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Claire Vortigern



FemaleIcon Female






Light Olive


1.75 metres


60 kg

Hair Color

Chestnut Brown

Eye Color

Chestnut Brown



Professional Status


Personal Status



Smith (Husband)
Zephyr (Eldest Son)
Vulturn (Son)
Caroll (Daughter)

Claire Pearl Vortigern is the late wife of Smith Vortigern, being the mother of Zephyr, Vulturn and Caroll. She was not a part of the assassin Vortigern Clan , being a simple seamstress and dressmaker. She lost her life after a very problematic childbirth with her daughter Caroll, leaving the family in greater disarray after Zephyr's disappearance.


Claire was remembered mostly for her kindness and compassionate, but in terms of appearance, her husband and sons remember her luscious chestnut brown hair that has two braids on one side, her wide loving eyes of the same colour and the radiant smile on her smooth and gentle face, which Estelle had absolutely hated. She was best known for wearing a white loose long-sleeved sweater and blue jeans, along with a scarf embroidered with her symbol, the lackspur, around her neck in times of the cold.


Claire had been a kind, caring and loving woman, who had always attempted to teach her children to be the same to others, much to the chagrin of the Vortigern Clan, who had wanted her children to train them into future assassins. She is described as gentle and warm by Vulturn, never having harsh expectations, especially with regards to her assassin husband Smith . However, while her grace and kindness might make one assume her as a soft-spoken lady, the fact that she had persevered in trying to teach her children the meaning of being humane and ethical values despite the threats from Estelle and the rest of the Vortigern Clan shows that while she may be soft, she was not to be taken lightly.

Smith recalls her as having a great liking for strong-tasting food, especially when it is spicy, and in her free time, she had been trying to go beyond her occupation as a seamstress and designed her own clothes, though she made numerous comical failures, but had eventually gotten better, while applying her comical mistakes into the baby clothes that she had wanted for her upcoming daughter Caroll. However, she unfortunately passed away before she could make the clothes, while Estelle secretly threw away most of her drawings and designs, leaving only a suitcase that Smith had managed to save.


Claire Vortigern had been an exceptional seamstress, with her skill with the cloth and needle being the gold standard of the industry, but the dresses that she had made are noted to be very light, comforting and almost calming to wear, which is in part due to her Aura, which had subconsciously leaked into her dresses.

Claire's Aura had the Semblance of Reminder, which means it amplifies the remembering of certain memories depending on the variant of Reminder it is. In Claire's case, her Reminder amplifies memories of happiness, meaning that wearing the clothes that are bathed in her Aura causes the wearer to uncontrollably recall such memories, even ones that they may try to suppress. Every one of her family have at least one of such clothes by the time of her death, especially Smith, who habitually tries one on every now and again so that he can relive the old times.


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