Tiaryn... I will be the one to protect you now.
— Cordama at Tiaryn's bedside.

Cordama Verviel (pronounced Kor-dah-mah Vur-vi-elle), is mainly known for his alias "The Chained." He is the Leader of Team CLST who graduated from Atlas Academy and is now a mercenary currently under the Schnee Dust Company. He was soon transferred to Beacon with Team CLST by Ironwood as one of the anti-terrorist Huntsmen to protect Beacon.

Cordama Verviel
Age 21
Title The Chained
Alias Marco
Nickname Vervi
Status Alive
Color Chrome Silver
Gender Male
Race Human
Born June 6th
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Ghost White Hair with a strand of Jet Black Hair protruding from the left side.
Eyes Vermillion Red
Semblance Pigmentation
Height 6'0"
Weight 160 Lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Atlas Academy

Schnee Dust Company

Beacon Academy

Team Team CLST
Partner Tiaryn Derahield
Occupation Mercenary/Huntsmen/Craftsman
Job Types Elimination, Body Guard, Patrol, Craft Commisions
Jobs Grimm Elimination, VIP Guard, Perimeter Patrol, Weapon/Tool Design and forging.
Personal Status
Relatives Father:Feroison Verviel: Missing
Additional Info
Emblem Cordama-Verviel-Emblem-Simple Colors
Likes Cleanliness, Being Organized,Mind Games,Team Building, Tiaryn
Dislikes Contradictions, Dust, Unknown Research/Militant Organizations, teachers, being forced into a corner
Special Skills Cleaning, Cooking, Sparring, Martial artist, Strategy Planning,
Weaknesses Long-ranged battles, Provoked easily regarding team members, loss of stamina when using semblence
Character Theme

Over The Clouds - Alan
Battle Theme

採掘基地防衛戦:終焉 (Mining Base Defense Demise)


Cordama is an average height young adult with ghost white hair and vermillion red eyes. His hair is parted left from the right side of his head. He has a strand of jet black hair as one of his bangs which is wrapped by a red fabric on the left side of his head. He has a scar lining his left cheek from a past injury.

He wears a dark gray open collar long sleep dress shirt with a loose light gray tie. He wears a white blazer with black cuffs over the shirt. He wears this shirt and blazer to hide that he was experimented on, having numerous cuts, punctures and burn wounds on his arms. His choice of pants are white pants that is easy to maneuver in. On the left shoulder of his blazer, lies his embroided emblem. His choice of shoes are steel plated shoes; plated at the heel and the area housing the instep and the toes. He has a semi-muscular build but very toned due to his side work as a smith/craftsman. 

He wears a magazine belt which houses the magazines for his linear pistol, the cartridges for color dyes and cartridges for dust. There are also double magazine straps lining the side of his white pants which hold singluar magazines for the pistol. There are three straps on each leg and they house different dust enhanced bullets.


When he was growing up, Cordama had a spark of adventure, which made him very curious about the workings of the world. Since he was abducted, he has lost that spark due to the training and experiments performed on him. Upon seeing his father's workplace that was left behind for him, that spark has been re-ignited and channeled into the exploration of a craftsman.

This inspired him to become creative as he upgrades and redesigns Verstaub's Wrath. He also drafts a new weapon for Tiaryn as hers was left behind in the forest. He also maintains Lixaru and Shikuna's weapons.

He has a very caring nature and prefers not to kill. He cares deeply for his team mates as he prioritizes his comrades highly above himself. When he was with the institution, he has never killed anyone under any circumstance, only disarming them in training and the arena. This prolonged into his field work as he never killed any targets, only wounding them and was reprimanded for it. The only person he has killed was Lieutenant Breaker, but that was under the influence of his grief for Tiaryn.

His perseverance knows little bounds as it is shown that he carries Tiaryn through the woods despite being drastically fatigued and always staying by her side when she is recuperating in the hospital. 

He is also stubborn as once he declares a mindset, he sticks to it with little to no thought from outside perspectives. Mainly known because of his argument with Tiaryn as he vowed to take vengeance on the institution when she pleaded him to forget them.

He has a really bad time with very grotesque things as it leaves him very nauseous and to the point of vomiting.


Cordama was born into a trades family that is under the umbrella of the Schnee Dust Company. At the age of 10, He meets a young Tiaryn at the same age as him when she and her family moved from Vale. Her father had a business opportunity with Cordama's father regarding merchandising smithing methods and tools. As his father had business connections to the Schnee Dust Company. 

While traversing the outskirts of Atlas City, Cordama and Tiaryn were abducted by an unknown organization. They were abducted at the ages of 12.  As initiation training, abductees fought against each other in matches with winners staying and continuing.  Cordama easily disarms his opponent in his match but is quickly reprimanded as he had no killing intent during the fight. One lieutenant named "Breaker" decides to try some "extra" motivation, he throws a small burn dust crystal nearby Cordama and ignites it with a bullet shot. The crystal exploded, blowing Cordama backwards into the crowd. He comes out unscathed, but was pulled back into the matches. With constant burn dust explosions after each match, the lieutenants notice that Cordama had parts of his body discolored.  After continuous matches, they have concluded that Cordama's semblance could prove useful.

After months of assessment from the head of the institution, they transferred Cordama to the research division. He became a candidate for an study that experiments with advanced camoflauge. His exposure to this torture caused immense pain to him, but he always looked forward; as he knew that he would soon leave this place forever. A year of experiments passes by, the scientists deemed it was almost time for Cordama to enter the field. With cooperation from the military division, the research division create an in-house prototype weapon for Cordama; a pair of bracers with a retractable katars and a protruding cartridge with seven tubes. With supervised testing and training, after one year, he was sent to the secret covert operaions team. This team was tasked with numerous jobs: such as sabotage, theft, assassinations, abductions, etc. Over the year, he has abducted numbers of teenagers, he regreted each job that was forced upon him. He was taken off assassination jobs as he deliberately avoided killing them and only wounding them trying to get them to run.

At the age of fifteen, he had enough of the institution. He devises a plan to escape. He has a dilemma with taking Tiaryn as he doesn't want to put her through the predicament. He leaves alone. Vowing that he will return for her. The authorities get alerted and sends out a chase team with Breaker at the lead to kill Cordama. While traversing through the woods, he decides to activate his semblance. By taking on the colour of the terrain, he is able to apply surprise tactics against his chasers. He estimates around six pursuers but two were missing as teams usually were in groups of eight. After the continuous fights, he releases his semblance. By doing so he becomes fatigued. The longer the color kept on his aura, the stronger the drain and fatigue is. He then collapses at a tree trunk with his aura depleted. He then blacks out. Minutes later, when he comes to, he sees Tiaryn bent over him; facing him while taking a blade slash from Breaker. He realizes that she was one of the assailants chosen to kill him, but hid during the fight. When she saw Breaker looming over Cordama's body with blade over his head about to swing, she jumped out and took the slash for him, protecting him. Overcome with grief, he launches himself at Breaker, starting his first and last battle to the death. He depletes Breakers aura with continuous slashes and slices his right arm off. He lands the final blow by a forward trust through his chest.  As he pulls out the katar, he stands before the lieutenant which has become an unsightly scene. Realizing that he had commited this act, he throws up in a nearby bush.

After committing, he looks over to Tiaryn, she is breathing heavily. He quickly puts Tiaryn on his back and then sprinting through the woods as fast as he could. He stumbles upon a village and he seeks a doctor. He encounters one in the town square and pleads him to help her. He quickly does first aid on her to stabilize her as she lost large amounts of blood from the cut. The doctor urges Cordama to hurry towards Atlas for further treatment. He hesitantly agrees and thanks him for helping them. Within hours they arrive in Atlas and were soon at the hospital. He rushes with her inside and she was quickly brought into the operating room. The operation is finished and she is moved to the ICU. He moves along and sits beside her bed, holding her hand. As he cries into her hand, he resolves himself to be the shield that protects her.

Tiaryn is discharged from the hospital. She has fully recovered from her injuries but a large scar remains. Cordama and Tiaryn decide to head eastbound towards his old house. Once they arrive, the house stood tall. As they walked to the front door, Cordama held the door knob and tried to open it. Locked. He notices a glimmer from above, within the light fixture was a silver key. He unlocks the front door and enters. Tiaryn cautiously follows suit. Everything in the house was dusty, just opening the door was enough to cause a cloud to generate in the front entrance. Covering his mouth, he steadily walks through the entrance. One thing piqued his interest; within the living room, was a board in the living room that he doesn't remember. He walked towards it, upon closer inspection he notices that it is filled with articles from different newspapers. From the date from when they were abducted and past articles from earlier. Cordama enters his old bedroom, it didn't change at all. Everything was still in place, from his mini figurines of huntsmen to his old school bag. He notices something off.

Under his bed was a large trunk that he doesn't remember having. While he pulls it out from under, Tiaryn enters the room. He lifts it up onto his bed.  As he unbuckles the latches on the trunk, dust stirs up from within, as if the trunk was breathing. Encased in the trunk were numbers of books regarding smithing and crafting. Upon further digging, they discover that the bottom of the trunk is lined with cash. It was as if they were expecting for them to come back some day. He notices a bulge from one of the books; as he opens it, an envelope falls onto the floor with a thud. Within the envelope was a letter and a small bronze key. Cordama recognized the key, it was the key that his father used to enter his shed. As Cordama read and finishes the letter, he quickly puts the letter back into the envelope and resolves to himself to take down the institution. Tiaryn pleads against doing this but he reassures her that it's for the better, to prevent anymore situations like them in the future.

Cordama walks with the small bronze key into the backyard, where the shed was. Tiaryn follows suit. He inserted the key into the padlock and it snapped open. Opening the shed door, there were stairs heading downward. He grabbed a dust lamp hanging in the entrance and ignited it, sparking a flame.  As they got to the end of the staircase, the room lit up.  As they looked around, there were all kinds of items lining the walls. A smeltery, furnace, even an anvil and their tools. Cordama was amazed that his father built this smithery under their house. He leaves and quickly brings the trunk down into the smithery. He tosses Tiaryn two wads of cash, asking her to clean up the house and buy anything that they might need.  At a nearby work table, he grabs sketch paper from under the able and begins re-designing his weapon. As his weapon didn't have a name, he decides to name it "Verstaub's Wrath" as it represented the commitment he made to himself.

Through two years of trial and error, he becomes satisfied with Verstaub's Wrath and Tiaryn's new weapon. Cordama and Tiaryn then enroll into Atlas Academy. Both Cordama and Tiaryn was accepted at the age of 17. Through their initiation test, they meet the duo Lixaru Raccala and Shikuna Arakuen. Lixaru is a guerrilla supporter while Shikuna was a upfront defensive brawler. Both teams complimented well when confronted with the trials of their initiation and so they decided to form the team CLST "Celeste" with Cordama at the lead. Time quickly passes and they end their fourth year. Team CLST graduates from Atlas Academy and become fully fledged huntsmen. They were "offered" to join the special operative forces under the military, but they refused the offer. They instead became registered mercenaries, and their first contract was with the Schnee Dust Company.

Months later, the team finds out that the Vytal Festival was being held in Vale. Cordama had received a message from the SDC stating that they leave for Vale immediately. It is unknown to them that Ironwood persuaded the SDC to send them to Vale. Specifics of the job was to work with the Atlas Military as one of the anti-terrorist teams to protect Beacon. Upon arriving in Vale, they were ordered to be on standby. Tragedies of the tournament happen, and the population is in a panic. Team CLST storm out of their hotel to see waves of Grimm, Atlesian Robots, and the White Fang chasing civilians. Cordama orders Lixaru and Tiaryn to help evacuate the residing citizens while he and Shikuna became the defensive line subduing the oncoming hoards of enemies. The team breaths a sigh of relief that they were successful but as they looked around, the destruction of Vale was shown. After the fall of Beacon, Team CLST have decided to head back to Atlas. They decided to resume their contract duties with the SDC. Cordama barricades himself within the smithery and begins drafting new prototypes; only coming out when new jobs from the SDC arrive. 


The Verstaub's Wrath has different iterations as time progressed. From the initial prototype to the current build that he is using.

Iterations of Verstaub's Wrath:

  • Unnamed Prototype: Initial Bracer and retractable Katar mix. Exposed cartridges and katar extends from the bracer. Color Dye exposures from the cartridges are activated by a small button nearby each cartridge.
  • Verstaub's Wrath: Added a transformable shield that activates when the "Verstaub's Wrath" is activated. Reforges the retractable katar and moves it from the bracer to the shield. Removed the buttons front he cartridges and added grips to the underside of each shield which allows him to easily access to his cartridges with his fingers.
  • Verstaub's Wrath Mk2: Added a semi-automatic linear pistol within the bracer shield that lines beside the katar. Added a trigger system to the grips to activate the linear pistol. Also creates a second and third output towards the Katar and pistol to allow both to obtain elemental properties when the dust is utilized.
  • Verstaub's Wrath Mk3: Upgraded: segmented the front of the bracer/shield which allows it to he shot like a projectile which can act like a grappling hook. Added an extra button to segment each shield on both grips.


  • Internal Cartridges: Within the Shield/Bracer there is a container for a seven tube cartridge. Initially in the unnamed prototype, it was used to house color dyes for Cordama to use with his semblance. With the upgraded Mk2, he switches the contents of the cartridges for dust due to the fact they are more versitile than the color dyes in combat, thus he is able to coat the bullets with the dust. This is done through a different output on the cartridge. The trade off is that they drain from the supply and he will have to refill the cartridges more often. With the Mk3 version, he adjusts it so that he can replace the cartridge easier, so he can replace the cartrige all at once instead of doing it manually one by one.
  • Katar: A roughly 20-inch retractable blade that sits in front of the cartridges. It can extend at the press of a button and is ornamented with hamone lines at the edges of the blade. With the Katar being close to the cartridges, Cordama has modified the base model to create a third output towards the Katar giving it elemental properties.
  • Bracer/Shield: When deactivated, the shield wraps around the bracer, making it seem like a normal bracer. When transformed, under the shield, there is a grip that has the trigger for the linear pistol and numerous buttons for different parts of the weapon. Such as his Anchor, and his cartridges. The area of the bracer that faces inwards has slots for two scrolls. the left side utilizes the smaller scroll and is used for aura management, cartridge management and basic scroll functions. While the right slot holds the larger tablet scroll and is only used as storage. The only time Cordama uses the tablet scroll is to plan out coordination attacks and strategy planning with his team, otherwise it is stored and not used.
  • Linear Pistol: A small linear pistol system alligned with the katar and utilizes pistol cartridges that can be infused with dust.  The magazine hangs at the back of the shield and can be easily switched out with a push of a button on the grip. When Verstaub's Wrath is inactive, the barrel retracts and the magazine realligns itself with the condensed shield.
  • Anchor: When activated, the front of either shield segments, segmenting from the cartridges. To launch the segment, he has to wind up a powerful punch and does a complete forward thrust in order to create the momentum so that the segment can launch. He can manually segment the shield and grab the Anchor and spin it like a grappling hook when not in the rush to use it. The Katar Blade's extending and retracting can also be remotely activated. The shield has a small winch beside the pistol magazine so Cordama can retract so that either he can accelerates himself or the target hooked towards each other. 


  • Disarmed: Everything reverts to a compact size, resembling the original bracer.
  • Engage: Shield widens from the shape of the bracer, barrel extrudes to its regular length within the shield,grip/triggers extends to hand length, Katar extends to its full length. Cordama is able to fire the pistol with the Katar extended, thus allowing him to add ranged attacks to his moveset.
  • Anchor: Shield segments, Katar rectracts and two hooks extend from the sides of the segmented part of the shield. Katar can be remotely extended when Anchor is thrown.

Abilities and Fighting Style


  • Smithing/Crafting: Using the books left behind by his and Tiaryn's fathers, he learns his way to become proficient at smithing, forging and crafting. He upgrades Verstaub's Wrath a multitude of times throughout the years he was in Atlas. He is very proficient with his hands and able to work with finite details with little issues. He creates his own bullets and others of the like. He also designs Tiaryn's new weapon from scratch and maintains Lixaru's and Shikuna's weapons.
  • Cooking: He learned to cook during one of his spec op missions in the institution, which left their teams out in the wilderness for long periods of time. With basic knowledge of survival from his father, he studied wildlife and by trial and error, learnt to cook. To this day, he tries to cooks each meal for himself and his team, thou many of his creations have failed. He is currently reading up on cooking books to broaden his ability.
  • Sparring: From within the institute and escaping it, Cordama was an avid fan of sparring. By sparring he is able to decipher which movesets would be more efficient for each situation. He usually practices with Tiaryn since they both were taught at the institution, but Shikuna became his new sparring partner as she had a more unique fightstyle that countered most of his barrages. This pushed him to strive farther to become a better fighter that will be able to adapt to any situation. From this, she directs him more into a boxing/nitojutsu style of fighting as it utilized his strengths and his weapons.
  • Calculative: Cordama is very calculative, drafting up scenarios for big and small things for his team. He carries a second tablet scroll, mainly for the use of creating strategies and plans. He assigns each role to the best of the team's abilities and he's able to quickly adjust on the fly when confronted with constraints. He prides himself of being the leader of one of the most coordinative teams in Atlas. This goes out the window once he changes into his "Beastly" fightstyle.
  • Acrobatics: Due to the training at the institute, Cordama has been trained in the ways of quick moving and parkour. Allowing him to traverse different enviroments with ease.


  • Long-ranged battles: As his arsenal is geared towards mid-range to close quarters combat, he struggles with enemies/opponents using long range tactics. He can try to use his anchor to close the distance but it is very difficult to utilize the anchor in this situation.
  • Provocation: Cordama is very protective of his teammates, if his teammates are ridiculed, he becomes very provoked and unconsciously adopts his erratic fighting style. This is shown that while studying at Atlas Academy, another team ridiculed Team CLST as being a team of misfits. He became provoked and almost disabled them to the point of no return but was stopped by the rest of his team.


Pigmentation: First discovered at the institution while being reprimanded. His semblance allows his aura to adapt itself to color stimuli. As chrome is able to be pigmented into different colours while still retaining its reflective self, this allows his aura to copy the color in order to provide Cordama with camoflauge. With his aura becoming pigmented, his white hair becomes shaded by the color that has the majority on his aura. Cordama mainly uses his semblance for sneak attacks or escape tactics.

As he is able to take in the colours, he is able to manipulate where the colors go so that they are able to give a more natural look. He is able to take colours and mix them to create sub-variants of the colours to allow greater finesse control in the camoflauge.

The drawback to his semblance is that when he releases the colors that are being held, he experiences fatigue and aura drain. The amount of fatigue and aura drain varies by factors of: the amount of color taken in and the duration the color stays on the aura. The absolute maximum amount of time he can stay camoflauged is five minutes before his aura drains out. At first when activating his semblance, the drain is miniscule, but the longer it is active, the drain is multiplied exponentially until the aura depletes.

Fighting Style:

Cordama's original fighting style was inspired from Breaker, it was a mix of all the martial arts that Breaker taught him. As it was very versitile and erratic, it lacked effectiveness compared to more seasoned fighters as it was predictable. As it lacked effectiveness, Cordama made up for it by being a dirty fighter. He targeted specific body parts, playing to weak spots and even tormenting his opponents as taught by Breaker. If Cordama were to name this style of fighting, he would call it "Beastly" as it represented a wild animal fighting. 

After beginning to spar with Shikuna, she directs him towards a more boxing and nitojutsu style of fighting as it complimented well with Verstaub's Wrath. This focused more on his upper body stance, while still incorporating the fundamentals of his "Beastly" fightstyle. As more sparring matches with Shikuna began, he became more confidant in his fighting. He then remembers his father's initial teachings of fighting, "it is always best to disarm the opponent and render them unable to battle." He then adapts this into his fightstyle to become a more calculative fighter. As a calculative fighter, he becomes more perceptive about his surroundings and is able to draft up scenarios to success. This way of fighting allows him to stay true to his father's words, mainly fighting to disarm his opponents, not killing them. Grimm is another story, as he shows no restraints towards them.

This netted him his title of "The Chained" because he fights with lots of restraint and very rarely goes all out. When Cordama is backed into a corner or when he loses composure, he forgoes his calculative fightstyle and reverts back to his Beastly style of fighting. He also inadvertently goes Beastly when defending his teammates, often when they are ridiculed or shunned by others. Which means that Cordama can be easily provoked. It takes the rest of the team to calm him down once in this state as his emotions dictate which style of fighting he uses. As learn't from the institution, he was taught in the ways of parkour and acrobatics, making him very agile. 


  • Feroison Verviel: Cordama's father, single parent. Very carefree as he allowed Cordama to do as he pleases as long as the intent was experience. He taught Cordama the basics of fighting and survival, often bringing him to the outskirts of Atlas to run around. He was very strict with the shed in the backyard, as it housed his tools and equipment for his smithery.
  • Abductees at the institution: Cordama developed a kinship with the other members and often mingled with each other. Numbers dwindled as many were killed in action, experimented on, or used as fodder in the arena. He remembers them by the strand of hair he dyes black.
  • Lieutenant Breaker: Main trainer and teacher at the institution. He became Cordama's personal trainer in advanced ways of fighting and assassination techniques. He is known to be an avid fan of torture as he often reprimanded Cordama in front of the other abductees to keep them in line. He was killed by Cordama after injuring Tiaryn in front of him.
  • Lixaru Raccala: Fellow teammate and brothers in love. They confide in each other regarding their relationships. Since Cordama has feelings for Tiaryn and Lixaru has feelings for Shikuna.
  • Shikuna Arakuen: Fellow teammate and sparring partner. He sees her as a mentor as she helps him develop his known fighting style.
  • Tiaryn Derahield: Cordama's childhood friend. Became very protective of her after her injury with Breaker as he doesn't want a repeat of the past. He develops feelings for her as she is recuperating from her injuries but does not have the courage to tell her. 
  • Teachers at Atlas Academy: Cordama never liked teachers due to the Institution. He always did the worked assigned but never saw eye to eye with the teachers. This makes him recall Breaker and the things Breaker did to him.
  • General Ironwood: Only met once during the invitation to the Special Operatives Forces, but Cordama thoroughly declined the invitation. This left a small tension between him and Ironwood. Cordama was never a fan of being someone's henchmen. This forced Ironwood to coerce the SDC to send Team CLST to Vale later on.


  • Verviel is short for Vervielfältigung which means duplication in German.
  • Cordama is an anagram of Cromada which is Portuguese "Chrome." As Chrome/Chromium is reflective when polished, it is able to accurately duplicate or portray external stimuli. It has a silver style of coloring.
  • Verstaub's Wrath is a transformable weapon, inspired by a mixture of a bracer, shield and a katar; a type of push-dagger originating from India.
  • Verstaub's Wrath current main design was inspired from anime shows such as Gundam 00, Gundam Seed and Code Geass. The main body of the weapon is based on Gundam Exia's GN Sword, while the anchor/hook was based on Strike Gundam's Panzer Eisen Rocket anchor and Code Geass' Knightmare Frame's Slash Harkens.
  • Verstaub's Wrath is short for Staub Versprechen which translates to dust pledge in German. It is named to represent the resolve that Cordama has to wage vengeance on the institution that turned him into this being.
  • Cordama's hair style is based of Phantasy Star Online 2's Ogre Short-cut Hairsyle.

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