Grimm Registry Form:

Grimm Classification: Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle

Real life Snapping Turtle

Grimm Title: Chelydra

Threat Ranking: S

Appearance: Cheyldra looks like a massive Snapping turtle. They tend to be 20ft in lenght, 15ft in height, and 15ft in width. It has two masks one on its head and a massive one on it shell. They tend to black with red grimm markings, but there a few white ones. The females tend to be slightly bigger. The tail has spines going down it and a boney club at the end.

Ability: Their defense is amazing, it takes mant brutal attacks by a very powerful hunter to even put a crack on the shell.

  • Strength: Their Shell, they can extend their necks very far, their beak's can cut throuh steel, and their massive tail.
  • Weakness: They are very, very slow when they are walking, and it takes a lot of energy to use their spin attack. So they have to reast for 5min to use it again.

Additional Notes: The females tend to be more powerful then the males. They also use a spin attack were they hide in their shell. They only leave their tail out and then go at very high speeds.

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