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Coroda Kage


Age 21
Color Cobalt
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Species Human
Born  ???
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Violet
Height 6'2" ft
Weight 167 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Loner
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation N/A
Personal Status
Relatives All deceased
Battle Theme


Coroda Kage is a man who survived an invasion, but came out with a being called Blue Oyster Cult.


He has dark blue hair at neck length, somewhat wild with bangs in the front, with violet eyes. There's a scar just below his right eye, which was given during the invasion of his village. He wears a slightly damaged black shirt and trench-coat, and black pants, with black boots.


He's a loner, avoiding anything not involving him, but he's very caring of life, so when a situation involving the death of a person comes into his view, he'll quickly get involved. It's very easy to piss Coroda off, as he has a temper unique to anyone else.



He was born in a small village far from other civilizations. He lived in peace for sometime, but by the time he was 13, his village was attacked and almost completely destroyed. He was stabbed with a golden arrow by one of the invaders, but it somehow awakened a spiritual being, calling itself Blue Oyster Cult. It killed the invader and let Coroda escape. He spent 8 years traveling, having learned how to completely control and command BOC to do whatever it can.




Because of the arrow, he gained the ability to summon a being that called itself "Blue Oyster Cult", which he gained full control over after 8 years. It's able to go as far as 10 meters from Coroda. It is slightly stronger than a normal human, being able to crush stone with a fist. The being is connected to Coroda, as such, if pain is inflicted to BOC, the pain with be experienced by Coroda. It's visible and touchable to everyone in the area, leaving a very open weak point.


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