Ciar Squall is a young unofficial Hunter-in-training.

Ciar Squall
Age 14
Nickname Runt
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Snake
Handedness Right
Complexion Fairly tan
Hair Black, messy
Eyes Amber
Professional Status
Affiliation Honorary Member of Team AMBR
Additional Info
Likes Animals, helping out others
Special Skills Sneaky, Agile
Weaknesses Close Range combat




Ciar is a young kid who enjoys what all people at his age do: in other words, just having as much fun as possible. He often enjoys playing around with his friends, or playing pranks on unsuspecting bystanders. Although with his repuation in his village, he's been branded as a bit of a black sheep, and everyone tends to blame him for some of the trouble that comes their way. He doesn't mind getting lectured, even if he's been framed for something he hasn't done; he just sits through it all, taking the punishment he's been given. Even though pretty much everyone doesn't believe what he says, there is a small handful of people who stick up for him, and that's really all he needs.

Towards his closest friends, Ciar is known to be very affectionate, and willing to stand up to protect them all. Even if it means he's putting himself in danger, he'll still risk it almost instinctfully. That doesn't necessarily mean he rushes head first into the situation all the time however, if the situation is more serious, he'll take the time to create an immediate plan of action.

Ciar is also one who has a lot of affection over animals, especially dogs.

Weapon and Abilities

Before meeting his mentor, Ciar had always used a boomerang crafted by his uncle. It wasn't exactly fit for battling, but helped Ciar manage to create a distraction to help his friends get away from ferocious animals.

His current weapon was a gift designed by his mentor, essentially a new boomerage with more functions added onto it. The size has been enlarged, being about the same length as his arm, and has been built with a light sturdy alloy to maintain durability and effectiveness. One one of the ends is a grip, where Ciar can hold his weapon to get a firm handle when defending himself against physical attacks or use it as a blunt instrument. Along with that, the boomerang has been outfited with a port to accept Dust.

Ciar also carries a small pouch carrying his supply of Wind Dust specifically for his weapon, as well as small marble shaped Dust of all attributes. The marbles are mainly used as support rather than purely for attacking foes, in the case of him needing to buy time make a quick escape.

Fire: These are used as mini explosives which cause minimal damage.

Water: Main usage would be to douse flames.

Ice: Will make surfaces slippery, reinforce a barricade, or freeze an opponents limbs.

Lightning: Has an effect of a flash bang granade, and temporarily blinds anyone in the near vicinity.

Steam: Combination of Fire and Water Dust, which creates a cloak of mist, akin to a smoke screen, that's used for making quick escapes.


Because of his young physique, Ciar is one who prefers ranged tactics over fighting in close quarters. Being more quick and agile, over muscular, he tries his best to keep a good distance between himself and an opponent. If in a forest environment, Ciar will take advantage of the landscape as he's experienced in traversing through trees.

With Wind Dust, he can surround his weapon with an air current and send out waves of wind at his opponents by swinging his boomerang around. Normally he'll try and use enough energy to blast opponents backwards. 

With enough focus he can sharpen the wind he uses for them to cause more damage or cut through certain objects (like wood, or Grimm).

When he throws his boomerang, he can use the Wind Dust to swirl around his weapon, which can increase the speed and power of the attack. He's also able to create a small tornado with his weapon once thrown, if focused enough, which can be used to cause damage or for a more supportive nature. He can use the vortex to draw in certain items, akin to a black hole, to disarm opponents. He can also use the cyclone as a means of recovery, by catching himself or an ally in a more gentle gale.

Aura & Semblance:

Ciar's Aura is dark green in color, and helps with standard supportive functions. Currently, his Semblance is unknown.


Because he's still pretty young, he'd be physically weaker than most people older than him; also because of his age there's still a lot more for him to learn when it comes to refining battle techniques. Close range combat also leaves Ciar defenseless, as he's more experienced in attacking from afar.

As of now, he also lacks proper Aura control, so there might be times where he'll use too much or too little power when focusing any Dust baed attacks.




  • Ciar means black in Irish.
  • His last name "Squall" means a violent gust of wind or a localized storm, referencing the abilities he uses with his weapon.
  • After completing their task in his village, Ciar has been appointed an honorary member of Team AMBR, after helping them out with their mission.
  • With permission, he has left home to shadow them, to get a first hand idea of what being a Hunter means, before enrolling into an Academy. He currently is under the supervision of Althea Pallas.
  • He has taken quite a liking to Rina 's pet Elucifer, as well as Rina herself, and looks up to her like an older sister.
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