Chapter 1: Nox

Nox entered the gym to see Tei working out and Jay standing at the doorway like he had been instructed to. He was rallying members up for something big, and he needed as many people as he could get. He walked over the the raven-haired boy and started talking to him in low tones.

“You sure you’re up for this?” Nox asked.

He didn’t want to recruit someone who would brtray him. Not that he couldn’t deal with that, but better to leave bloodshed at a minimum until it was time. Besides, he knew effective ways of keeping Jay’s mouth shut.

“For sure.” Jay replied swiftly, keeping his voice low.

Nox glanced around quickly, other than Tei and Jay there was no one in the gym, and the Titan probably couldn’t hear them, but still, better keep conversations short.

“Meet me at Beacon Hills at nightfall, you’ll meet the rest of them there, remember, tell on one, you are coming alone, I don’t have time for your friends and such.” Nox said and walked out, leaving Jay there.

On his way out he suddenly thought of the amount of people he had recruited for a plan. HIS plan.  

The team of psychos were easy enough. But a few others were harder than expected. The of course, there’s HIM to think about. He’s weak, but strong willed. Plus, if I can make those eyes mine. Heh.

“Him” walked down the hall and he heard from behind him “Morning Sven”.


Nox almost punched a wall. How could these pathetic humans feel so jovial. They didn’t realize what was happening, what he had planned so carefully for the past few months without his teammates noticings. Jacen, Jay, Crimal, the fools he had been paired up with. Jay was eager to help him out with his cause, but nonetheless, he felt a bit apprehensive at his choosing. There weren’t many at Beacon who followed his ideals, but there were a few. Oh, and those few would be plenty to prune out the rest.

Nox allowed himself a small chuckle as he walked on. He saw Tianee Musk a bit down and his face hardened into a scowl. She wouldn’t follow his ideals no matter what, he knew it. and she would also oppose him. that much was clear. But no matter, he knew that even though she was skilled, even the strongest can be taken down by sheer numbers. Unless you are quite godly. But that wasn’t the case, thankfully. However, if he had to deal with all of Team CIST at once, it would be pressuring.

So I’ll take them down individually…. But how?

At the alert of one, the others would definitely join in, no, he had to take them out all at once, separately, but that wasn’t possible for one person. but of he could get 4 able bodied people to take them down…. Well….

No, Tianee is mine, no matter what. I won’t let anyone have her.

Nox’s mouth curled into a smile as his hand grasped the doorknob.

It would be an interesting night to say the least.

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