Flying too close to the sun, the burning light singed his wings, and he fell.
Chrysos Aggelos
Age 17
Alias The Fallen Angel
Nickname Chrys
Status Alive
Color Gold
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Avian
Born Menagerie
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Red
Eyes Teal
Height 5'11
Weight 170 lbs
Additional Info
Emblem Chrysos emblem
Battle Theme

Little Lion Man
Chrysos emblem



He wears a long white trench-coat with gold trim that can be detached into three pieces, a hood, a jacket, and something resembling a skirt/apron. He wears light silver armor covering his chest under his jacket, and armor of the same color over the jacket on his shoulders. He wears a gold belt with white loops around his waist, and multiple belts around his legs with various pockets to store weaponry. His pants are black skinny jeans, with gold string stitched into the seams, and his shoes are black combat boots with laces. His emblem is on the pack on his back as well as on a locket on the necklace he wears that has a picture of people in it.

Distinguishing Features/Markings

There is a scar that goes all the way from his left forehead to near the top of his chin on the right side of his face. He has large white wings that leave a trail of golden glitter as he walks, and are extremely difficult to deal with when sitting down in a small space.


Chrys has always been the daring go-getter of the group, always trying new things even without prior consent of the people above him. Even when in battle, Chrys takes a vigilante/bravado role, in which he's willing to sacrifice his own health to protect those around him. But, when alone, he's frequently seen looking at the picture in the locket hanging around his neck, or weeping over an old book that he keeps in a chest by his bed in his dorm. He also has a history of self-harm, and if seen without his coat, numerous scars litter his arms. If you look closely enough at his wings, you can tell at one point he tried to cut them off, to be like a human. His dreams are often nightmares, things from his past coming back to haunt him before he wakes up and puts on a happy face for the rest of the world.

Chrys' quirks encompass a broad range of things, as in touching people's faces, nudging them with his nose, and hugs; lots, and lots of hugs. He's extremely touchy-feely and is comfortable with eating after total strangers if hungry enough. He also loves to sing, and is often doing it in rather inappropriate places, like the supermarket or a school hallway. He's also left-handed, and prefers the left side of his body in general for weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. Chrys loves reading and doodling, often seen with a sketchbook or novel in his hand, sometimes even both. The male is extremely particular about his locket, and never takes it off, not even once; he almost punched someone in the face when they tried to take it off of him.

Weapons and Powers/Abilities

Scan Pic0004

Primary Weapons

A pair of DAXS (Dust Augmented Xiphos Swords) named 'Grapho' and 'Lego'. Each blade has six Dust Crystal Chambers on each end that provide a variety of different effects.

Secondary Form

They can attach at the hilts to a long polearm that functions as his second weapon and become a staff, in which he has more range with the weapon.

Dust Effects(Sword-Related, Not Semblance)

  • Green: A wind-tunnel effect. When channeled through the blade, it creates a torrent of winds that injure the foe when struck.
  • White: A sheer kinetic energy effect, when channeled into the blade it magnifies the force of each blow.
  • Red: It covers the blade in fire when used directly alongside it, but can do so much more when used with his semblance.
  • Yellow: When channeled through the blade, it creates a high voltage strike that electrocutes the target upon landing.
  • Violet: While being channeled through the blade, it creates a poisoning effect, slowly sapping the target's aura when struck.
  • Light Blue: His blade becomes encased in a layer of ice that also freezes around the area he cuts.


Chrysos glyphh

Sigil: Chrys' semblance uses Dust to create Sigils that create weather, atmospheric, or elemental augmentation, even though for a short time. It also enables him to stack effects together, such as creating a Fire Tornado.

  • Red: This Sigil gives him control over fire and heat, much like his brother, where he can launch fireballs or create waves of fire. He can also turn it into a mine when cast onto a large area of ground, detonating it at the opportune moment to strike(rather, creating a large explosion of fire).
  • Yellow: This Sigil hovers over the area that is being affected, and causes a thunderstorm effect, lightning crashing down wherever the Sigil covers.
  • Green: This Sigil creates windstorms and tornadoes, as well as assisting him with flight. This Sigil also hovers above the area and casts down tornadoes, but when cast on the ground, a strong wind current creates an updraft that lifts anything on it. This specific Sigil can be used in tandem with others to create different elemental effects to the tornadoes.
  • Light Blue: Like the rest of his siblings, he developed the ability to make constructs. Ice is how his constructs form; but he learned everything about it from watching his sister.
    • Just like his sister, he can't build transforming objects, things that he hasn't seen in person with his own eyes, alter proportions, or build objects he cannot wield. But, he can build the individual forms of said transforming objects and use them accordingly. This means that he can only duplicate melee-based weapons, as he cannot duplicate the inner workings of a gun with his constructs.
    • He can also only build one construct at a time or they will become significantly weaker and prone to shattering. This is not a drawback of him overusing his semblance or running out of aura/Dust, it is simply an effect that comes with every construct he makes.
  • White: This White Sigil functions like a trampoline or some kind of 'Boost' in a racing game. When used, it propels him in the direction he's facing. He can also cast this Sigil on the ground and use it to launch his opponents in the air.


Chrys is extremely skilled at acrobatics and parkour, being able to easily jump roofs and tumble down ramps. He also has increased pain resistance/endurance and is usually seen using his wings as a quick form of cover before attacking. His wings do not allow for flight, but still serve somewhat of a purpose when being a damage buffer.


Before White Fang

Chrysos was born in Mistral on August 28th to Sora and Maria Aggelos. He had an older brother, Crimson, and an older sister, Raven. His family was all avian faunus, save for his mother, and middle class. They knew there would be pain when his wings started to grow, and stocked up on baby-safe pain relievers at the store. Soon, Chrys had a beautiful pair of white wings, like his father. They raised him the best they could, and though Chrys was a happy child, he was a lonely one.

Around the age of seven, his siblings got around to 16 and left home to be trained as Hunters like their parents. Chrys now didn't even have his siblings to poke fun at him or mess around with, so he grew more secluded and lonely. Three years later, Kris' parents were called into action as Hunters once again, informed that a 'large threat' had surfaced near the border. When his parents didn't come back in a few months, his Aunt eventually decided to let him go to Vale with her and took him in.  

It was right around this time that his Aunt felt it was her job to train him how to use his semblance and aura.  

During White Fang

After being raised by his Aunt in Vale for a year, Chrys realized he had a bit more freedom and had been strolling in downtown one day when he noticed a rally by the White Fang. Everything he had ever heard about it was bad - terrorists, burglaries, murders. But none of these stories seemed to be exemplified in the demonstration that Chrys was observing: a non-violent protest. So, he walked up to one of the protesters, grabbed a flyer, and went to the meeting that night.

When he arrived, he was handed a mask, and it was revealed to him that everyone inside was wearing masks of the same nature over their eyes. To him, it did seem a bit cult-like, but soon their leader rallied him to action with an inspirational speech that everyone deserved to be treated equally in this world and they should not have to stand for the scrutiny they were currently experiencing.

Unfortunately, Chrys joined after the change in leadership, and soon was sent on his first mission, albeit not having any weapons, they were fortunate to lend him a pair of guns and a glove that would magnify his semblance. After meeting his partner Clarence, they were informed that their mission was to successfully stop a Dust train from reaching its destination.

The first mission was a bit hard on him, as he came back with the scar that remains on his face from getting too close to one of the security androids and allowing it to cut him, but after a while, Chrys got used to it and was sent out into the field once again. This time, they were ordered on guard duty outside the compound, and he ended up learning about the Grimm after killing some while his partner explained to him that they were creatures of darkness whose only purpose was to be destroyed by mankind.

After this mission, Chrys was shaken up and went home on a leave of absence to relax before he came back. It was around this time that his Aunt gave him Grapho, Lego, and a locket with a picture of his family in it, telling him that his parents had left various gifts for him and to give them each to him when she deemed he was ready. This was also when his aunt taught him how to unlock his aura and use his semblance freely, as she had noticed the glove he had. Being his mother's sister, her semblance wasn't very different from his. The only thing she couldn't teach him was constructs, but he was able to use prior knowledge of always watching his sister do so.

After being sent back to the White Fang, of which his Aunt knew nothing of, Chrys turned in his glove and started to use Grapho and Lego as his main weapons. It was on his 16th birthday that Chrys received his first Dust crystals from his partner.

It was another year after he was sent out on his next mission, but this is one he was weary of because there was no briefing before he had been sent out. Chrys asked his partner, but Clarence told him that the higher-ups wanted to keep it a secret, and so he patiently waited until he noticed where they were flying over. To his knowledge, this was the place that Chrys knew his siblings were currently staying at, and upon landing, he noticed that another of the White Fang had disabled the security system. Walking inside, he felt uncomfortable to be in their home without them knowing, and soon started to feel dizzy, the feeling growing stronger as he got to their bedroom. Stumbling into the room, his sister Raven woke up and turned on the light, Chrys telling them to run and Clarence soon breaking through the window. Chyrs' brother, Crimson, in the next room over, rushes in and sees Chrys dazed with an unfamiliar presence looming over Raven, kicking them back out of the window and yelling at Chrys to get out.

It was that night after his de-briefing that he turned in his guns and the glove they had given him, and started a long journey back home.

After White Fang

After coming home, Chrys had eventually figured out that his siblings had changed their contact information and moved without telling him, but he didn't mind, he deserved it. The male felt the need to wipe his slate clean, to begin anew, and so he enrolled for Beacon Academy, the best of the best in Vale, or at least what his Aunt told him. After getting in, his Aunt's last present for him was a journal that was written by his parents containing tips and pick-me-ups for if he decided to follow in their footsteps. Someday, he hopes to find his parents and his siblings, and redeem himself in all of their eyes.

Fall of Beacon

After the Fall of Beacon, instead of going home like a lot of the other students, Chrysos and his team decided to stay behind and help with the patrol efforts to get all of the Grimm out of Vale. They live together in the safer area of the city and frequently go out on patrols for survivors and to kill Grimm. His Aunt calls him frequently and wishes he would've just moved back to Mistral like she did when the ships got here, but he still can't face his immediate family even after all this time. She has a bank account open for him in case he ever needs money, and deposits a small portion of her paycheck from her job into it every month. The fact that someone in his family still cares about him warms his heart and he tries to cling to that warmth as much as possible.

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