Chapter 1: Jay Noir

Jay rapidly thought as he waited by the doorway to the gym for Nox.

Alright, stay calm, he can’t kill you. But he never has wanted to talk before about joining them, so why now?

His thoughts were interrupted with the presence of Nox. He glanced around quickly. No one there except for the huge hunk of muscle with the name of Tei Phylax. He glanced up to see Nox standing before him. As he opened his mouth slightly, Nox started talking in low tones so Tei couldn’t hear.

“You sure you’re up for this?” Nox asked.

Jay thought multiple things in a nanosecond.

If I say no, I die. If I say, yes could get expelled. If I say yes and tell Ozpin about this, I both die and get expelled. Ah to fuck with it, what’s life without a bit of danger?

“For sure” Jay replied, voice low.

Nox glanced around quickly and resumed his stare at Jay, and gave his instructions quickly and departed.

Jay started muttering, absorbed in his thoughts. He was so obsessed that he didn’t notice as Tei went by and caught a tidbit of information from his runaway mouth.

“Finally asked me to join the Mercs, and about time too. Probably didn’t think I would be good enough. Hmph.”

Jay walked out, almost colliding with a Tianne Musk appearing from what seemed like nowhere.

“Watch where you’re going!” She snapped at him.

Jay simply shrugged and started walking back towards his dorm. Homework didn’t do itself. He pulled out his whip and thought how satisfying it would be to trip up Tianee, but then thought against it. No need to cause angst so early on. Plenty of mayhem would follow within the coming months. The thought itself brought a small smile to the mouth of the new Mercenary.

Jay Noir’s small smile turned into a full blown grin as he recalled the conversation he had with Nox.

Beacon hills at nightfall. Mwehehehe. Should be fun.

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