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Colby London
Age 19
Nickname Colbs
Status Active
Color Bistre
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Bistre with dirty blond tips (Ombre)
Eyes Olive
Semblance Minor terrakinesis
Height 178 cm
Weight 72 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CHRL
Partner Candela Quitral
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem Colbyicon50
Likes Luxury
Dislikes Victor
Special Skills - Great Dust casting skills
- Good at dodging attacks and stealth
- Good support and defense capabilities
Weaknesses - Almost no melee combat skill
- Physically weak


Colby is a thin youngster with an androgynous appareance. He has long bistre-colored hair with dirty blond tips, fair complexion and olive eyes. He uses makeup, wearing winged eyeliner and black eye shadow.
His outfit consists of a dark grayish brown shirt, dark olive pants with thin light green vertical stripes, dark brown argyle socks, and bone-colored/dark gray shoes. He also wears a dark gray beret, dark gray suspenders, a brown belt, and a bistre jacket over his shoulders, which has embroided green Dust and a silver pin with his emblem on it. Besides this, he wears the Jazz Hands, his weapons of choice, which are bone-colored gloves with dark gray details.


Colby is a vain and proud person. He can be very harsh and annoying with the people he doesn't like, bullying them psychologically, though rarely doing so physically because he's not the strongest person. He's also blunt and sassy when speaking, and is prone to hurt others with the things he says, but he doesn't care (unless he accidentally hurts an "important" person that might benefit him in some way, for example).
He's a critical person that tends to complain a lot, even about stuff that can be considered pointless. He hates to get dirty and always takes care of his appareance and style.
He's manipulative and machiavellian, and therefore has no issue in praising people and being "nice" to them in order to reach his goals. However, since he's just a bully, he's the kind of person who tries too hard to be dominant, but is actually easy to make submit if he's attacked on his "weak points".
He's very skilled in Dust usage, and isn't afraid to show off his abilities and flaunt about them. He also seems to have a lot of self-confidence, in opposition to Victor.


Colby came from a working class family; his parents had to work a lot and spent little to none time at home, so Colby lived with his grandparents since he was little. (...)

Time skip

Colby stays in Vale, though back at his grandparents' place again. He sees Candela in a regular basis, and doesn't know Victor is actually hiding in Vale. Colby either does social life or slacks off a lot in his free time, and does modelling work when he's in need of money, but he behaves in a rather lazy way overall and doesn't seem to care much about going back to school.



Jazz Hands

Colby has the Dynamic Dust-Casting Gloves (DDCG) Jazz Hands as his weapons. They're a pair of white/dark gray-colored gloves on which a Dust crystal can be placed. They're used to perform spells and also can be used together with Colby's semblance.

Colby always uses 1 earth Dust crystal at least for being able to solidify things; besides this type of Dust, he likes to use water, thunder, or fire Dust in the other glove, though he can use any kind of Dust.
His jacket also has some green (wind) Dust embroidered as an extra Dust reserve.


Colby excels at Dust combat and can perform several types of spells; he's specially good in ranged combat, and can be hard to target thanks to both his spells and Semblance, relying on stealth and defensive spells for compensating his lack of defense and his physical weakness, since he has almost no skill on melee combat. He also supports his teammates, specially defending them or helping them with stealth or powering up their attacks with Dust.
His Aura's color is grayish green, and his Semblance is called Smokestack. It consists of Colby being able to manipulate particles (i.e: soot, sand, soil, powdered Dust, etc.); in better words, minor terrakinesis. Colby can move and shape these particles, but he can't generate them, so if he's on a particle-free zone he can't use his Semblance (though he can obtain some pollution from Dust explosions, for example), and if he's in a place with high quantities of pollution he can become quite powerful, being able to concentrate it in a determined zone, therefore making it more dense and toxic, or changing its properties with the Dust placed in Jazz Hands (even being able to solidify it with earth Dust, or liquify it with water Dust). He can also permeate pollution with the Dust of Jazz Hands for additional effects, and use it as a conduct for Dust for attacking.


  • Candela Quitral: He has an OK relationship with his leader and partner. He thinks it's good for him to befriend her since she has a wealthy-looking attire and weapon (even if Candela's family lost almost all their fortune).
  • Paz Himeyuri: He's apathetic towards Paz most of times, since he thinks she's a pretty boring person. He doesn't seem to be aware (or to care) that Paz really dislikes him.
  • Victor van Rijn: He has a bad relation with Victor, as he's jealous of his capabilities, appareance, and his social influence, and bullies Victor a lot because of this. Colby enjoys pissing off Victor and making him feel bad.


  • He alludes to the Great Smog, the deadliest smog incident on history.
    • His surname is a reference to London particular, a name given to the type of smog that was common in London back then.
    • That smog was also called a pea souper because of its yellow-ish/green-ish shade, and this is also shown in his clothes' color scheme.
    • His outfit draws inspiration from 1950's fashion, specially from Beatnik style.
  • "Colby" comes from Old Norse koli (coal, dark) and býr (town). Coal can be black or brownish-black in color.
  • He's from Vale.
  • He's a vegetarian, though not because of moral reasons, but because he doesn't like meat and thinks it makes him fat.
  • His sex is male but gender identity-wise he's androgynous/genderqueer. He doesn't care about pronouns. He also likes to talk about himself in 3rd person sometimes.
  • He's an ESFP.

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