaknesses: Relatively weak, confidence issues, below average stamina  

Occupation: Student, assassin/thief


Cheb is a tall, thin boy with long black hair that is usually kept together with a red, metal cuff. He often wears a tattered black long coat with a dark sling looped around it, this coat has a hood that easily hides his face, a darkened bandana that is both black and dark blue sits below his chin, this can sometimes be seen pulled over his mouth and nose. Cheb wears black pants with a few dark blue belts looped around the legs, along with this he often wears any black shirt with a grey design. Cheb lacks footwear unless it is specified that he needs to such as for a formal affair. Cheb will often wear sterile white bandages over his forehead and on some other places on his body.

Cheb has what appear to be two fangs tattooed underneath his eyes with two lines oof ink on his temples, his front teeth are very sharp but his jaw still supports molars and Cheb often wears simple gloves. Inside his sleeves he has what appear to be modified climbing gear with two short swords hidden in sheathes inside his jacket.


Cheb has been refered to as a lone wolf, this however isn't exactly true. Cheb actually doesn't mind most people and can converse with many freely, Cheb is somewhat quiet however and tends to keep to himself, but he can defend his pride and isn't afraid to stand up for himself or for others who are being picked on regardless of their age, gender or race. Cheb is very slow to anger but he can get annoyed by descriminatory people, doing so prompts him to observe them for a time and plan how he'd beat them in a fight, something he has gotten very good at doing. Cheb is a very, very patient person, he can wait without moving for extended periods of time even during storms, often staying camped out for days before his first complaint, as a bi-product of this he is extremely limber and can stay awake for very long periods of time, though his performance does take a hit if he stays awake too long.

Cheb is very well spoken for someone his age and he can pass as nobility if he was put in nice clothing, despite it being unknown if he actually has wealth, this he uses to blend into groups easily and even to get close to certain individuals in particular for his "job" which he doesn't go into detail about. Despite his intelligence and quick thinking, Cheb doesn't see himself as a very good leader, despite being a great tactition and an observant fighter he feels he simply doesn't have what it takes to be a great leader of a group, as such he tends to do his own thing and only interacts with teammembers when neccesary, this has yet to keep him from coming up with truely ingenious ways to take down an opponent.

Cheb doesn't like the WhiteFang, in fact he absolutely hates some of the members. Being openly accociated with the WhiteFang without a "good reason" can actually make Cheb shun some people, though he doesn't mind those Fuanus that are just trying to become Hunters and Huntresses.


Cheb's arsenal appears fairly plain for the most part, two short swords sheathed in his jacket with two curved combat knives above them. The knives have the word "Fang" forged into them and have nozzels for different toxins, which are kept in a pouch on Cheb's side. The swords are designed to be used together and have curved blades with sheathes slightly longer than the blades for fast drawing, both have the word "Bite" forged into the metal.

Cheb's most peculiar piece of equipment isn't in a sheath however, it's on his limbs. On Cheb's forearms and lower legs are what appear to be modified climbing harnesses, complete with blades and claws, which fold into the black harnesses well and are near imperseptible when he's wearing his jacket. The claws on the inside of his forearms move forward and into his palms and between his fingers, allowing him to both climb walls as they can hold his weight and to cut up his opponents. On his outer forarms there are two blades that go over his hands to be used as bladed guantlets with chilling efficiency, the curved and serreted blades are about a foot long each and can withstand a lot of punishment, but can be launched at opponents if they are damaged or simply removed if need be, Cheb keeps a number of spares in a pouch on his side. Running from these guantlets are cables which run to a number of reels on Cheb's back, the cables are tipped with small folding grappling hooks, these can be fired or thrown for both combat or to get him out of a heated situation. The harnesses on Cheb's legs aren't as often used, but are similar to the claws on his inner forarms, though on a larger scale with metal spikes hugging his feet for kicks. The word "Claw" can be seen forged into these harnesses.


Cheb's aura is very potent and he has much skill in controlling it, but is mainly used for getting around and not for actual combat aside from linking moves together or dodging. Cheb's semblence is Adhesion, he can use his aura to attach himself to almost any surface, allowing him to climb this surface once he's done so. This can allow him to crawl on the ceiling or can simply be used for enhanced traction in slippery environments. Due to this Cheb has gotten very good at getting where he's not expected to be or where he's not neccesarily allowed to be.


One of Cheb's more surprising, and useful, traits is his flexibility and his balance. Cheb has defeated a sparring partner without moving from a specific spot on the floor by simply ducking around or under the student's blows and attacking when his opponent least expected it and even spent some parts of the fight balancing at unnatural angles to dodge attacks. This is due to Cheb's natural flexibility and calm nature as he can often remain in control of his movements, this paired with his semblence makes him a very hard person to strike, he is quite fast in combat as well, which allow for quick and accurate strikes rather than blind attacks.

This however is followed by his most glaring flaws, his strength and his over all stamina. While he has the strength and agility to free run and do it well and to hold himself up onto ceilings, Cheb's combat capabilities are extremely limited by his strength and he relies heavily on his semblence and flexibility in combat, dodging or at the very least deflecting attacks instead of blocking them head on as he is rather suseptible to most damage with the exception of slight scratches but little else. This coupled with the fact that he can tire in extended combat puts him at a large disadvantage. This however isn't all bad, to counter his need for strength, stamina and defence, Cheb has developed his mind, he'll often study an opponent rather than go in blind, even in combat he can read an opponent's moves enough to learn their style and attack their weak points quickly and precisely to avoid needing to continue fighting. Despite having a lower stamina than most fighters, Cheb is known for pushing himself past his limits if he needs to and has shown to be able to keep fighting even if he's dead tired, though it is obvious if he's pushing himself as he'll lose much of his finesse in combat and may take longer to recover.

These traits however are overshadowed by Cheb's biggest advantage, his senses themselves. Cheb can feel the vibrations of an opponent moving either through the floor or by anything touching him, this paired with his abnormally potent hearing can let him find his opponents even when he's not looking at them. Cheb can actually fight and move in zero-visibility circumstances by sound alone and is well suited for taking on multiple attackers at once from different directions because of this, within reason of course.

Fighting Style

Cheb has a number of styles designed to give him options for what or who he fights. His first style is with his two swords which he uses as one weapon as opposed to two, quickly matching slashes and stabs before shifting into a defencive stance and waiting for a counterattack, a pattern he practices with all his styles. Despite usually using both sword together, he can manage with just one.

His knives are mainly used for the stealthy killing on an opponent and for against lightly armored foes. He often flips the blades in his hands, using them much like his swords, in tandem with each other. These knives have sections in the blades for homemade poisons which Cheb may fill them with. The main poisons he has are for paralysis with a few made for death, which he doesn't carry with him around the academy, the poisons can last a varied amount of time and do take time to take effect, this time is affected by how much poison is inside the wound and how close the wound is to a major blood vessel, the quickest poison doesn't last very long and the slowest can last for over an entire day if enough is in the wound. Because of his relatively small amounts of poson, Cheb will refrain from using it if at all possible and with often try to simply defeat his opponent another way.

His guantlets and leg harnesses have a few styles set to them. The most obvious style has him simply deploy the outer arm blades and fight with jabs and swings of the arms. The second style consists of the inner claws being deployed and results in him grabbing and slashing at his opponents, this is a largely grapple based style. The final consists of his leg claws being deployed, this is his most dangerous style as his kicks pack more power than most of his other attacks but it is also the style with the most array of movement.

Cheb can fight unarmed, removing all restrictions of movement his weapons may attach to him and allowing him free range of movement in exchange for a very limited attack power, causing him to rely on precision more than his other styles.

Cheb's arsenal isn't for an open battlefield, with the exception of his arm blades and swords because they are the only weapons he can rely on against armor. Cheb's kill zone is very close to close range, which he makes up for being able to get in and out of an opponent's range of attack fairly easily, within reason, and simply slashing away at them. Cheb's effectiveness is greatly reduced with the introduction of heavy armor however and most of his weapons are slashed based with the exception of his swords and arm blades, but even having these can't always bring him a win. 

Cheb's intelligence and quick thinking have won him more fights than his skills have, a fact he's willing to admit, from planning heists to killing large Grimm with minimal casualties Cheb's been in charge of it at some point. He'll often study his opponent even as he fights and try to work around their strengths and into their weaknesses for the win. If this doesn't work however he's not too proud that he won't try dirty tactics, such as breaking lights or obstructing vision in some other way to give him the advantage.

Team Role

Despite Cheb being very smart and an observant fighter, he doesn't see himself as a very good leader when he actually is. Even with this mindset, Cheb fails to stay out of leadership roles by either having them get appointed to him or by him acting out of reflex to a situation. Cheb is used to being a team's stealth unit however, being able to perform much needed recon if neccesary.


No one really knows where Cheb was born or when exactly for that matter, facts that are closely guarded along with the teen's full real name. Cheb was however taken and raised to be a killer since he could walk and chew gum at the same time by an unknown individual. His "training" even included him being left in a large forest to fend for himself with nothing but a knife, a situation he adapted to surprisingly well, he was able to hunt his food and learned when to run from Grimm. Eventually he was skilled enough to complete proffessional crimes alongside other criminals.

The life suited Cheb, he always found it thrilling to crawl into a complex, slit a single throat and sneak back out.As he got older he managed to lead a small group of assassins for hire, there were six members including Cheb, they'd do odd jobs and eventually got hired by the WhiteFang, with most of the team either being a Fuanus or being sympethetic to their cause the group welcomed the work. They stole some goods, made a few public executions but rarely got the oportunity to do anything substantial. That is until Cheb recieved orders to assassinate someone who was in charge of the Schnee Dust company, who exactly he didn't care, the pay was good.

He managed to get his team to go with him, but when they arrived on the scene, they didn't show up to find some lowly defenseless manager, they instead were faced with a small army of guards that knew they were coming. Their target wasn't even there, the WhiteFang had sold them out for a profit. Cheb's teammates all sacrifised themselves one by one, eventually the last one stayed behind to buy Cheb time to escape.

Cheb moved quickly away from that region, changing his clothes and growing out his hair, he even enrolled in an academy to help blend in. Luckily he had had his face obscured completely so the authorities had nothing to go on to find him, thus he laid-low for a while. He blamed the WhiteFang for everything that had happened at first, but soon realised it was his fualt his friends and comrades were dead. At some point during this time, the mere act of blending in as an aspiring Hunter was replaced by a genuine interest on the subject. Cheb graduated with decent grades and managed to get accepted into Beacon soon after.

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